There are certain things that make us feel comfortable in a relationship, no matter how weird they are. These are the green flags that keep two people coming together as one. It’s the little quirks and unique shared experiences that build a strong foundation of trust and intimacy.

Here are 20 weird green flags for these people that signal a healthy, happy relationship, celebrating the weird and wonderful ways that love brings us together.

1. When She’s Gassy in Front of Me

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One person said, “Mine is when a woman [passes gas] in front of me. I find it hilarious, and it lets me know she’s finally ready to truly be weird around me lol.”

2. When There’s Comfortable Silence

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Somebody shared, “When we can both be doing something separate in the same room, in comfortable silence. I love when she plays games while I read or draw.”

Another person replied, “We have two separate TVs in the living room, one so he can game and one so I can watch TV, but still be together.”

“My fiance is a PC gamer, but we have a TV set up next to his desk so I can play my Switch while he does whatever. He also gives me shiny luck in Pokemon, so that’s a plus. Lol,” added another.

3. When We Can Laugh in Bed

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“Able to have a laugh in bed. Comfortable with the silliness that can ensue during s-,” shared somebody.

“[Heck] yeah. First time I had s– with my ex girlfriend I got stuck while taking off my sweater, my hands were behind my back, I turned around with my back facing her hands, and I asked if she could help me. We both ugly laughed for 10 minutes straight,” replied another.

“True. S- can be silly and nasty. But when you’re with someone who loves what you are, those unsexy moments would hardly turn the both of you off,” agreed the third.

4. When We Can Confront Without Yelling

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One user shared, “When you can communicate something wrong or that’s bothering you without any sort of yelling, fighting or name calling and make it a discussion instead. For instance told my gf I feel I need more words of affirmation. She immediately agreed and said I can do that. Problem solved.”

“Relationship goals,” the second person replied.

5. When We Feel Secure in Silence

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“Being able to exist in the same space and not having to interact 24/7,” stated one. 

“When I’m alone with my wife, it can feel like actually being alone—but with my wife who is like an extension of me in an odd way. I can spend all the time with her and I’m fundamentally comfortable,” the second person replied.

Then the third added in agreement, “Yes! My husband is the only person who doesn’t affect my social meter. The description of them being an extension is so perfect; I get the reenergizing or being alone but also being with my best friend.”

6. When Tough Problems Feel Easier

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One person said, “When tough problems feel easier because you know you’re in it together. Being able to talk about literally anything, dumb thoughts, worries, issues, without judgement, just a kind ear and perspective etc.”

Somebody replied, “This kind of relationship honestly sounds just like an unrealistic fantasy to me because I’ve never experienced it. Like I can’t even imagine how it would be like.”

“It’s not a fantasy. It took many years and many dates for me to find my husband when I was about 30! Keep trying. There are kind people out there,” replied the original commenter.

7. When He Had Gas in Front of Me

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“Mine is also [gas]. My husband accidentally [tooted] on our second date, apologized, and we both laughed, at which point he accidentally [tooted] again. I’ve never seen his face as red as it was that night. I joked with my best friend that I would marry this man because I could freely [pass gas] in front of him so quickly because he’d done it first. Six years later, here we are,” shared somebody.

8. When You Feel Safe

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Somebody commented, “Not having anxiety around the person.”

Another person replied, “What does that feel like? Must be amazing.”

Then the original commenter replied, “It is yeah. I’m fortunate enough to have met someone I can talk to for hours and cuddle afterwards, even though I usually barely talk to anyone.”

9. When He Lets Me Drive His Truck

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One user shared, “When he lets me drive his truck. Let’s me know he trusts me. And I asked him once why he lets me drive his truck, and he said because I looked cute behind the wheel and I drive the truck just fine. My ex wouldn’t even let me drive MY OWN CAR, one of the many things I hated about him.”

Then somebody replied, “Great green flag!”

10. Being Gentlemanly and Thoughtful

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Somebody said, “Third date. I’m sleeping over and I get cramps from [heck] (endometriosis). He gets up at 3 a.m. and walks 20 blocks in the freezing cold to get painkillers. I said I’d go home, but he didn’t want me to have to go outside in the dark and cold.

“It was just a hint of all the thoughtfulness that came after. This guy is a true gentleman.  I’m a very very independent woman, and it felt so nice to have someone take care of me a bit.

“He is also a very traditionally manly man, but he is 100% comfortable being very soft and cute around me and our friends. He is good at talking about his feelings and requesting extra attention if he is feeling low, no passive aggressiveness or mixed signs.  I feel like we were people who were always there for other people but had no one to take care of us—that’s until we found each other!”

11. I Can Be Insecure in Front of Him

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“I can be totally insecure in front of him. I’m a generally together person, but I got really insecure about not being as good as one of the perfect moms at the school, and I was going into a mini-meltdown. My husband gave me space to do it.

“He doesn’t like animals but we have pets. His monologues about what the animals are thinking and the voices he uses cracks me up,” shared somebody.

“​​He sounds lovely. And I think we all know he has secretly fallen in love with your pets!  My guy also claims he doesn’t like animals, but I once caught him tip-toeing out of our room right when he said he was going to nap. He put his fingers to his lips then whispered ‘The cat is sleeping on our bed, and I don’t want to disturb her, I can nap another time’, replied another.

12. When You Get Weird, He Matches It

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“If I meow across the room, he meows back,” one user said. “We do chicken sounds for some reason, flap our elbows, and do the jerky head movement. Neither of us remembered why or how it started,” replied another.

13. We Can Share Phones Comfortably

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One user commented, “Love when I can just hand them my phone, give them the passcode, and say, ‘Hey text so and so back, say xyz.’ While I’m driving, or they can use my phone to order dinner for us if I’m preoccupied.

“Or when they toss you their phone and add stuff for the grocery order. It’s a whole different level of trust, you can see all their text, financials, photos, literally everything if you want. The fact they toss you their phone just say, ‘I have nothing to hide, and I trust you.’ Cell phone fidelity, I guess, is what you might call it.”

14. When She Stops Wearing Makeup

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“When she stops wearing [makeup],” said one.

“I prefer my wife without makeup. Works out for both of us as she isn’t keen on wearing it. Except for nail varnish, she loves that stuff. She’s envious of my nails though. She complains her nails are too thin especially compared to my industrial-grade finger nails,” replied another.

15. When She Unknowingly Sang My Grandma’s Song

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Somebody shared, “One night when we were still dating, we were cuddling, she unknowningly sang a song my grandma used to sing to me as a child before she passed away, so I started sobbing uncontrollably, which surprised her of course, but she simply held me close whilst padding my back whilst I cried. She then asked me afterwards why that song made me so sad. It was there and then that I knew she was a keeper. We’ve been together for 7 years now.”

16. Making Controversial Jokes With Each Other

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“Making controversial jokes. We say a lot of questionable things just for dumb laughs. We both know those things aren’t nice nor right, but hey, it’s just us here; we can be as ugly as possible,” stated one.

17. When He Said “Our Money”

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Somebody said, “When my fiancé automatically calls his and my money ‘our money’. We live in different states right now, and I’m moving in with him in 2 weeks just after we get married.

“He also let me know he’s already bought everything brand new for my homecoming; he’s getting me a new desk and chair for my WFH setup and has $500+ to set aside for my new wardrobe because I’ll be living in a completely new climate when I’ve only ever known my one state my entire life.

“He’s such a sweetheart with a generous soul. I love him so deeply.”

18. When You Can Tell Them Your Mistakes

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“When you make a bad mistake in life and your first instinct is to tell them all about it because you know they’re on your side,” stated one.

19. When He Trusts Your Gut Feeling

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One user said, “For me, it’s when my boyfriend told me that anytime I’m uneasy about something/have a bad gut feeling, he’ll listen to me and we’ll avoid the situation completely. Knowing that he trusts my gut that much just makes me feel all fuzzy inside.”

20. When He’s Not Bothered by My Swollen Face

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“For me, it was when I woke up one morning and literally looked like an alien—I had an allergic reaction (not dangerous) over night, and my face looked like a balloon. I barely had eyes because I was so swollen. I was so embarrassed in front of my then-boyfriend, but he took my face in his hand, kissed it and said I’m still so beautiful, even though I do look like an alien lol. Total green flag,” somebody commented. 

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