Have you ever watched a film so intense that even after years of watching it, you still couldn’t  forget it? Well, if intense movies are your cup of tea, continue reading and grab popcorn on your way; here are 20 movies that will make you forget to breathe!

1. Prisoners (2013)

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One Reddit user commented, “Prisoners.”

A second person replied, “This was going to be my response. The scene where he’s driving to the hospital through the rain is incredible.”

Then the third added, “Slow burn, but intense.”

2. Free Solo (2018)

Photo Credit: National Geographic Documentary Films

“As I was watching the big climb at the end, my hands got extremely sweaty! And I’m laying down on my couch!” said one.

“Came here to say this. The climbing sections were filmed so well and are just so intense,” another one replied.

“I saw this in the theater and had to go home and sit quietly for a bit afterward. So intense!!” somebody added.

3. Whiplash (2014)

Photo Credit: Blumhouse Productions.

Somebody stated, “Amazing movie. Love the way it shows the dark side to that usual sports/music movie message of ‘strive to be perfect no matter the hardship’ by having the lead achieve perfection but in the process lose his friends, family, sanity, and soul.”

Then another one replied, “Also love how it spends the whole movie showing you how Andrew is judged by everyone and, in the end, lets you make your own judgments about him.”

“This film really hit close to home for this exact reason. Opened my eyes to how many professions have this issue, while I thought it only or mainly occurred in the Medical Field. From the academical to theprofessional aspects, you see countless numbers of similar individuals having such toxic role models and losing themselves to please them. It’s absolutely horrifying. A vicious cycle of torture,” somebody added.

4. Green Room (2015)

Photo Credit: Broad Green Pictures

“This movie is so f- fantastic, rip Anton,” said one.

“I was NOT expecting Green Room to be so nuts. Went in not knowing anything and it was awesome. That movie really puts you through the wringer,” replied another.

Finally, the third added, “The most intense violent movie I’ve ever seen, personally.”

5. Children of Men (2006)

One person shared, “The long takes in that movie are insane, most intense scenes ever.”

The second person replied, “This is the first movie that popped into my head when I saw the topic.”

Then somebody added, “Scrolled down way too far for this one. Saw it for the first time in theaters, not knowing much besides the general plot outline. Was on the edge of my seat basically from the start.”

6. Sicario (2015)

Photo Credit: Richard Foreman, Jr. SMPSP

“The tension in that movie is perfect,” somebody suggested.

“Yes! The border check point is one of the best movie scenes I’ve ever watched,” another person replied.

“Watched, awesome!” one Redditor added.

7. Uncut Gems (2019)

Image Credit: A24

“Aka ‘Anxiety The Movie,’” commented one user.

“I was GRIPPING MY KNEES, and trying to get my breathing under control the whole time. It was one anxiety filled scene after another. It was like watching that sports betting scene in Focus for 90+ minutes,” the second person replied.

8. The Descent (2005)

Photo Credit: Lionsgate

Somebody suggested “The Descent.”

Another one replied, “This should have more upvotes. Movie was amazing.”

A third commenter added, “Awesome film. Abominable sequel.”

9. Climax (2018)

Photo Credit: Wild Bunch

One person stated, “The only movie in recent memory I’ve had to pause and check how much was left because I was unsure if I could make it due to sheer stress and dread. One-of-a-kind film experience.”

Another one replied, emphasizing a movie scene, “Oh man, when the kid gets locked in the broom closet. Latent claustrophobia kicked in.”

10. 10 Cloverfield Lane (2016)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Someone shared, “10 Cloverfield Lane was pretty intense.”

The second person replied, “I love this movie and it’s rhythm. Starts intense with all the confusion of the set up, has a moment of security when a couple of the characters get comfortable with each other, then a catalyst causes the rest of the movie to be pure thriller.”

11. Good Time (2017)

Photo Credit: A24

Somebody shared, “Watched, it was lovely!”

Then another person replied, “Thank you for the recommendation, best movie I’ve seen in a while. Love movies with that kind of vibe.”

One commenter added, “Went too far down to find this. Wild film.”

12. Old Boy (2003)

Photo Credit: Show East

Old Boy. The original, not the American remake,” one person stated.

“Nobody should watch the American remake. The original is intensely disturbing, and the remake cushions the blow, excellent addition to the list,” somebody replied.

13. Bone Tomahawk (2015)

Photo Credit: RLJE Films

One person stated, “I am a gore and horror movie fiend, and I feel I’m pretty immune to cinematic violence. But good lord, the Troglodyte underground jail scene is absolutely brutal. That one stuck with me.”

Another person replied, “I am usually repulsed by gore and this is in my top movies of all time. I really love that style of movie.”

A the third added, “Bone Tomahawk slaps.”

14. Once Were Warriors (1994)

Photo Credit: Fine Line Features

“Amazing film, but a f–king heartbreaking story,” somebody commented.

“TW: intense domestic violence and more. I was devastated seeing it at a festival when it came out,” replied another.

15. Mad Max: Fury Road (2015)

Photo Credit: Warner Bros. Pictures

Someone shared, “This is the one. Pure adrenaline from nearly start to finish.”

The second person replied, “This should be the number one answer. I walked out of the theater wrung out like a dishrag. That is a firehose of a movie.”

“It was intense in a different way than most of the others in this thread, but it was also my first thought,” added another.

16. Invisible Man (2020)

Photo Credit: Universal Pictures

“I found the Invisible Man pretty intense the first watch through because you spend so much time intently staring at the screen to see if and when he’s going to do something,” said one.

“I loved that movie! I definitely thought it was gonna be meh, but the use of the camera always focusing off-center on empty space to make you wonder if he is standing there was so well done,” replied another.

17. The Thing (1982)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures.

One Reddit user stated, “The Thing. 80s version.”

A second person replied, “The scene where they’re tied to the sofas is one of the most tense scenes in cinema history.”

Finally, the third added, “If you like The Thing, you will probably love Videodrome!”

18. No Escape (2015)

Photo Credit: The Weinstein Company

“Nobody gonna mention the Owen Wilson flick No Escape? I was not expecting it to go so hard but once it starts, it’s absolutely relentless,” one person shared.

“Ya this one had me holding my breath nearly the entire time,” another person replied in agreement.

19. Come and See (1985)

Photo Credit: Belarusfilm.

Come and See,” suggested one. “This might be the correct answer. Some people are saying: Fury Road, or the thing. They got nothing on come and see,” replied another in agreement.

“I’m surprised this didn’t make its way to the top comment. I watched this with my girlfriend, and we sat in dead silence for about 40 minutes after the credits rolled in complete and utter shock,” replied the third.

20. Mother! (2017)

Photo Credit: Paramount Pictures

Somebody stated, “Mother! Especially the last 20 minutes.” Another person replied, “As a person who doesn’t like having company over, this movie was like a nightmare. I was so agitated, and I completely missed the allegory.”

Finally, the third added, “This entire movie had my mind reeling!”

Do you agree with the films listed here? Let us know in the comments!

Source: Reddit.

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