In life, we give up things for mainly two reasons: we don’t want them anymore or we’re forced to do it. However, let’s talk about those things these people gave up, and don’t miss them at all.

Have you given up on something before? How did you feel about it? Let us know if you can relate to any of these below. Item number 5 is pretty relatable, though!

1. The Catch-All Box

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Somebody shared, “That box of stuff that I might need for later. It was pretty hard to give up, but it turns out I don’t need it … at least for now. I have the fear that one day I will.”

Another person replied with the same sentiments: “I’m only like this with cables and power adapters. I have a big tub of them that my wife keeps wanting me to throw away. It’s a big house; all I need is this one tub to keep our future secure.”

2. Energy Drinks

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“I drank a sugar-free red bull every day for like 8 years. No way was that good for me. I do still miss them though,” said one.

“Ngl, I do miss it sometimes, but really, I miss the way it tasted and felt to me when I was 19. Tasted great and felt like Superman. Now I just feel like I’m drinking pee and feel nauseous immediately, even when I do decide to indulge,” another person replied.

“Man, I’m trying to quit caffeine altogether. I know I won’t miss it and I’m better off without it, but god it’s so hard,” the third added.

3. Cigarettes

Cigarette smoke/smoking
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Somebody shared, “Cigarettes.”

Another person replied, “Man, I wish I could do that.”

Another one added, “You can do it. I quit in February. My strategy was simple; I didn’t buy them. If I didn’t buy them, I couldn’t smoke them. It’s easier to make one decision at the store counter than it is to make 20 decisions with a full pack of smokes in your pocket.”

“I smelled a cigarette in a parking lot recently, and it grossed me out so badly that I asked myself how I ever used to enjoy it,” said the fourth one.

4. Caring What Others Think

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One Redditor expressed, “Caring about what others think of me.”

Another person replied, “I still have this issue. Any advice you could give me?”

One user added, “Someone who doesn’t provide you with your necessities shouldn’t have an opinion about your choices, and if you provide for yourself, then you take no unwanted opinions into account. That’s all there is to it, tbh.”

5. Facebook

Facebook status
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“Facebook. Y’all seriously try it. I thought I’d be right back on it a week after I deleted it. 3 years later, and I never EVER wake up doom scrolling anymore,” shared somebody.

“Tried that, now I doom scroll Reddit,” replied another sarcastically.

“I came here to say Facebook. Almost 2 and a half years at this point, and don’t miss it one bit,” added another user.

6. Alcohol

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“Alcohol. It adds nothing to my life and detracts money, time, and health. I don’t miss it,” said one.

“Same! It’ll be a year for me Sept 10. Feels great like when I gave up cigs @ 19 years old. A chain has been broken! Congrats to you!” another Redditor replied.

A third added, “Yes!! Totally ruins your life along with the ones you so dearly love and care about. Would never want them to be a part of my suffering.”

7. Soda

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One person stated, “Soda. No regrets.”

Another user person replied, “Same, I don’t miss it at all.”

One commenter said, “I stopped drinking it when I went on a diet. Picked up flavored sparkling water to satisfy the craving for fizzy drinks. Soda tastes like a*s now.”

8. Fast Food

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“Fast food. No, actually I do miss it sometimes. Hopefully, that urge goes away soon. 4 months fast food sober,” said one user.

“I quit that a couple years ago. I had a McDonald’s hamburger the other day and it disgusted me. I couldn’t even finish it. Eventually I think you’ll stop missing it,” replied the second person.

“I did this once, not all fast food but all burger joint fast food like McDonald’s Wendy’s BK etc. It was an experiment that was meant to last 12 months but it’s been about 10 years now, and I just never went back to it. Don’t miss it at all now, and the cravings do go away so stick with it, you’re doing great,” added another.

9. Caring That I’m the ‘Crazy Cat Lady’

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One user said, “I gave up on not being perceived as a Crazy Cat Lady. I don’t give a s- anymore, I have 4 cats, I’ll get another if one shows up on my porch. People love to [talk] about how that’s too many cats and why do I need that many cats. Well, why do people have 4 children? These furry little turds don’t even need to go to college and they [clean themselves]. I’d never go back to a life without being surrounded by cats, and I have no regrets that I invested in this future for myself.”

10. An Old Job

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Somebody mentioned, “The 1st company I worked for… their unofficial motto was ‘We pay you enough so kiss our a-‘ and do whatever we tell you. I make more now without having to be treated like s-.”

11. Being Overweight

Overweight boyfriend comforted by girlfriend
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“Being overweight. It’s been several years now after losing weight and I don’t miss that part of my life at all. I was miserable, and I hated myself,” shared somebody.

12. Socializing

Socializing with people
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One user stated, “Socializing. Spending time alone is so much more enjoyable than begging people to make time to mess up all the plans.”

13. My Ex-wife

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“To be honest, my ex-wife. She’s the mother of my kids, so she’ll always have that, but I didn’t realize how miserable the last few years of that relationship was until I met someone new who actually wants to be with me,” somebody shared.

Have you given up the same thing on the list? Let us know which one in the comments!

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