Uncovering 20 Movies That You’ll Be Surprised to Love

Have you ever rented a movie on a whim, expecting it to be just okay—only to find yourself surprisingly transfixed? We’ve all experienced this kind of pleasant surprise at least once or twice, but why is it that the most unsuspected films can sometimes leave us completely entranced? Below are some unearthing 20 movies you don’t expect to love—but absolutely should. 

1. My Cousin Vinny

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

“When My Cousin Vinny came out, I thought this was going to be stupid. I laughed and laughed,” one user shared.

Another user agreed and commented, “One of the all-time greats! The whole ‘imagine yo’ a deer’ speech makes my day. Every single time! Marisa Tomei is the best part of that whole movie, hands down.”

2. Star Wars

Photo Credit: Lucasfilm Ltd.

One user shared, “(I’m old) In 1977, my friends and I were supposed to go see Rocky or something, but it was sold out. Instead, we went to a movie I had never heard of called Star Wars. Wow!”

Another user shared her story and stated, “My mom told me about my dad taking my brother to see Star Wars in theatres when it first came out. There was no pomp and circumstance. No long lines of people waiting to see it. There wasn’t today’s hype like it was just another movie release.

“It was hard to imagine.”

3. The Lego Movie

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

One Redditor commented, “Lego Movie!!! What I thought would be a complete cash grab with no substance (looking at you, Emoji Movie), I left feeling like I got a big hug with the writing, the plot and the talent!!”

One replied, “Absolutely. For being basically a 2-hour long corporate ad, it was very funny, touching, and provocative. Lego Movie is awesome! ‘Hi, you don’t know me, but I’m on TV so that you can trust me!'”

4. The Mummy (1999)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

One Redditor shared, “Brendan Fraser’s Mummy movie.”

Another user replied, “Yes! This was the first movie I’d ever seen in a real theatre. We had no idea what the movie was about, but my God, that was an epic film for little kids to see!”

5. October Sky

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

October Sky with Jake Gyllenhaal and Chris Carter. Great story about a 1950s coal mining town and a teenager wanting to get out and go to college to be a NASA engineer,” one Redditor shared.

Another user replied, “It’s based on a true story. So good.”

6. Edge of Tomorrow

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Entertainment.

One Redditor posted, “Edge of Tomorrow. Didn’t know much about it outside. It wasn’t doing great in the box office, and no one knew what it was about.”

Another confirmed and posted, “Yesh, this one was better than I expected. It’s one of the few movies I enjoy re-watching.”

7. Up

Photo Credit: Disney/Pixar.

Another user commented, “Up (the Pixar movie). It was so beautiful and emotional. I’ve seen it many times since. Wonderful movie!”

One user replied, “I was not expecting nor was I prepared for that absolute gut punch in the beginning.”

8. Puss in Boots: The Last Wish

Photo Credit: Dreamworks.

Puss in Boots: The Last Wish! It was so cute and funny but, at the same time, kind of had a deeper theme than I’d expect from a kid’s movie (Puss the Cat has now died eight times and is down to his last life and is realizing that he is going to die one day),” one user posted.

Another user replied, “This movie was much better than it had any right to be. Dreamworks’ top 3 for me.”

9. Clue

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

One user shared, “Clue. Not what I expected. Amazing movie.”

Another user jokingly added, “I guess you can say you had no Clue what you expected … I’ll see myself out.”

10. Little Miss Sunshine

Photo Credit: Fox Searchlight Pictures.

One Redditor posted, “Little Miss Sunshine. I can’t remember what I expected going into the theatre, but it certainly wasn’t what it turned out to be. I absolutely loved the movie.”

One user also replied, “The gag of Steve Carrell’s character losing both his boyfriend and his title as the foremost Proust scholar to the same dude is f- hilarious. Kind of thing that makes you go, “‘Who the f- wrote this?'”

11. Stardust

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

Another online user posted, “Stardust. And I know I’m going to get s- for this, but to me, it’s on a level with the princess bride. It’s intelligent, funny, … all while staying family friendly with a great story and a great lesson.”

One agreed and exclaimed, “WHAT a good movie! It’s one of the rare movies that is (IMHO) better than the book.”

12. Cabin in the Woods

Photo Credit: Lionsgate.

Cabin in the Woods. I thought it was going to be a s- horror cliche movie; it ended up being one of my favourite movies!” posted one user.

Another Redditor commented, “I watched it because I’m trying to watch all ‘1001 movies you must see before you die’ and thought it was strange a seemingly basic horror movie cut. It was super fun to be surprised by how entertaining and clever that movie turned out to be; I really really enjoyed it and didn’t think I would.”

13. Kingsman: The Secret Service

Photo Credit: Twentieth Century Fox.

One Redditor shared, “Kingsman: The Secret Service. It came out with no real advertising, the trailer looked average, and when I saw its opening day, the theatre was almost empty.

“Holy crap, though, the movie blew me away. I compare it to John Wick, where there was no hype or expectation, then it blew people’s socks clean off.”

One user replied, “I enjoyed the Kingsman films.”

14. Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse

Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Animation.

Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse … I watched it on a date, expecting not even to want to pay attention. Now it’s my favorite superhero movie,” shared one user. 

15. Terminator 2

Photo Credit: TriStar Pictures.

One user posted, “Terminator 2. I was dragged into seeing it. I’m not a fan of sci-fi/fantasy, but that is one fun movie.”

Another user replied, “All-time favorite film. I’m a huge Arnold fan, tho.”

16. District 9

District 9, Sharlto Copley, Mandla Gaduka
Photo Credit: Sony Pictures Releasing.

One user shared, “District 9.”

Another user replied, “Amen. I walked into the theatre wholly blind and barely heard about it. Me and some friends just walked past a poster and agreed it looked interesting. One of my best cinema experiences.”

17. Lord of the Rings

Photo Credit: New Line Cinema.

“My mum took me to see Lord of the Rings when it first showed. I had no idea what it was. She told me it was adapted from books she’d thought I’d like. Hands down my favourite movies of all time, and great memories :),” one Redditor shared. 

18. Dredd

Dredd, Karl Urban
Photo Credit: Lionsgate.

One online user added to the thread, “Dredd. Absolutely loved the dark turn the new movie had.”

Another person then asked and commented, “‘Are you ready?’ The second time is really a great callback.”

One user also responded, “Thanks. I have it on one of my queues ‘just because.’ I had no real intention of watching it, but now I will.”

19. Eurotrip

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Pictures.

Eurotrip. My brother and I went in expecting it to be funny. We’ve been quoting it ever since.”, one Redditor posted.

One user also replied, “‘Oh, mi scuzi!’ Same dude, same.”

20. Galaxy Quest

Photo Credit: DreamWorks Pictures.

One user shared, “Galaxy Quest. I thought it would be a bad comedy, but I really enjoyed it.”

Another Redditor quoted, “‘Never give up, never surrender!'”

What do you think of the movies listed above?

Share your thoughts down in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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