Is there a beloved show that you actively try to avoid for reasons? I’ll go. First, I stayed away from Dexter because, from what I heard, it seemed a little dark. After polling the internet, here are twenty-five popular shows others avoid watching and their reasoning. 

1. The Handmaid’s Tale

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The Handmaid’s Tale,” replied one. “Elizabeth Moss in the lead role about women being subservient to men in a bonkers religious cult while being a real-life Scientologist boggles my mind too much to attempt to watch.”

Another explained, “It is a puzzling dichotomy, but the book and the series are scarily good. I have to compartmentalize Elizabeth Moss’ cultist affiliation from the show.”

2. This Is Us

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Someone volunteered, “This Is Us. A sad show that people cry over each week? No, thank you.” Another admitted, “I cried watching a trailer for that show. No, thank you.” Finally, a third stated, “What’s amazing is that they’re able to make people cry for six seasons continuously.

I watched the first, but eventually, I thought, they’re probably following some cry formula I keep getting sucked into just like crime dramas follow a formula, comedies follow a formula, and then the effect of the formula kind of wore off.”

3. 13 Reasons Why

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“I hated the idea of 13 Reasons Why when it was a book, and I was bummed to see it made into a show. Teen angst is one thing,” one confessed. Another admitted, “I read the book in middle school, and when I heard it was going to be a show, I couldn’t fathom why for the life of me.”

“I’ve never seen even the first episode, but when I heard it was given multiple seasons and based loosely/given more to work with than the book’s plot, I was even more disappointed in the book-to-film adaptation.”

4. Euphoria

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One person shared, “Euphoria is triggering to me. I’m in recovery, so it’s hard for me.” A second stated, “I honestly think it’s a show for adults, but they set these things in high school because you get the double whammy of youthful appearances with a reason for people to be in the same vicinity all at once.”

5. The Walking Dead

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The Walking Dead” was suggested by another. “When It was still airing, I had friends that said it was “Great at the start, then it became amazing, then it was ok, but then it got better, but it’s not so great right now, but I think it’s gonna pick up soon.’ Sorry, but I don’t want to go through a show that isn’t consistently good.”

6. Keeping Up With the Kardashians

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Keeping Up With the Kardashians,” someone confessed. “I won’t watch anything with the Kardashians. I will not support their lifestyle. I simply cannot. It goes against my beliefs.” 

7. Riverdale

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Someone asked, “Riverdale. Because why?” Another confirmed, “It’s like a dream where the plot changes five times, and random characters appear out of nowhere.” A second admitted, “I was a fan of the Archie comics way back in the day. I liked them all. This dark garbage they put on TV is terrible to my way of thinking. I hate it.”

8. Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story

Image Credit: Netflix

“I refuse to watch Dahmer – Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story on Netflix. So gross,” stated one. Another confessed, “I watched the actual Dahmer trial. The details I heard were nasty enough to pass on this one.” A third added, “It is exploitative by its mere existence. It made massive money on people’s stories who openly rejected it. That is exploitation.”

9. Grey’s Anatomy

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“Grey’s Anatomy,” one shared. “Someone added up all the episodes and calculated their mortality rate. It turns out they’d be the worst doctors in the country by 10x.” ER is a much more down-to-earth rendition of a hospital show with better acting,” another suggested. 

10. The Big Bang Theory

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The Big Bang Theory. The laugh track, cliche nerd jokes, dumbed down jokes attributing to STEM. The despicable characters. All around cringe,” said one. “Agreed,” replied another. “The Big Bang Theory relied on three generally science-related punchlines and misogyny for every joke. Then, low-hanging fruit science/math references to make dumb people feel smart.”

11. The Masked Singer

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The Masked Singer. Flush that t- Jenny McCarthy and then maybe I would watch it. Nick Cannon needs to go too,” shared one. A second admitted, “Watched the first season, and it was fun, the second season was ok, but then they started churning out like three seasons a year.

So it lost its charm REAL FAST. It’s another case of America taking a concept from another country and running it into the ground as fast as possible.”

12. Wednesday

Image Credit: Netflix

One person volunteered, “Wednesday. Why? Has this not been done?” Another agreed, “Yeah, there was a time when I would have loved a show like Wednesday, but I finally really am too old for weird/super-powered teen shows. I do like Stranger Things, but it’s an exception.”

13. The Crown

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The Crown. I have little interest in the monarchy,” someone confessed. A second user replied, “I don’t watch this one, either. I feel weird about being based on true story fiction. There are a lot of biopics I won’t watch for this reason, too, even if people swear up and down that they’re great. I’d rather watch a documentary.”

14. Emily in Paris

Image Credit: Netflix

Emily in Paris,” confessed one. “The peer pressure to watch this is at its height around me. But I couldn’t bring myself to watch it. Something about it gives me the irk.” Another added, “It looks very much like it is stroking the ego of Americans/American exceptionalism from the trailer, but I could be mistaken.”

15. Yellowstone

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Yellowstone,” one replied. “I’ve had so many people tell me it’s the best show ever that I’ve decided it can’t live up to the hype, and I refuse to start it.” A second user shared, “I’ve found I don’t enjoy shows centered around a wealthy family fighting each other while also battling outside forces unless it’s a comedy (Arrested Development).”

16. Game of Thrones

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“I wanted to watch Game of Thrones once the series was over, but I heard the ending is universally hated, so I don’t want to get invested only in being disappointed at the end,” a person admitted. Many people shared that the user should still watch the show and encouraged to watch the new show, House of the Dragon.”

17. Friends

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“I’m so scared to get downvoted here, but Friends. I’ve seen a few Friends episodes, but I’m not fond of laugh tracks. So I didn’t watch it.” Come on? Ross Geller and Chandler Bing!

18. Schitt’s Creek

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“I know I would adore Schitt’s Creek, but I cannot stand Chris Elliott. I can’t explain why he makes me foam at the mouth, but it was so bad that I turned it off,” one explained. Another added, “Honestly, I feel similarly about Dan Levy. I think he’s great in small doses but obnoxious after a few minutes. Eventually, he made me give up on the show.”

19. Bridgerton

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Bridgerton. I have a weird thing about Regency dramas. Can’t stand them,” replied one. A second stated, “I love historical-ish fiction, and I’m a sucker for cheesy romance storylines, but I couldn’t even finish the first episode. Just boring.” Finally, a third said, “Me too; I passed through the room while someone else was watching Bridgerton, and my eyes almost rolled across the floor.”

20. How I Met Your Mother

Image Credit: How I Met Your Mother Wiki.

Another volunteered, “How I Met Your Mother. I tried it, but so many of the characters are unlikable. I liked Barney and Marshall. I hated the others. Especially Ted. Barney at least knows he’s a sleazy person. He doesn’t pretend not to be.”

“Ted is just an annoying man-child who complains and complains, makes dumb choices, etc. I watched How I Met Your Mother years ago and still cringe at how terrible it is.”

21. Money Heist

Image Credit: Netflix

Money Heist,” shared one. “People recommended it a million times, but I think it’s not for me.” Another replied, “First season was entertaining, and it should have just ended there as a limited series. But, instead, I gave up on it as it progressively got sillier and sillier.” Finally, a third suggested, “It’s like a Spanish Prison Break.”

22. South Park

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One person confessed, “I’m embarrassed to say I can’t get past the screechy voices in South Park. It’s like nails on a chalkboard to me. I’ve never been able to watch an entire episode.” Another exclaimed camaraderie, “I’m with you!”

23. Law & Order

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“Any Law & Order shows,” explained one. “They’re propaganda funded by Law Enforcement organizations, incredibly inaccurate and misinformative about the court process, forensic science, getting baddies.”

“But it’s all presented as true to life. These shows have led to countless innocent people being sent to jail and numerous dollars misspent because people (not the least of which, jurors on cases) have unrealistic expectations for justice. You will never see the police systemically in the wrong because reality isn’t the narrative they care about,” they concluded. 

24. The White Lotus

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The White Lotus,” suggested someone. “I spent five years of my life in hospitality, and my guests were the same kind of people in the show. Way too triggering. I don’t care how great of a show it is.”

25. Tiger King (2020)

Image Credit: Netflix

Finally, someone nominated “Tiger King.” Another shared, “Came here to say this. When it hit during the lockdown, I saw memes and said no, not for me. Regardless of how little I had to do during the lockdown, I refused to watch it. I stand by that decision.” 

Source: Reddit.

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