Words of Wisdom: 16 Sentences that Changed People’s Lives

Many of us can point to a turning point in our lives; some sort of moment that has a before and an after. And often, that moment is oriented around something somebody said to us; giving us a compliment or a piece of advice, or calling us out. And they could be so powerful that they change our perspective.

Here are 16 single sentences these people said to them that changed their lives forever!

1. Wherever You Go, There You Are

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Somebody stated, “Wherever you go, there you are. This means that no matter where you decide to move, which friendships you make or break, or what career you take, it won’t matter if you’re mentally not well. You’ll just keep carrying your demons with you unless you deal with them.”

The second person replied, “I had to learn this for myself as an addict. The geographic cure doesn’t work. Outside of Antarctica, there are drugs everywhere you go.”

2. Mental Health is Your Responsibility

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“Mental health issues are not your fault, but they are your responsibility,” shared one.

“Too right!” another Redditor replied.

3. I Don’t Know More, I Simply Know Before You

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One Reddit user said, “‘I don’t know more than you, I simply know before you’  – My old guitar teacher and professor.”

4. Life is 90% How You React to It

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Somebody stated a famous quote from Charles R. Swindoll, “Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% how you react to it.”

5. Panic Attacks Are Just Your Deep Self Trying to Communicate

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“Panic attacks are just your deep self trying to communicate with you: listen to them, they’re carrying an important message for you,” one commenter shared.

“Adding to this, someone told me, ‘The anxiety stems from a place where you are torn between what you want for yourself and what you feel like the world is asking of you.’ Bah gawd, if they weren’t right! Once I started to listen, my mind stopped screaming and started talking,” replied another.

Then the third added, “We suffer more in our imagination than in reality. My panic attacks stemmed from constant worry about what could go wrong, and most of the time, the things I was worried about didn’t happen.”

6. How Does It Feel to Be a Slave?

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One person commented, “I worked with an old guy that asked me once when I went to smoke a cigarette, ‘How does it feel to be a slave?’ I laughed it off at first. Then a few months later, I quit smoking. That was 24 years ago.”

7. Don’t Say Something You Can’t Take Back

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“My current job is a bit hectic, and you have to stand up for yourself and create some boundaries or they’ll work you to death. On one such occasion, my father heard me on the call and he told me, ‘In the heat of the moment don’t say something that you can’t take back’ (referring to my seniors/boss),” shared one.

8. Pleasure Isn’t Happiness

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“‘Pleasure isn’t happiness,’ my dad told me when we were talking about my substance abuse,” another one commented.

9. You’re Just a Side Character

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One person stated, “‘You are just a character in their own story’. Made me stop caring and obsessing too much about what others think of me. People already forgot that moment that you embarrassed yourself last week, you’re the only one still thinking about it.”

10. People Do Things Because They Want to Do Them

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“‘People do the things they do because they want to do them.’ It made me realize I actually did things I didn’t want to do for the benefit of other people. People who were more selfish than I’d ever realized. This was key to creating distance from my toxic family relationships,” said one person.

“Man this is an important one,” the second person replied.

11. Never Be the first to Start Complaining

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One person stated, “Before entering military service, a friend of mine told me that ‘Never be the first one to start complaining. Someone always will, and then there’s a break. But it’s not on you then.’ I’ve found this helpful outside the military as well.”

The second person replied, “My old man always likes to say of his military experience, ‘Never volunteer for anything. Do your job, and do it well, but if you volunteer, they’ll know who to pick on the next time they need the s- job done.’ I feel nowadays that this applies pretty well to work as well.”

Finally, the third added, “I learned that the hard way all too well. For over a year, I was the swiss army knife of my store, I could do anything and was always asked to. It was great because it led me up the ladder pretty quick and got me in a good position with management but boy did I have to do a lot more than everyone else once I set the standard.”

12. You Have to Let People Have Their Problems

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Somebody stated, “‘Sometimes you just have to let people have their problems.’ Said to me by the woman who would later become my ex-mother-in-law.”

13. It Was Terrifying if You Weren’t One of THOSE People

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One Reddit user stated, “I admit, for a long time I was very Islamaphobic. About a year ago, a young Muslim woman started at my job. We talked, of course, as I was her manager and I’m not mean to everyone. At one point we were chatting, and she was telling me why her family left Syria. In the middle of her explanation, she said ‘It was terrifying there if you aren’t one of THOSE people’. OMG, I never thought of what it must have been like to live in constant fear because you aren’t a violent extremist. Dude, it flipped a switch instantly. Now she’s one of the people I’m closest to and we call each other soul sisters.”

Another one replied, “Cheers for keeping an open mind.”

14. Be the Kind of Person You’d Look Up To

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“‘Be the kind of person you’d look up to.’ I’d exaggerate if I said learning this cured my social anxiety, but at least my anxiety doesn’t control my everyday life anymore, and I feel better than ever. I’ve always looked up to confident people but I’ve never been this close to feeling confident myself,” said somebody.

15. The Greatest Works of Art Often Fail

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“‘The greatest works of art often fail.’ Gave me the courage to try truly ambitious things before I die,” stated one.

16. Be Better Than You Were Yesterday

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One person said, “‘Be better than you were yesterday.’ I always carry this wherever I go. If you think today wasn’t the best day, remind yourself you have a whole new day full of surprises awaiting you.”

Which of these single sentences can you relate to the most? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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