Amazing dads are a gift to the world. Sometimes when we watch a great TV show or movie with a great father figure, it's easy to get Dad-jealousy. If you’re looking for interesting TV shows with a wonderful parent-child bond, check out this blog. Here are the 15 best TV dads that everyone wishes they could have in real life!

1. Bandit Heeler, from Bluey

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Bandit Heeler is a fictional character from the Australian children's animated television show “Bluey.” He is the father of the titular character Bluey and her little sister Bingo. Bandit is depicted as a stay-at-home dad who takes care of the children while his wife, Chilli, works as an airport security officer. He is a caring and fun-loving father who is always willing to play games and have adventures with his daughters.

One person said, “Bluey is such a dope show. I watch it with or without my son.”

Another person replied, “Best Dad. Best Husband. All the way.”

One commenter added, “Dad Goals FR! I love watching Bluey with my daughter. That show got me catching some feels.”

2. Uncle Phil, from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air

Photo Credit: NBC Productions.

Uncle Phil in The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air is initially portrayed as a stern and no-nonsense figure, but over time, he develops a close bond with Will and becomes a father figure to him. The character is known for his intelligence, wisdom, a strong sense of justice, and love for his family.

“Forreal,” one person said.

“'You the only father that I ever knew,'” another quoted.

Another user said, “Yes. Uncle Phil was the best.”

3. Uncle Iroh, from Avatar: The Last Airbender

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon Productions.

One person quoted Uncle Iroh in the Avatar, “'I was never angry with you. I was sad, because I was afraid you had lost your way.'”

Another commenter replied, “Iroh letting Zuko do basically whatever he wanted, before we learned of his scar, really highlighted how much of a saint he was to Zuko's life. Didn't seem like good parenting at first glance, but it showed how hard Iroh was trying to be the father Zuko deserved. And there's of course, him finally putting his foot down in Season 2. That wasn't just him helping guide Zuko, that was him not wanting to lose another son. ‘I'm begging you, Prince Zuko! Who are YOU and what do YOU want?’”

One Redditor commented, “…Leaves on the Vine hit so much harder when you realize that Iroh was trying to be the father he never could for his own son.”

4. Heinz Doofenshmirtz, from Phineas and Ferb

Photo Credit: Disney Television Animation.

“Dr. Heinz Doofenshmirtz. Sure, he's evil, but he loves his daughter. He will spend decades hunting down a rare doll just because she once said that she wanted it. He'll also zap an older guy into another dimension for hitting on her,” one person shared.

“He's not so bad a dad,” another user replied.

“Doof isn't even really evil. Chaotic neutral at best,” one commenter added.

5. Gomez Addams, from The Addams Family

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

One person stated, “In the 1960s series, when it was time to send the children to school, Gomez was reluctant to do it, because he'd miss them running around the house all day. Morticia reasoned with him that the kids needed an education, but he was worried and pacing the whole day. I loved that so much. Usually moms were (and still are) the only ones presented as having that kind of attachment to their kids. Dads just want to be with their children, too.”

Another commenter said, “Honesty Gomez is like the ideal everything, good father, good husband, everyone should strive to be Gomez or have a Gomez in their life.”

6. Bob Belcher, from Bob's Burgers

Photo Credit: Fox.

Bob Belcher is the main character of the American animated sitcom “Bob's Burgers,” and he is also a devoted father to his three children, Tina, Gene, and Louise. As a father, Bob is often portrayed as being loving and caring, but also somewhat awkward and uncertain in his parenting.

One user stated, “He learned all of the Equestranauts lore and then infiltrated a brony convention—in costume—just to get Tina’s pony doll back.”

Another Redditor said, “I loved the show wasted no time to prove that, not even half way through the first season, they proved Bob would do anything for his kids.”

7. Phil Dunphy, from Modern Family

Photo Credit: Levitan Productions.

Phil Dunphy is a character from the American sitcom “Modern Family,” and he is known for his role as a devoted and often goofy father. Phil is the father of three children, Haley, Alex, and Luke, and he is married to Claire, who is also the main character in the show. As a father, Phil is always looking for ways to connect with his children and be a positive influence in their lives.

“Why is it so far down? Phil Dunphy for Universal Dad,” one person said.

“Came here to say this I wish he was my dad,” another commenter added.

8. Dan Conner, from Roseanne

Photo Credit: The Carsey-Werner Company.

Dan Conner is a character from the American sitcom “Roseanne,” and he is known for his role as a devoted and hardworking father. Dan is the father of three children, Becky, Darlene, and DJ, and he is married to Roseanne, the main character on the show.

One person said, “He gained so much respect from me when he stood up for Jackie when her boyfriend beat her. Plus, I just really love John Goodman.”

Another person replied, “Big time underrated and believable dad.”

9. Captain Ben Sisko, from Deep Space Nine

Photo Credit: Paramount Domestic Television.

Captain Benjamin Sisko is a character from the American science fiction television series “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine,” and he is known for his role as a single father to his son, Jake.

One person stated, “He's wasn't just Jake's dad. He was a dad to everyone on that station.”

The second person replied, “A single dad commanding the most important strategic location in the quadrant, still manages to be an outstanding father to Jake.”

10. Keith Mars, from Veronica Mars

Photo Credit: Hulu.

Keith Mars is a character on the TV show “Veronica Mars.” He is Veronica's caring and protective father. Keith is a former sheriff turned private investigator, and he often involves Veronica in his cases, teaching her valuable skills and helping her develop a strong sense of justice.

“The best father-daughter relationship on TV. Love them so so much!” one person exclaimed.

“I came here looking for this answer,” another user replied.

One commenter said, “They were the perfect blend of friends, but also still very much a father and daughter. He gave her more freedom than the average teen because he respected and trusted her, but knew when to be a dad.”

11. Alan Matthews, from Boy Meets World

Photo Credit: Touchstone Television.

Alan Matthews is a character from the television series “Boy Meets World” and is portrayed as a traditional and loving father to the show's main character, Cory Matthews. He often provides guidance and wisdom to his son, Cory, and tries to instill strong values in him.

One person stated, “Absolutely! What a solid, realistic(ish), role model.”

12. Sandy Cohen, from The O.C.

Photo Credit: Fox.

Sandy Cohen is a character from the television series “The O.C.” and is portrayed as a caring and supportive father to his two sons, Seth and Ryan. Sandy is a public defender who takes Ryan in after he is abandoned by his mother and becomes a positive influence in his life. He also supports Seth's interests and encourages him to pursue his passions, even when they differ from his own.

“YES!! His eyebrows alone could parent me better than my real dad,” one person shared.

“This was the first response I thought of, for sure,” another added.

13. Giles, from Buffy, the Vampire Slayer

Photo Credit: Mutant Enemy Productions.

Giles serves as Buffy's Watcher, mentor, and guide to help her hone her skills as a Slayer and fight against the forces of darkness. Despite initially being skeptical of Buffy's abilities, Giles deeply cares for her and is always there when she needs him. He provides emotional support and guidance to Buffy, helping her navigate the complexities of her life as a Slayer and as a teenager.

“Watching this again as an adult, it’s so much more evident how much affection he has for Buffy. He has a fatherly kind of benevolence for all of the Scoobies, but his relationship with Buffy is really sweet, especially when she doesn’t have her mom to rely on,” one person shared.

14. Eddard Stark, from Game of Thrones

Photo Credit: HBO.

Eddard Stark, also known as Ned Stark, is a character from the book series “A Song of Ice and Fire” and the television series “Game of Thrones” and is portrayed as a loving and honorable father to his children. Ned is a strict but fair parent who instills strong values of duty, honor, and loyalty in his children. He is deeply committed to his family and their well-being, and his children look up to him as a role model. Despite his many responsibilities as Lord of Winterfell and Warden of the North, Ned always makes time for his children. He is involved in their lives, teaching them essential life lessons and preparing them for their future roles. 

15. Al Bundy, from Married… with Children

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures Television.

Al Bundy is a character from the television series “Married… with Children” and is portrayed as a flawed but loving father to his two children, Kelly and Bud. Al is a shoe salesman who is often frustrated with his life and his lack of success. However, he deeply cares for his family and tries his best to provide for them, even if it means taking on extra jobs or enduring difficult circumstances. Al's parenting style can be seen as unconventional and often involves making sarcastic or insulting remarks toward his children. However, he does have moments of tenderness and shows a genuine love for his family, despite his frequent complaints and grumpiness.


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