Have you ever thought of having a chance to talk to your younger self about what you’ve learned right now? That would be so great. However, life doesn’t go that way. Sometimes, we must learn the hard way and discover things when we’re old. But it’s never too late to learn things, and we can always learn them from others. Here are 11 things people would have told their young selves with the wisdom they have now.

1. Some Homes Aren’t Healthy

Family quarreling
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One Redditor stated, “Your home is not healthy. There’s nothing wrong with you. Refuse the diet pills (courtesy of mom at 12) Just hold on until you can GTFO. AND DON’T CHOP OFF YOUR HAIR.”

2. Sell Your Bitcoin

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One person said, “Sell Bitcoin in December of 2017.”

Another commenter replied, “Buy lots of Bitcoin when it starts. Then sell dec of 2017.”

A third user added, “Take my brother seriously when he said to buy a bunch back when that dude sold 200 for a pizza lol.”

3. Fast Food Isn’t Good

I don't know
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“Don’t overeat. Fast food is the devil. Your parents fighting isn’t your responsibility, neither is that one friend’s secret. Buy Bitcoin and Amazon/apple stock like your life depends on it. Go to school for something that makes money—yes you should study what you love, but universities are not any longer places that you can go because you love knowledge they are too expensive for anything but a meal ticket type degree. Don’t be so self conscious it’ll run your life. Don’t take girls so seriously—they don’t take you seriously. Treasure the time you get with those two friends while they’re alive,” one person commented.

“Exactly. I’d rather work hard at something I’m good at, that pays very well so I can do what I love sooner and not for a living. Work to live,” another person replied.

4. Exercise

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“Go exercise or have some physical activity, and take care of your physical and mental health. You’re welcome,” one user shared.

Another person replied, “If some weird 35-year-old guy came to my 10 year old self saying he was me in the future and telling me to exercise, I would have laughed a lot, then proceeded to ignore the advice completely.”

5. Be Nice to Your Mother

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One user commented, “Be nice to mom bruh. She feels bad for everything. Don’t blame everything on her.”

Another commenter replied, “Thank you so much for this!”

6. Go to Therapy

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“Go to therapy sooner rather than later, try to focus on school a bit more than you will and take care of yourself,” somebody shared.

“Yes,” agreed another.

“Yes. All this plus learn to socialise a bit more as this is a skill that is to be learned,” a third commenter said.

7. Don’t Go to College

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“Don’t go to college. Go to a trade school,” said one Reddit user.

“Careful with that. I sorta went this route, 2.5 years of college, stopped because I couldn’t pay for more, went straight into cooking field for several years. then did online bootcamps for a specific job in tech. Every place I’ve tried to work at, (excluding like minimum wage jobs) usually requires a bachelor’s degree in anything. Even the stupid jobs that you could pick up on the job require degrees. I did a bootcamp relevant to graphic design. I tried to apply for a graphic design job, and they say they need someone with a bachelor’s in any field. It’s absurd,” replied another.

8. Nothing at All

Say nothing
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“Nothing… I love me right now. I hated the hard times, the closet and the other hatred that came my way… but I love me. And if I told 10y/o me to do something… confess my crush, listen to Mr. Reid, etc. I’d change who I am & what my life is. I don’t want to do that,” one person commented.

9. Sleep Better, Eat Better

Pushing limits to success
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One Reddit user commented, “Start eating more. Sleeping more, and keep working out. As a kid I always gave up on working out cuz I wasn’t eating enough (but didn’t realise) and so I never saw progress. Also I’m having crazy sleep schedule issues and it all started when I was 9 and wanted to teach myself how to stay up and push my limits.”

10. Wear Sunscreen

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Somebody shared, “SUNSCREEN!!!! SUNHATS!!! SUNGLASSES! Don’t let your olive-skinned mom fool your pale-skinned self into thinking tan is beautiful! -32-year-old self with forehead wrinkles of 80-year-old.”

11. Don’t Overshare

Say nothing
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Somebody shared, “Don’t tell everyone your business. Stay as private as possible and only share all your great and happy news with your immediate family members. Read more books about self-help when you’re grounded. Go outside and play more. Go to the gym and lift. Stop caring so hard about what other people think.”

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Source: Reddit.

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