Imagine a society where women are bigger than men. Would the roles be reversed too? Such a shift in physical dynamics could lead to intriguing changes in societal norms, power structures, and everyday interactions. Cultural traditions, from family roles to professional hierarchies, might evolve differently, reflecting this altered balance. The ripple effect of this single change could reshape history, politics, and personal relationships in unforeseen ways.

Less War

Women in history
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“Might see less war throughout history. Attacking your neighbors becomes less practical when your prime soldiers are women in their prime childbearing years. Could also drive agricultural technology faster since your best field laborers are also going to be out of commission for months at a time. So we have to get smarter and more efficient with food production,” said somebody.

If women, being physically larger, had historically held dominant societal roles, there’s a theory that our past might have seen fewer wars and conflicts. This perspective is based on the notion that societies led by women might prioritize diplomacy and community over aggression. However, it’s speculative and makes certain assumptions about gender and conflict that might not universally hold true.

No Way to Know

I don't know
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One person said, “There is no way to know. Some anthropologists have a hypothesis regarding females being sub-nurtured which drives differentiated growth. This would also be happening in our society with the pressure of being petite.  Others, like Margaret Mead, claim that there are different body sizes, and it’s not always males vs females but certain male types vs certain female types. For instance, I’m not very tall (166 cm), but neither is my bf (166 cm, too). Also, even when shorter and chubbier, I’m better at rowing and hiking than my much younger cousins. I am, this way, bigger than many dudes at my country. And the main thing that happens is that I’m not scared of men when many petite women are.”

Men Would Need to be Sneaky

Sneaky man
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“Looking at animals, we would need to be sneaky when mating so we don’t get eaten,” said somebody.

In a hypothetical society where women are physically larger and potentially more dominant, mating dynamics could resemble those seen in some animal species where females are the larger sex. Here, males often employ stealth or subterfuge to mate without attracting aggression or harm from the females. The concept of being “sneaky when mating so we don’t get eaten” alludes to these animal behaviors, imagining a world where men might have to adopt less confrontational or direct approaches to mating.

Death by Snu Snu

Big woman
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“Death by Snu Snu” is a humorous and dark phrase from the TV show Futurama, where male characters are sentenced to die by copulation with giant Amazonian women. In this fictional society, women are physically larger and more dominant than men, resulting in a matriarchal structure. The concept plays on the role reversal, highlighting the exaggerated consequences of a world where traditional gender dynamics are flipped.

Which of these stories do you think have a chance of happening in a society where women are bigger than men? Let us know in the comments!

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