Have you ever been in a conversation and heard something so irritating that it grates on every fibre of your being? We all have those things people say that drive us crazy, whether it’s the friend who corrects your grammar or the family member who gives unsolicited advice. No matter how much we want to let out a deep sigh and roll our eyes whenever we hear these dreaded words, there’s often no escape! So, if you’re fed up with hearing some of the world’s most annoying phrases day after day, join us as we take an entertaining look at the top 20 things we hate hearing from people below.

1. Why Are You So Quiet?

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One user posted, “‘Why are you so quiet?’ or cracking jokes about the fact that I’m quiet.”

One user added, “Extroverts are rude without knowing it themselves … asking introverts that question is like asking extroverts ‘Why are you so noisy?'”

2. Emotional Dumping

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One Redditor shared, “All their problems.”

3. I’ll Pray for You

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“I’ll pray for you,” posted one user. 

4. You’ll Regret It When They Die

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One user posted, “‘You’re going to regret … when this person passes away’ No, I’m not.”

5. That Vaccines Cause Autism

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One online user added to the thread, “The ASD/Spectrum myths. Like the one about vaccines spreading it, or it being contagious and [stuff] like that. As someone on the spectrum, I have to wonder why and how people think these things.”

Another user replied, “Got told today my son doesn’t look autistic.”

One added, “Yep. Some people will do that. I try to ignore it, but it gets hard. I hate hearing stories like this because they shouldn’t happen. I hope you and him are okay.”

6. You Don’t Know if You Like It

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“‘You don’t know what you like because you’ve never tried it.’ That’s not true. Even if you haven’t tried something before, you can still form an opinion based on what you know about it or what you have heard from others,” one user shared. 

7. You Need to Start Dating Again

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One user shared, “‘You need to start dating again.’ Me: NOPE!” 

8. Their Uninformed Opinions

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One Redditor added to the comments, “Their uninformed opinions.”

9. Excuses

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“Excuses,” posted one user. 

10. Trust Me

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One user shared, “‘Trust me.’ Instant distrust.”

11. I Give Up 

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One user added to the thread, “I give up.”

12. It’s Not That Hard

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Another Redditor shared online, “‘It’s not even that hard.’ Luckily, people don’t really say that to me, but I hear others saying it to others. C’mon now, don’t say that to anyone; instant confidence drops.”

13. Only Gays Have Long Hair

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“‘Only gays have long hair.’ If someone would say this to me, I would say: ‘Okay, and?'” one user stated. 

14. Insults

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One user stated, “Insults.”

15. Gossip

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One user mentioned “Gossip.”

One user replied, “Especially bad ones.” Another user added, “Yeah, they do gossip as if it is a hobby … “

16. When Will You Get Married?

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“When will you get married?” one user posted. 

17. You’re Overreacting

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One user added to the thread, “‘You’re overreacting’ when I tell them how I feel (angry or sad situations.) ‘Smile more’ (THIS ONE, YOU’RE AN AH IF YOU ARE GONNA GET ANGRY WHEN I DON’T LISTEN AND NOT HELP ME BE HAPPY AGAIN)

“‘What is wrong with you?’ (When you trigger my overprotective sensors or smth that makes me react badly.)

“‘Stop screaming.’ (Stop triggering/angering me, please. I can’t control my feelings and body at all.)

“‘Why do you have to be so sensitive?’ (I don’t believe that it’s my fault … )

“‘Who asked?’ (Bro, nobody cares who asked. Just let me have a conversation.)

“‘Why are you so quiet?’ (idk, but when I’m not, please don’t ignore/talk over/interrupt me.)

“‘I can’t be friends with you because you eat pineapple on pizza/do smth crazy.’ (Bro, you can’t do that irl as not jokingly; what kind of AH are you? I’d be fine if you actually find smth real as crazy, not an unpopular opinion that won’t hurt you—except support of SA, Abuse, Pedos or similar stuff).

“‘You’re weird.’ (WHO BUILT ME like that? I NEVER ASKED FOR DIS– except for disgusting/creepy stuff.)

“Don’t harass me, please.”

18. Everything’s Gonna Be Okay

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One user stated, “‘Everything’s gonna be okay.’ Been hearing that for 30 years…”

19. You’ll Have to Become Vegan

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One Redditor added, “My family has something weird against veganism. I don’t know why or if it has to do with anything, but it’s so weird when they crack jokes like ‘Shut up or you’ll have to eat vegan schnitzel,’ ‘Starting off tomorrow you’ll have to become vegan,’ and then they expect me to say something like ‘Noooo!’

“I’m not scared of meat alternatives; I’ve had vegetarian meat before and they actually taste well; my family, however, who have never tried vegan meat ever, have constant rants about how disgusting vega(n) meat is. I basically eat everything in this house with the exception of a few vegetables, yet I’m still the ‘picky one.'”

20. I Don’t Mean to Be Rude but …

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“‘I don’t mean to be rude/offend you, but …’

“Something rude and/or offensive always follows. And since they know that in advance, stop making excuses or just don’t say anything.”

Do you agree with the statements listed above? Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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