We all have our own preferences for everything, including TV shows. Some of us love creative storytelling, original plots, and character development. Sometimes, it’s a classic RomCom, thriller, or mystery. But while we have shows we love, we also could name a few shows we never want to see. So, on that note, here are some of the top shows our friends on Reddit never want to see again!

1. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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While others find the Kardashian show entertaining and fun to watch, some people just can’t stand it any longer.

One person commented, “Idk how anyone does it. I got 2 episodes in (maybe?) To the 12 yr old dancing on the stripper pole and I was done.”

Another person replied, “My Girlfriend used to watch it a lot, and I would be in the room while she was not really paying attention. The show is garbage….but Scott Disick is freaking hilarious.”

One commenter added, “I second that. Don’t understand why anyone wants to watch it.”

2. The Bachelor

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One person stated, “Generally, most reality TV. Anything Bachelor-like, Real Housewives, Kardashians, that kind of thing. But even then, I wouldn’t say REFUSE, they just don’t appeal to me. If my wife really wanted me to watch those with her, I’d be willing to.”

“My roommates in college were really into the bachelor for whatever reason, and I watched a couple episodes. Honestly, it just felt extremely weird to watch. A single guy/girl dating like 20 people at a time, all while having ‘deep’ connections with all of them, then dumping them weekly. All while being televised for maximum TV drama. It’s kinda stupid if you think about it. I guess it’s not my business really, but it’s not too shocking that not a lot of those final relationships last long,” another added.

3. Sister Wives

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“I used to when it started when I was bored. But TikTok just brought me back into it. Spoiler: he ends up with one wife because he has no clue how to keep 4 happy. And almost every single one of his kids dislikes him. So I did enjoy that part,” one person shared.

“Thank you, finally someone mentioned it,” another person replied.

4. Riverdale

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Despite the show being a “show” and just following the script, some people just wanted it to be a little more relatable or realistic.

“Euphoria, Riverdale, Outer Banks, All American. They [are all c-]. My sister loves the shows, and it physically pains me how dumb these shows are,” one user commented.

5. Tiger King

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The Tiger King is a true crime documentary series that premiered on Netflix in 2020. The show focuses on the life and career of Joe Exotic, a former zookeeper and big cat breeder in Oklahoma, USA, who became embroiled in a murder-for-hire plot against his rival, animal rights activist Carole Baskin.

One person stated, “Not popular now but Tiger King. Couldn’t get over how bad those animals were treated and can’t bring myself to watch it.”

Another person commented, “I maintain that if Netflix viewers weren’t kept inside by lockdown, the show would not have been so successful. I watched it, and I did not feel good about myself after.”

“Me too, I felt like the only person in the world that didn’t watch it and I felt horrible for the animals, so I refused to watch,” one Redditor added.

6. Velma

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One person said, “I love that show for uniting everyone on hating it and questioning why better-animated adult series didn’t get renewed. Close Enough is owned by Warner Bros and got the ax, but they thought an animated Scooby Doo comedy without Scooby Doo or humor and a lot of social justice buzzwords deserved a second season?”

Another user added, “It’s a completely averagely mediocre show that was only given any attention because it was designed to rile people up and used a popular franchise (if it wasn’t a Scooby Doo property, I’m pretty sure nobody would be talking about it) It’s not even worth the time to hate, just move on with your lives lmao.”

One commenter added, “No redeeming qualities whatsoever. It’s just using the IP and character names to make an obnoxious show with annoying characters.”

7. The View

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“Just a bunch of angry women yelling over each other, avoiding any real discussion. Basically, to win an argument, all you have to do is interrupt someone, then speak louder than them,” stated one.

“A bunch of narcissistic sociopaths who dwell on conjecture, emotional rants, unsubstantiated opinions and claptrap that tows the line of their token demographics. I never thought I’d say this, but the show actually had something resembling substance and an intelligent dialogue when Barbara Walters was on it,” one person replied.

“Omg. Hate this show. And why is it so far down on the list,” a third commenter added.

8. Emily in Paris

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“My wife started watching it, so I tagged along. Didn’t like it, but started to find it weirdly fascinating as I figured out every episode was the same as the previous. Emily comes up with a great idea; bitchy boss reluctantly approves. Things go well, until she screws up. Oh no! But then everything turns out fine. In between, guys fall in love with her. It’s kind of an updated I Love Lucy—even the closing theme is similar. There must be millions of girls in high school and college who are thinking they’ll move to Paris and get a cool job and hang out with a hip friend who speaks English and every guy will fall for her,” one person said.

One commenter replied, “I’ve instead watched a bunch of YouTube videos about how terrible it is lol.”

“Same here. Every conflict is solved by her being pretty. Which…isn’t cute. It is being compared to S-x And The City, which I realize is outdated, but I was in college when it first aired and I loved it. Carrie was not beautiful, but she was charming. This show is the opposite,” Another user added.

9. This Is Us

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This Is Us is a drama television series that premiered on NBC in 2016 and is still ongoing. The series is known for exploring family dynamics, including themes such as love, loss, grief, and forgiveness. The show is also known for its use of flashbacks and flash-forwards to tell its stories in a non-linear fashion.

One person shared, “Hulu has been trying to pressure me into watching that show for years.. not gonna happen.”

“I can understand why people don’t want to watch something like that, but, I watch the show with my mother and my brother and honestly, it’s kind of cathartic to be able to cry with them even if it’s a totally over-the-top absolutely unreal situation,” another commenter added.

10. Thirty Mile Zone

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One person said, “It’s so bad. I respect that they tend to be right about what they report (they hate being sued), but that ‘newsroom fishbowl’ thing that they try to make funny is…not that funny, and any time I’ve ever tuned in, there’s not enough interesting stuff to fill an episode.”

Another added, “I used to watch this, and after a while it became so obvious which celebrity has them on their payroll.”

11. 13 Reasons Why

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“Hated that show. It almost seemed to glorify depression and [self-harm and dying] amongst the gen zers,” one person shared.

“Yeah that will forever pi** me off. I loved 13 Reasons Why. The first two seasons at least. After that, it got ridiculous. Giving Bryce a redemption arc though? That was undeserved. I would have preferred a redemption arc for Monty. At least he had problems besides not getting enough attention from mommy and daddy,” another stated.

One commenter replied, “I watched the first season for an actor who’s in it and after that, I stopped. It should’ve ended in the first season.”

12. Jersey Shore

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One person stated, “One time I was drinking with my elder brother and his girlfriend here at my house, and out of all the things we could watch. They chose to watch Jersey Shore. That’s when I decided we go to the bar.”

Another one added, “I’m from Jersey, but I do a lot of international travel, and for about 5 years everyone brought up that show. I’d have to explain that the fist-pumping, spiked-hair idiots weren’t even from NJ, they just invade our beaches every summer, while my friends and I laugh at them at the bars. They’re the animals at the zoo, and the rest of New Jersey were the zoo keepers.”

13. Euphoria

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“Sam Levinson is definitely a total creep. We’re gonna learn that he did a ton of sketchy stuff in a few years. Mark my words,” one person stated.

“I watched the first episode and was so disgusted that I never want to watch it again (and I am not prudish. I just really hate how they handle discussions about teenagers and [intimacy] and how they treat their female characters),” another Redditor replied.

“Not the worst show out there, but it’s really not as profound as it thinks it is. Great cinematography, though,” one user added.

14. 1,000-Lb Sisters

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One user commented, “1,000 lb Sisters— feels both exploitative of the obese and glorifying of the stupid at the same time. No time for that…”

Another person replied, “Modern-day freak shows.”

Another Redditor added, “Whenever I accidentally see a moment of an ad for that, I am so creeped out. Is that really a human face?”

15. Love Island

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“I have sat through a number of reality shows like this one with my wife, and I usually don’t mind them, but this year, I told her I’m not watching Love Island anymore. The majority of the people on it are so one-dimensional, and I truly can’t give a s- what happens to them; if I hear ‘I got a text!’ one more time, I’m going to throw up,” one person stated.

The second person replied, “I wish just once one of these shows like Love Island, Married at first Sight, Are You the One, The Bachelor, etc., had normal people. They are always all ‘influencer’ types, which just means attractive unemployed but rich 20-something with a social media following. Like I want to see anyone with a body fat over 20%, someone who struggles with poverty and working in retail, someone with a health (physical or mental) condition they are trying to manage, someone who has been divorced etc.”

16. Black Mirror

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“My ex suffered a psychotic breakdown and fully believed the show was being written specifically to send her messages. She would constantly tell me about how this character or that plotline was about her life. It was horrifying to watch. Just the opening screen makes me sick to my stomach,” one person shared.

Another commenter replied, “It def sets off anxiety-prone people. My wife couldn’t watch it. I finished the whole series.” Finally, the third added, “I saw the first episode and stopped there. I still haven’t seen another one, just nope.”

17. Big Mouth

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One person stated, “Why is it soooo ugly omg. I can’t get past it.”

Another user added, “I love trashy cartoons, but Big Mouth is just too trashy.”

One commenter said, “First season was quite funny if you like immature humor but after that it went downhill.”

Source: Reddit

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