Being bullied in any way is the worst feeling a person can have. It’s a terrible feeling to be intentionally isolated by another human or when somebody degrades your dignity for their own fun. Bullying stories are never easy to share, and it takes courage for the one who was bullied to open something disheartening. 

We’ve collected some stories in which people share what they were bullied for.

1. Too Much Effort

One Reddit post said, “I was socially awkward. I also was greatly motivated to be liked. I did a lot of ST trying to be liked and, in hindsight, [it just] made me unliked.”

Another user replied, “It’s such a catch 22. People are drawn to charismatic confidence. Not too much, but just enough is the key. Even if you make a fool of yourself, you’ll be likable around the right group if you can play it off confidently. It’s hard to have confidence if you’re not liked. So by trying to be liked without confidence, you actually give off an air of desperation. Desperation gives off a noticeable vibe from a mile away to anyone. Desperation just makes people uncomfortable, and that’s when people tend to bully you over that shared discomfort. Bullying ruins any chance you have to be confident.

The more you are bullied, the more likely you are to manifest a negative view of people around you and the more likely you are to lash out at people. The bullied can quickly become the bully, and the cycle starts again. It’s truly a vicious cycle.” 

One user added, “Confidence is such a thing. Like the ‘leader’ of my friends’ circle is just this really confident guy. He doesn’t have any special skills, is not over the top at studying, is taller than me but not too much, and is stronger than me, but again, nothing too buff. He is like a better-than-normal guy. But his confidence is huge, like huge, huge. He can hype up the mildest thing up to the point where everyone is laughing their a** off. Like he can hype a simple game of rock paper scissors soo much that no matter what happens in the game, it’s gonna be hilarious. I wish I had that kind of confidence. I’m so shy that I would hesitate to show my artwork to someone I don’t know for at least half a year.” 

2. Eczema 

A user shared, “Eczema which often affects my face.”

Another one responded, “Same. I had to wear white cotton gloves to school, and one time, a teacher threw away my art project because she didn’t want me to “infect” the other kids.”

“D**n, that’s rough to experience, no matter the age,” a third commenter replied.

3. Being the Small kid

A Redditor shared, “Being the small kid.”

Another user responded,” kind of the same—girl with no b**bs and late development. Always ‘Are you sure you’re not a boy?’ Because my parents also kept my hair short as a girl.” 

A third commenter replied, “That was my brother. He had a rare genetic disease called Bloom’s Syndrome. He only was 4’5” and weighed 60 lbs as a full-grown adult. Kids picked on him a lot, and my dad got to be on a first-name basis with the principal for all the fights I got into protecting him. It finally got to the point I had a permanent chair outside the principal’s office. I would look at whatever teacher broke it up and would know. I’ll be in my chair. I might as well call my dad now. My dad would put on a good show of tearing me the whole, ‘Young lady. You know you aren’t supposed to be fighting, let alone fighting in school. You’re grounded for two weeks.’ Then, when I got home, he would laugh his a** off about being called to the school. I was never punished for protecting my brother.

After a couple of years of getting their a**es beat down, the kids stopped picking on my brother. They knew contending with his crazy big sister wasn’t worth it. My brother sadly passed away in August due to cancer which he was predisposed to from the Bloom’s Syndrome, and those same kids that picked on him unmercifully when we were younger were at his funeral sobbing their hearts out because my brother became their best friend they had ever had once they gave him a chance.”

4. The Quiet One

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One user posted, “For being the quiet kid.”

Another replied, “My high school class added a new category to the yearbook, specifically to bully me: ‘quietest student.'”

A Redditor also shared, “To this day, I really don’t know. Something happened in the summer between 2nd and 3rd grade that made a bunch of people decide that they didn’t like me anymore, including my best friend. I only had two friends left until my family moved away in the middle of 7th grade. After that, bullies would follow me home most days, and my mom finally had to verbally Super-Saiyan a few parents down the street to get them to take it down a notch. I finally asked one of them what I ever did to them, and they said, ‘You were born.’ How do you even respond to that statement? I just got a sharp pang after seeing that phrase again.”

5. From a Different Place

A Redditor shared how he was bullied for being an immigrant, “I was bullied from age 6 to age 13 every day for my surname (a word for a hunchback in my language), my looks, my nature, me knowing English, reading, drawing and just existing overall. I FKing hated middle school. My mom tried standing up for me, but no one cared in Slavic countries, and the teachers didn’t give a s**t even though they saw everything. It’s all part of growing up. My father ignored my constant tears and the terror I experienced during those years. I was attacked, beaten, and targeted whenever I left my flat.

“I was stabbed with screwdrivers and dull knives and chased around the neighborhood by kids on bikes while they threw rocks at me. I was only invited to birthday parties so the kids would have someone to terrorize and gang up on. I always hated bdays, but my mom thought maybe the children would be kinder to me out of school. But that’s that. Once I began high school, I was around all new people, and I decided to play as a tough girl and stood up for myself from the get-go. But it turns out art school mostly brought other bullied kids together, and I had the four best years of my life there with other kind and loving people who just wanted to make friends and have fun.” 

6. Poverty

A user posted, “Being poor… and my mom smoked continuously, so being poor and smelly. Kids are brutal.

“Edit: I just logged back on, and this is humbling. For those who can relate, I wish you all the best for where you are now. We are products of where we came from, but that doesn’t define who we are today. For those that can’t relate – I’m so glad you had a different childhood, and I also hope you are doing well. And for those that find this is their moment to continue to bully—I hope kindness finds you and helps you with whatever you need to have a brighter day.”

A user responded, “That is rough. I knew a girl whose mom chain-smoked inside, so the girl always smelled like smoke. So, one day, she tried using her dad’s cologne and sprayed a bunch on herself, thinking it was the same perfume. But she got made fun of even more for smelling like a guy.”

Source: Reddit.

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