If you’re a fan of thrilling action films, then you know that Jean-Claude Van Damme is the go-to actor for high-energy stunts and intense fighting scenes. Often referred to as “The Muscles from Brussels,” Van Damme has appeared in some of the most iconic martial arts films—like Bloodsport, Kickboxer, Double Impact and Universal Soldier. If you’ve seen a few classic movies with him but want to experience more insane fight choreography and gripping plots—here are 10 flicks starring the legend himself that should be on your watch list!

1. Bloodsport

Photo Credit: MGM.

In this movie, Van Damme plays an American soldier named Frank Dux, who comes to Hong Kong to compete in a very secretive and physically extreme martial-arts contest. But his military superiors consider him absent-without-leave, so Dux has to both avoid the US forces searching for him and prove himself to this clandestine club of fighters.

One user mentioned, “Where is Bloodsport? Was it the 80s?”

Another replied, “Yes. That’s my favorite Van Damme movie.”

2. Timecop

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Van Damme plays police officer Walker, who is recruited to patrol the timeline and prevent criminal attempts to alter it. But as he closes in on Senator McComb (played by Ron Silver), somebody else begins to subvert the time-cop’s work.

Timecop, and it’s not even close,” one user posted.

Another user responded, “McComb is a great bad guy.”

3. The Quest

Photo Credit: MDP Worldwide.

One Redditor said, “This is hard but I’m going to go with The Quest. He was at the height of fame, and his coke-fueled ego was left completely unchecked.

“Old man Van Damme reminiscing about the time he was a mime/king of the street urchins that went on a ‘Quest’ to avoid copyright infringement from one of his previous movies. Get me a joint and a VCR; I gotta watch this gem again!”

4. Sudden Death

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

One user shared, “Quest was a good movie. However, I have to go with Sudden Death.

“Years and years ago, I had a picture of him and me when he was filming at an airport for Universal Soldier in Arizona. Some of us were visiting family in town, and we heard he would be filming some of his movies. About seven or so of us went over the fence surrounding the area to watch what was happening. He came over and took photos with us—best experience as a kid.

“Van Damme, Steven Seagal, and Chuck Norris were some of my top favorites. Sad to see how Steven Seagal turned out years down the road.”

5. Death Warrant

Photo Credit: Cannon Films.

“I love Death Warrant. What can beat a French guy going undercover to kill the Sandman?” shared one Redditor.

Another user added, “There were moments where I legitimately thought Sandman was immortal and would eventually beat Van Damme.”

6. Universal Soldier

Photo Credit: Carolco Pictures.

One user said, “Universal Soldier. I had that movie memorized as a kid. Like every other weekend, we rented it from our local gas station/video store. When did I become such a weird old man with such boring stories?”

One added, “Universal Soldier often feels like a fever dream, especially if you have seen some of the sequels and a bunch of other Van Damme films like Cyborg.”

7. Double Impact

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In Double Impact, Van Damme plays two twin brothers who witnessed their father killed by a mob leader in China, over two decades ago. One of the brothers, Chad, has moved on with life and lives contentedly in LA. But his twin Alex resurfaces suddenly and convinces Chad to help him avenge their father’s death.

One Redditor posted, “Yoo, not going to lie, but this is hard. I enjoyed all his movies, including St. Fighter … brb.

“Ok, I’m back. Gonna go with Double Impact.”

One user shared, “Double Impact is the most underrated, I think.”

8. Double Team

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

In Double Team, an interned CIA agent escapes his exile to pursue a target he has already tried and failed to kill. But this time, instead of working with the CIA at his back, Van Damme’s character goes rogue and joins forces with an unusual arms dealer in his hunt for redemption.

“It’s not the best, but Double Team is my fave. Van Damme + Dennis Rodman + Mickey Rourke is a recipe for a good time. ‘Man is strong … The tiger is stronger,'” one user stated. 

9. Lionheart

Photo Credit: Imperial Entertainment Corporation.

In Lionhearted, Van Damme plays a French soldier staying in the US to help his brother’s wife after she becomes widowed. But jobs are hard to find, and Van Damme’s character winds up trying to make a living in the violent and treacherous fighting rings.

Another Redditor added to the thread, “Lionheart! Bloodsport was the best overall, but Lionheart won the 90s.”

10. Hard Target

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures.

Hard Target finds Van Damme in the United States again, this time acting as a guard and chaperone for a young woman hoping to find her father, who’s gone missing. But when Van Damme learns the real circumstances of his disappearance, he vows to take vengeance.

One user posted, “Hard Target since he punches out a snake.”

What do you think of the top 10 movies listed above? Share your thoughts in the comments down below!

Source: Reddit.

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