No matter how life crashes at us, we still have some wonderful moments or hobbies that make us happy. Every time we are at our lowest, we often try to relive those memories or take up those hobbies again.

They may be small to others, but just like they say, it’s the small things in life that count. Here are 15 things that made these people happy. Share yours with u too in the comments!

1. A Beautiful Landscape; A Chance to Reset

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Somebody commented, “A few years ago, during COVID, I took a week off of work and flew to California to see the redwoods by myself. I spent the whole weekend just walking through the trees and sitting by the river. No phone, no company, nothing but me and some trees.

“That second day, I was sitting by a river watching animals on the other side and I just felt this wave of satisfaction that I’ve never felt, it was weird. I think that was the single happiest moment of my life because I felt no responsibility, no pressure, no need to entertain anyone with conversation. I was just completely relaxed and out of my thoughts.

“It’s hard to articulate, but it was like the most free feeling. Just being surrounded by a beautiful landscape and having that chance to reset. I try to just relive that moment sometimes by going somewhere nearby to be alone and shut off for a while. Those are my happiest moments.”

“That’s so beautiful,” the second person replied.

2. A Fridge Full of Groceries

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One person said, “I swear it’s some type of remnant of our evolution, but coming back from the grocery store and having a full refrigerator.”

3. Seeing People Genuinely Happy

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“Seeing other people genuinely happy. I know that sounds super dumb, but my entire chest gets warm, and for a few select moments … life isn’t so bad. Like when I give a gift or something. Or help someone with something. When I see someone across the store do a little happy dance in the aisle because of something. Someone helping someone with their things. Just. Happiness makes me happy,” shared one.

“No, I get it. Like take weddings for example … I personally never want to get married, but I LOVE going to weddings, there’s just so much happiness and love generally, and I love to see that,” replied somebody.

4. A Fresh, Clean Bed

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One user stated, “A nice fresh clean bed to get into.”

The second person replied, “Crisp freshly washed sheets are one of the BEST feelings in life, I agree.”

Then the third added, “This is so underrated.”

5. Seeing My Dog When I Get Off Work

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Somebody mentioned, “Coming home from work and seeing my dog, he brightens my day.”

Another person replied, “No one ever went wrong having a long talk with a dog.”

6. Snuggling With My Wife

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“Snuggling my wife and going to sleep. I look forward to it every night,” one person shared.

“This is so sweet,” replied another.

7. Making Progress at Work

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One user stated, “Being tired at the end of the day because I worked my a- [off] but also being able to look at and see what I did. I was a ranch hand for a bit. But seeing your work at the end of the day and being tired and sitting down and really being in the moment and feeling your muscles relax and rest. It’s [addictive].”

8. Stretching on Break at Work

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“Getting that moment of respite at work where I get to crack every single joint in my body and then stretch a bit. Especially when I crack my back and it’s very loud. That and sneezing,” somebody shared.

“It’s the simple things,” another one replied.

9. Stargazing

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One user said, “Being outside under the stars laying on a blanket in the backyard and listening to music and spending this with the one you love the most. Or being with him on a sailboat in the middle of the ocean and taking down the sails and float across the water as we spend the night together under the stars and lay there in each other’s arms.”

10. Fishing

fisherman fishing boat
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Somebody commented, “Fishing. No matter if you catch 1 fish, 20 fish, or 0 fish. A day on the water with a cold beer beats a day anywhere else. All you focus on is that fish you need to outsmart. Everything else is on pause.”

11. My Steam Deck

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“My Steam Deck.  Never would I have thought to see the day that I could play PS2 games on a handheld. Now I’m playing all the games I missed out on from my childhood,” shared somebody.

12. Writing Books

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One user stated, “Writing. I used to go to this summer camp. But because of Covid and my age, I can no longer go. Since I knew I wasn’t going to be able to go for much longer, I started writing sci-fi/fantasy/adventure books about it. The books I write just make me so happy.”

13. Feeling Safe With My Partner

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“I had a turbulent childhood and often did not feel safe in my own home. Growing up and living with my partner, nothing makes me happier and safer than when we are lying in bed with our cat,” stated one.

14. Dancing

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“Dancing. I have gotten into salsa dancing recently. Other than that, nothing. It is the last thing I have to hang on to this miserable life for,” somebody said.

15. When My Child Smiles at Me

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“When my kid smiles at me—it’s tough being a mom, but so worth it for going on walks while listening to audiobooks, watching TV, and crocheting late at night when I’m all alone,” shared one.

Can you relate to some of the items above? Let us know in the comments!

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