Do you remember the excitement of curling up in front of your TV for Saturday morning cartoons or coming home from school to watch a show you’ve been waiting for all week? If you’re feeling nostalgic, look no further than this blog post. We’re talking about all the shows that were so good that we could watch every episode.

1. Wishbone

Photo Credit: PBS.

One Redditor posted, “Wishbone.”

Another replied, “PBS programming back then was [seriously great]! Watching Wishbone gave me an upper hand in my classical lit course at university. Ghost Writer was also really good!”

One user asked, “Wait? Disney got the licensing for Wishbone?”

One user added, “It was. I was technically ‘too old’ to watch Wishbone (I was in HS when it aired), but I’d watch it when I babysat my brother (who is six years younger than I am), and it was so… adorable. I felt a weird sense of pride that it was filmed in Allen, which was just a short drive (maybe an hour?) from where I grew up in Ft. Worth.”

One replied, “Loved that little dog so much!”

A user said, “I am 51, so I wasn’t exactly a kid when this was on, but I can sing every word of the theme song and own a small Wishbone stuffy.”

2. Batman: The Animated Series

Photo Credit: Fox Kids.

One user shared “Batman: The Animated Series.”

One replied, “Consequently, Superman TAS, The New Batman Adventures, Teen Titans, and Justice League & JL Unlimited. The 90s-2000s DC animation run is one for the ages.”

Another responded, “Justice League was hands down the greatest comic-to-screen adaptation ever.”

“JL Unlimited was outstanding,” one Redditor commented.

One user shared, “90s-2000s DC animation run was great, and those shows, including BTAS, remain my favorites ever since my dad placed them on when I was younger and when they aired on tv.” 

Another user replied, “Batman TAS used to come on at 4:30 PM where I lived on weekdays. I can’t tell you how happy and warm it made me to watch that show. It was an escape from a very stressful home. I watched it when I was 4-6ish yo, probably, like in ’93-’94 or so maybe.”

“You’re me, but much younger. I would have been 15 to 16—very stressful home. Batman TAS was a godsend some days,” one user concluded.

3. Batman Beyond

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One user added, “AND BATMAN BEYOND.”

Another Redditor added, “Won’t ever argue with someone about BAS being the better one overall, but holy crap, Batman Beyond is still incredibly amazing, and people overlook it so much in favor of BAS. In the very same vein, obviously, Mask of the Phantasm is the better movie overall, but I can never get over just how INSANELY amazing Return of the Joker is. Tim Drake sob/laughing is one of the most full-body goosebumps and heart-wrenching scenes in animated history. And the whole final fight against the Joker was 100% perfect. Joker was losing his cool at fighting a Batman with a Spiderman-style ‘mouth.'”

Another user replied, “Lol yeah, Terry is pretty chatty for a Batman. He got more Bruce Wayne-ish later in the series, but he was still quippy.”

“I did a complete rewatch of this series about a year ago, and except for a couple of episodes here and there, it absolutely holds up,” one user added. 

4. Are you Afraid of the Dark?

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

One user commented online, “Are you afraid of the dark?”

Another user replied, “Ahh, I loved that show!!! Same with Goosebumps, lol.”

“The episode where the girl is writing ‘help’ on the wall backward scared me a lot as a kid. I still think the imagery was quite haunting for a kid’s show,” one user replied.

Another Redditor added, “Pick the right door, and you’ll go free. Pick the wrong door, and [he’ll] be………”

One user shared, “I can only remember the episode where the one dude attempted to flirt with girls but later is revealed to be a ghost that only his sister could see.” 

5. Count Duckula

Photo Credit: Cosgrove Hall Films.

One user commented on the thread, “Probably showing my age here, but there was a show in the UK back in the early 90s called Count Duckula. As a kid, it was enjoyable, but some of the jokes went over my head. ‘Your cousin lives in Spain, m’Lord. He’s sure to give us a warm welcome.’ ‘Oh, he’s a friendly kind of guy?’ ‘No, m’Lord, he’s a pyromaniac.’

 Another user replied, “This is the one where he’s a duck vampire but only eats vegetables?” 

One user replied, “They used to show this at 5 AM on Saturday morning in America when I was a kid, I still remember the song. ‘From the halls of Transylvania / There’s no one more insane. / Dun dun dun da da da / DUCKULA’ Well, I kind of remember it.”

6. Duck Tales

Photo Credit: Disney.

One Redditor commented, “Duck Tales(1987).”

Another user exclaimed, “OoOooh!”

One commenter replied, “‘Racecars, lasers, aeroplanes.'”

Another added, “‘It’s a duck-blur!'”

One user replied, “I can hear it in my head, lmao.”

7. Looney Tunes

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

“Looney Tunes. I still laugh off watching them,” one user posted.

One replied, “They are where most people my age (69) first heard classical music. The Boston Symphony Orchestra used to run an instrument petting zoo every year, and they played Looney Tunes cartoons in Symphony Hall non-stop all day.”

Another user stated, “The Indianapolis Symphony did a performance of “Bugs Bunny on Broadway. They showed the cartoons on a movie screen while the Symphony played the soundtrack! It was SO much fun.” 

One user added, “My favorite all-time bugs bunny line is right after he finishes destroying a man’s bagpipes thinking they were the Loch Ness monster. ‘Well, he put up a good fight. But clean livin’ prevailed.'”

8. The Muppets

Photo Credit: ABC Studios.

One user commented, “The Muppet Show and Fraggle Rock.”

Another user replied, “The Muppets aren’t for kids. They’re for everybody.”

“Fraggle Rock was on HBO, wasn’t it? It was forbidden to all those who didn’t have a rich friend,” one commenter replied.  

Another user commented, “LOVED the Muppet show! Statler and Waldorf were the bombs! Saturday morning cartoons were Hong Kong Phooey.”

One Redditor added, “The Swedish Chef herdy gurd gurd herdy bork bork!” 

“​​And Dr. Bunsen Honeydew and Beaker MEEP MEEP MEEP MEEP…. we could do this all day because the whole show and all the characters are awesome!” another user said. 

9. Gargoyles

Photo Credit: Disney.

One user shared, “Gargoyles.”

A user replied, “Did a rewatch when Disney+ started up. Very rewarding.”

One added, “Up until the boat episodes…it became such a slog around then.”

One user also added, “‘Avalon doesn’t take you where you want to go, AVALON SENDS YOU WHERE YOU NEED TO BE!’ Ugh that entire bit, like 20 [whole] episodes, is nothing but filler.” 

10. Animaniacs

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One Redditor posted, “‘Wheel of morality turn turn turn tells us the lesson we must learn.'” 

Another replied, “‘If at first, you don’t succeed, blame it on your parents’ even as an adult that makes me giggle. Edit: and winning the trip to Tahiti.” 

One commenter added, “‘Lake Titicaca, oh lake Titicaca, it’s between Bolivia and Peru. Lake Titicaca, yes lake Titicaca, with waters tranquil and blue. Lake Titicaca, oh lake Titicaca, why do we sing of its fame? Lake Titicaca, yes lake Titicaca: ’cause we really like saying it’s name! Titicaca!'” 

11. The Magic School Bus

Photo Credit: PBS Kids.

One user shared, “The Magic School Bus!”

Another added, “‘I knew I should have stayed home today!!'”

Another user replied, “‘With the Frizz??'”

One commenter exclaimed, “‘NO WAY! aaaaaaaAAAAAAA’.” 

Another replied, “‘Cruising [on] down Main Street.'”

12. Teen Titans

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One user shared, “Teen Titans.”

Another user replied, “The old one, not the new overly cartooned characters.”

Another responded, “I do believe that one’s called ‘Teen Titans Go’.”

One user commented, “I think I’m the only person who likes the original and Go.”

Another added, “Honestly, I like it too. It has its own charm. I just see them as alternate universe versions of the first show characters.”

One also commented, “They’re both great, for different reasons. The original for the stories and action. Go! For the comedy.” 

Another user shared, “Just introduced my son to this. He was addicted to Teen Titans Go but now prefers this and wants to know why it changed lol.”

13. Recess

Photo Credit: Toon Disney.

One user posted, “Recess.”

Another user replied, “The episode about stickers was making fun NFTs long before they were even a thing.”

One person responded, “That episode whomps.”

One user added, “This is literally the only show on TV at my house ever since it went up on Disney Plus. It’s the best show in terms of nostalgia for me, but I believe no other show quite captures the minds of children better than it. All the rumors, the secrets, the relatable boredom takes me back to my childhood with each episode!” 

Another person stated, “I watched this as an adult and loved it. I’m constantly looking for the Ashleys in my workplaces, lol.” 

14. Hey Arnold

Photo Credit: Snee-Oosh, Inc.

One user commented, “Hey Arnold.”

Another poster wrote, “Watching it as an adult… it’s bittersweet because I watched it all the time as a kid but, man they really have some ‘hidden gems’ in there kid. I definitely didn’t understand.”

One commenter added, “The episode where the popular cool girl goes home and her dad is crying about eating their last can of soup is forever in my brain. And the episode where he teaches one of his adult neighbors to read. ‘LOOK I am petting the kitty!'”

Another replied, “Far too many real, legit situations in that show that were just casually thrown around and us kids just thought it was hilarious. I need to watch the show again at my own risk. I feel incredibly sad for Helga now that I’m older.” 

15. Rocko’s Modern Life

Photo Credit: Nickelodeon.

One user shared “Rocko’s Modern Life.”

Another added, “I loved this show as a kid. As an adult, my thoughts are this show is really weird, and I can’t believe I watched it as a kid. I still love it lol. Similar to Ren and Stimpy.”

One Redditor responded, “Yes! This is my pick as well! It gets even better as an adult with all the innuendos!”

Another exclaimed, “‘Oh baby, oh baby, oh baby.'”

One user responded, “‘Rocko?!?!'”

Source: Reddit.

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