Inner Child Antics: 20 Things You Can Finally Do as an Adult

Being an adult has its benefits, but sometimes it can get quite tedious. Between juggling work, keeping up with relationships and tackling life’s extended responsibilities, it is easy to become overwhelmed. That’s why every now and then, you need a break from the monotony of everyday tasks—the kind that will bring out your inner child again! Below are the 20 playful, childish things for adults that are sure to put a smile on your face and make even the longest day seem a little shorter. 

1. Stay Up Late

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One user jokingly shared, “avoiding bedtime.”

Another user replied, “First of all, lower your voice.”

One user added, “I’m a grown-a- man. If I stay up late playing video games, that’s my own business. I still wake up for work. (This is meant as a joke).”

2. Stay Completely on the Bed

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One online user added to the thread, “I still don’t hang any part of my person over the edge of the bed. Because…well, monsters.”

Another user responded, “Ohh yes! And when I watch a scary movie, I also jump into bed from a distance. You can never be too careful.”

One user replied, “I am the stranger making people angry on the internet … “

3. Sleeping With My Teddy Bear

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“Sleeping with my teddy bear. I’ll never get rid of that habit,” one user posted.

Another user commented, “Mine is a bunny my husband got me. I went out of state, and he gave me it before I left with a scroll tied up in his paw. I unfurled the scroll on the plane, and it was the bunny’s name, backstory and how it was his mission to protect me. His name is Artemis Gardenia Hoppes. Artemis has been with me for about five years, and I’ve been with my husband for almost 14 years.”

4. Eat What You Want

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One user shared, “I have no children. My husband and I are childlike in general. Eat what we want (within reason), stay up as long as we want, color or paint on the walls if we want, play lots of video games and board games, and spend money on toys. Just grown-up children.”

5. Watch Bluey

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“Watch Bluey,” posted one user.

Another user replied, “BLUEY IS FOR MEN … I’M A BIG BOY, OKAY.”

Another user added, “Bluey is awesome. I enjoy watching it with my kids. The dad and I relate so hard.”

6. Ice Cream for Dinner

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One user shared, “Ice cream for dinner on bad days.”

Another user asked, “Breakfast?? :)”

7. Run Up the Stairs on All Fours

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One user commented, “Run up the stairs on all fours. I’m 37 and can still beast those stairs.”

Another user replied, “I slid down the stairs on my a- the other night like I used to as a kid. My 40-year-old back has not forgiven me since.”

8. Not Stepping on the Cracks

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One Redditor shared, “Not stepping on the cracks in the sidewalk.”

Another replied, “I intentionally step on every crack that I can. I guess kid me just wanted to rebel against the norm.”

9. Be a Picky Eater

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“Being a picky eater. I do want to eat some things that just want to make me throw up,” one user commented.

Another user replied, “I tell people in a jokingly serious manner that, ‘By God, I’m 55 f- years old, and if I don’t like something, I do not have to eat it!”

10. Playing Laser Tag

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One user shared, “I love playing laser tag.”

Another user commented, “My cousin Leron owns a laser tag.”

11. Separate M&Ms by Color

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One online user commented, “Separate my M&Ms by color and don’t mix colors as I eat them.”

Another user replied, “I do this with skittles … “

12. Watching Disney Movies

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“Don’t know if it’s childish, but I guess watching my comfort shows and movies like Disney movies and animated kids movies like Ice Age and such over watching ‘Adult’ movies like horror or romance or non-animated films/TV series.” one user added. 

13. Toothpaste in Bubblegum Sparkles Flavor 

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One Redditor shared, “-Using kids toothpaste, cuz bubblegum sparkles flavour >>> plain mint

“-Going insane over bubble wrap, lol

“-eating cookies for Breakfast

“-seeing kids shows with my husband, like Jurassic Park

“-giggling at innuendo or at people’s names (I worked as an EA once and answered a call from an executive whose surname was Glasscock. Had to put him on hold since I couldn’t contain my laughter).”

14. Watch Spongebob

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One online user posted, “My girlfriend and I are 30 and we still regularly watch SpongeBob.”

Another user replied, “Same! (I don’t have a girlfriend, though … ).”

15. Hide and Jump Out at Strangers

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“I like to go to IKEA, hide in the wardrobes and jump out on strangers,” posted one user.

One user replied, “Omg, I now have a new Saturday activity.”

16. Blowing Bubbles

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One online user posted, “Blowing bubbles. In fact, I keep an emergency bottle in my pickup just in case.”

One user commented, “This is seriously so cute and wholesome.”

17. Make up Stupid Little Songs 

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“I still make up stupid little songs about the little things that don’t go quite right, so I don’t get too upset about them. I will draw smiley faces on pancakes when I make them for someone else. If we go on a day trip, I will pack my lunch in one of my many fandom-related lunchboxes and add positive notes to cheer myself up later that day. I still dress up on Halloween, even though I don’t go anywhere,” one user shared. 

18. Collect Hot Wheels

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One user added, “Oh boy, here we go: I watch cartoons (not just adult ones), I collect Hot Wheels, I’m a sucker for adorable plushies, and I like to name things.”

Another user replied, “Nothing better than old Bugs Bunny, and I’m way older than the first Apple home computer.”

19. Midnight Snacking

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A user commented, “Eat snacks late and feel like I’m breaking the law. Rub my toes together for comfort…”

20. Ice Cream for Breakfast

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“Eating ice cream for breakfast … in bed,” one Redditor posted. 

What do you think of the list posted above? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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