10 Actors That Annoy People Regardless of Their Roles

What actor consistently annoys you regardless of their role? Be it how they talk, a personal vendetta, or general annoyance? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted celebrities.

1. Steven Seagal

“Steven Seagal. I'm gutted that he is a massive jerk because I enjoyed his early movies. Cheesy but entertaining,” someone confessed. A second suggested, “He made four okayish cheesy fun action flicks, did Under Siege (his only really good movie), and then coasted on that goodwill for the next thirty years.”

2. Kevin Hart

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“Kevin Hart, when he tries to act, is awful,” expressed one. “All his roles are the same. The quirky loser who overcomes something or other and becomes the cool guy. Night School. Central IntelligenceRide AlongMe TimeFatherhood. They are all the exact same character, Kevin Hart.” 

3. Kevin Spacey

One person confessed, “I used to have an irrational hatred of Kevin Spacey. Now it's just a rational one.” Another admitted, “Same. He plays evil characters a little too well. He's one celebrity who spiraled that I wasn't shocked about hearing.”

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4. Lena Dunham

“Lena Dunham,” volunteered one. “Correct answer. I can't stand her, but I hate-watched Girls. I also LOVED Once Upon a Time in Hollywood, but the fact that she had a small role in it made me hate any scene she was in,” another elaborated.

5. Emma Roberts

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“Emma Roberts comes off as a spoiled brat in every role I see her in,” confessed one. “I honestly can't watch anything with her in it without being annoyed.”

Another asked, “Didn't she abuse Evan Peters? American Horror Story Coven was the only ‘good' acting I've seen her do. And I'm convinced she wasn't acting. She's just like that.” A third confirmed, “She broke his nose while they were engaged.”

6. Zooey Deschanel

“Zooey Deschanel. She says her lines like she's reading off a cue card,” suggested one. Another joked, “Someone get this girl a pair of glasses and a ukulele!” A third admitted, “This is mine too. She also has to sing in every single movie role!”

7. Adam Sandler

“Adam Sandler. I hate Adam Sandler. The guy, down on his luck bit weird, gets the girl eventually. Bored of it. Bored of him,” shared one. A second added, “Can't stand him. Every role he plays makes me cringe, and I don't find him funny, and he makes the weirdest movies.”

8. The Rock

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“The Rock. I think it's also because he plays himself. He doesn't have a diverse acting career like some people,” suggested one. A second said, “He's a bad actor but still a great guy overall.”

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9. Seth Rogen

“Seth Rogen,” stated one. “I love weed like any other person but come on, man, show me some more.” Another agreed, “He's that friend from high school that made smoking weed and getting high their entire personality.”

10. Katherine Heigl

Finally, someone voted, “Katherine Heigl. She plays the same incredibly whiny role in everything I've seen. I also haven't seen much of her stuff, precisely for that reason.” A second person confessed, “I skip the first few seasons of Grey's Anatomy when I rewatch it because of her.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of actors and actresses people are annoyed with regardless of their roles. This article was inspired by the internet and does not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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