Do you have something that drives you absolutely crazy, even though nobody else is fazed by it? We all do—whether it's someone taking the last of the coffee without refilling, or seemingly arbitrary office policies. It’s strange when we get angry over nothing… but sometimes it's also oddly liberating. 

It seems like it's something different that tips everybody over the edge—so let’s talk about some of the most common things that make us irrationally angry.

1. YouTube Video Recommendations

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One user posted, “YouTube recommending videos that don't start with the first one of a series. Why start on part 6…?”

“YT can't count. You've watched episodes 1, 2, and 3 out of a series? What comes after episode 3? Episode 7, obviously. Next up is episode 21. Followed by episode 2 even though you've already watched it. It's baffling how a simple episode list is beyond YT's algorithm to understand,” one user replied. 

Another user also commented, “Yeah, but 7 has higher engagement metrics than 4,5, or 6, so YT thinks that is more important than chronology.” 

One responded, “For me it's the 30s of unskippable ads, followed by another ad 25s into the video.”

2. Motion Sensor Doesn't Work

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One user posted, “When the motion sensor on a paper towel dispenser doesn't work.”

Another user replied, “I hate it when you have to negotiate to get soap, water and towels but the germaphobe in me really likes not touching anything.”

One user commented, “As a fellow public toilet germaphobe, it shits me to tears when the amenities are designed to be no touch (sensor soap and paper towel etc) and then the door has a handle.” 

Another user stated, “As long as they use real paper towels and not those shitty hand dryers, you can use the towel to grab the door handle. Some places now have the thing at the bottom of the door where you can use your foot. That is also pretty handy. It's pretty gross though when you see some absolute slob come out of a stall and go right out the door using the handle you have to touch. I wouldn't describe myself as a germaphobe by any stretch, but there is a level of basic hygiene that everyone should be at.”

3. People who Won't Let you Merge

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One Redditor posted, “When people speed up when I indicate a lane change.”

Another responded, “Omg thank god someone said this. Knew those jerks do that… on purpose lmao.”

One user also commented, “Me too, and I always wondered why they do that.” 

Another Redditor added, “Some people are mean on purpose. Some people aren’t paying attention to their speed and when they notice they’re going slow cuz someone is trying to pass them, they correct.” 

“I get [annoyed with] people who cut me off on the right, while my blinker to change lanes to the right is active and I'm intentionally trying to move over to the slow lane. They're so eager to pass me that they won't even let me get over to the slow lane or exit lane. I'm trying to move over, and it's infuriating,” a user replied. 

4. People who are Confidently Wrong

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One user added to the thread, “Overconfident people who are clearly not very bright.”

Another responded, “People that [make up] an answer instead of admitting they don't know something.”

Another one added, “I agree this is cringe but unfortunately as a medical student, doctors get pissed if I say ‘I don't know' to some of their random… questions, so I have to force myself to make up some [crap] instead.” 

“My 11th grade English teacher was one of those teachers. He also got mad at you for making stuff up though and refused to use anything but your full legal name (first and last) but the second you tried to call him Mr instead of professor he'd yell at you and lecture the whole class about respect and if someone has a name/title preference you should accept that so [idk] what his problem was lmao.” 

5. No Headlights in the Rain

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One user commented, “Drivers who don’t turn their headlights on when it’s raining.”

Another user added, “Or ones that don't use turn signals when turning.”

“They use it as they turn instead of before,” one Redditor replied.

Another user responded, “And it always seems to be gray or silver cars that completely blend in with the haze.”

6. Blocking the Grocery Aisle

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One Redditor posted, “When people block the entire… aisle with their shopping carts.”

Another user responded, “Lmao my wife gets so pissed when people do this. She literally moves their cart for them.”

One user added, “I do that, too. I'll pick up the end of their cart and just move it out of the way. Usually people are apologetic about it and I'm outwardly nice to them but I'm always thinking ‘If you're so sorry why… did you do it in the first place??'”

One user shared, “My grocery store trigger is when someone stops in an aisle to peruse a section, and they leave their cart dead center in the aisle…preferably at an angle to ensure maximum blockage.” 

7.  People Stopping in Busy Stores

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One user posted, “Pet peeve… people having friends and family gathering in the busiest intersection in the store right in front of the items everyone needs to get at with their kids running around, and getting in everyone's way. Not slightly to the side by the frozen dinner entrees, or something, but in the worst imaginable spot impeding every other customer's ability to get around, and get the stuff they need.”

One added, “I swear lockdown made everyone dumber. People can’t drive [at all] now and it seems to be the social norm to go slow as [heck] down isles and stop I the center of the isle.” 

8. Setting Multiple Alarms

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One user added, “My wife’s second and third alarms in the morning when I don’t have to get up for work.”

Another replied, “When you get into bed looking forward to a good night's sleep, knowing you'll be getting quite a lot of hours in bed before you have to get up for work the next day, and then what feels like just one blink later…”

One user then asked the OG commenter, “Do you have sleep apnea or insomnia? I've got relatives who have one or the other and it doesn't seem fun. The one with sleep apnea got the CPAP machine and now he can function on 4 hours of sleep whereas before the machine, he would get 8 or so hours of sleep but still be extremely exhausted because his body wasn't fully going to sleep. I get acid reflux, where if I eat too late I will wake up choking on stomach acid (or just throw up).” 

The OG commenter answered, “I have narcolepsy, but you're on the right lines yeah.”

9. When your Headphone Cord Snags

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One Redditor posted, “Headphone cord snag.”

One user added, “On the kitchen drawer… WHILE I'M COOKING.”

One also shared the same sentiments and replied, “I'm so… angry just reading your comment.”

Another also added, “Similar rage level- you must carry some stuff, you’ve found a way to stack everything securely to carry in one trip. But it requires both hands. You manage to open a door with either your foot or by carefully stretching your fingers…. Then your belt loop/baggy top gets caught on the door handle when you’re almost fully through.” 

10. Printers

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One user commented, “Printers. If I plug you in, you should work. WHY YOU NO WORK?!”

“PC Load Letter? What the [heck] does that mean???” one user replied.

Another added, “Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays…”

One user said, “Haha. The cry of the IT guy!!”

Original Reddit thread here.

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