6 Budgeting Hacks to Beat Your Savings Goals

These unconventional budgeting hacks will have you saving money year-round and beating your savings goals in no time!

You need to go off the beaten path – looking for the budgeting hacks that can help rearrange your perspective and actions to save more money.

1. Think Like a Bank to Change Your Money Mindset

Keep track of each and every time you have to pull money from your savings account in order to make a purchase or “re-fill” your checking account.

2. Give Yourself a Budget Hack Buffer

Whether you wait 15 minutes, a full day (better), or even a week (best), you’ll reduce your chances of engaging in unnecessary spending.

3. Keep Fewer Financial Accounts

Streamline your finances so you can quickly get an updated snapshot of where you stand. Avoid getting paralyzed by too much paper.

4. Pay Your Future Like a Bill

Pay that bill first every month by depositing it into a savings account that isn’t readily accessible (i.e. directly attached to your checking account).

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