Budget-Friendly Magic: Life-Changing Purchases Under $75

Cool and life-changing things don’t have to be expensive. In fact, our friends on Reddit have some of the best things you can buy for $75 that can completely change your life. If you’re on a tight budget now and want to buy yourself something nice, check out this blog! Forget about the expensive ones and buy some of this stuff instead.

1. A Good Pillow

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Nothing beats a good night’s sleep, especially after a long day at work when you just want to lay down and sleep to your heart’s content.

One person shared, “Oh yes!!! A really good pillow is like a best friend. You think about them, and you instantly feel happy inside and can’t wait to spend time with them. If you have never had a relationship with a pillow that is like this, you’ve never had a really good pillow. When I found my perfect pillow, I went back and bought several of them for fear they would be discontinued and I would be forever mourning the magic of that pillow.”

A second person replied, “It’s amazing how much a pillow can affect your sleep. My body likes flat ass pillows. Every time I stay at someone’s house or a hotel, my whole back and neck hurt from big fluffy pillows the next day.”

2. A Quality Chef’s Knife

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One person stated, “A nice chef’s knife. You can spend way more, but you can still get a really quality one with a sharp edge and good balance. You’ll feel more confident in the kitchen and find yourself wanting to cook more.”

Another person commented, “I was in my forties when I finally realized what a difference a good chefs knife can make! Never buy a knife set—buy a new knife as you can afford them.”

One commenter added, “Seriously. Best buy of my life was a good knife I got at a discount for 40 bucks. 10 years old now, use it every day. Hapy about it every day.”

3. A Dashcam

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“My dash cam caught a wreck the other day, I didn’t see it, I just heard it. I pulled over and gave the person that was hit my email so I can send them the video. Dash cams are awesome!” one Reddit user shared.

“The peace of mind I’ve found in having one is unbelievable,” another person replied. 

4. Insoles for Your Shoes

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One user commented, “Insoles for your shoes. Makes wearing old shoes feel like brand new shoes. A car scan tool is also a good investment.”

Another person replied, “I bought soles for my Timberland boots, it was a great investment. I’ve had the boots with insoles for a few years, since they’re my winter boots, but every time I wear them I forget how comfy and snug they are.”

A third Redditor added, “As soon as I read the post, I thought about insoles! You are 100% correct.”

5. Chargers With Long Cords

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Sometimes, we just want to use our phone, even if it’s charging. However with short cords, our mobility can be limited. That’s why chargers with long cords are considered life-changing.

One person stated, “One of those super long chargers, you can go anywhere on your bed and keep it charging.”

Someone replied, “Bought a 6 foot one last year and it was a game changer. Can be on the edge of my bed, completely rolled over, even standing up. All with no strain.”

6. Electric Toothbrush

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“I mocked the concept of electronic toothbrushes for years—how hard is it to manually brush your teeth? Then I got one as a gift: fantastic (mostly for the water-floss feature),” one user shared.

“Yes. I will never go back to a manual toothbrush. My mouth literally doesn’t feel clean if I’m not using a Sonicare. First couple times you’ll have to get used to the tickle, but it’s a game changer,” someone added.

“One time when I left mine at someone’s house and used a regular toothbrush for a few months, I could tell a difference at my next dentist appointment,” another one shared.

7. A Steamer

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One person commented, “A steamer. No joke I am obsessed with steaming, and all my clothes look great now. I had an iron before, but ironing is legit an art, and I don’t have the ability. (And I have burned clothes before) Love a steamer!!!”

The second one replied, “Steamers are the best thing ever. Sometimes I don’t even fold my clothes after the wash; I just leave them in the basket and take them out and steam them, lol.”

8. House Slippers

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One Redditor shared, “After breaking my toe just walking around the house, slippers are the way to go. Should’ve learned my lesson stubbing my toe enough times…”

Another person replied, “I was always barefoot around the house until dry air wrecked my feet, like there was a deep gouge in my foot that was exacerbated by the issue. After all that, I started wearing house slippers, and it was truly life-changing.”

One commenter added, “This. I never wore shoes in the house until this last Halloween I dressed up as an old man, and bought a pair of old man style house slippers. They’ve been on my feet every day since October, lol.”

9. Bidet Attachment

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“A bidet attachment. It’s about half that amount, and once you get the hang of it, very little TP is needed ever again,” one Reddit user shared.

“Bidet. Game changer. Installs in ten minutes. Many models are under $75. Feel so much cleaner, clean-up takes so much less time, and we use so much less TP. I get that it sounds weird because it is not a standard in US households, but that doesn’t make it wrong. Definitely check it out. Using clean fresh water to clean the filthiest part of your body instead of dragging dry paper over it … uh, yeah. Try it, get a laugh cause hey, you know water spraying on your tush is funny, then try it again and see what you think!” someone replied.

10. Tongue Scraper

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Do you know about tongue scrapers? If you haven’t yet, it seems like it’s time to check it out online and get yourself one. One person said, “It’s amazing. Once you do it, you’ll never go back to the old ways. I’m still surprised that I don’t know more people who scrape their tongues. It’s such a good feeling, and it leaves your mouth feeling extra clean!”

“Mine cost nothing. Dentist just gave it to me and said use it once a week. They really are great. It’s pretty amazing how much gunk they pull off that a toothbrush can’t,” someone added.

11. Instapot

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“Instapot, or any type of pressure cooker. You will be amazed,” one Reddit user shared.

“I let mine sit for a year before I used and now omg, I use it nearly every day,” someone replied.

“Agreed. Recommended for years, bought one and let it sit. First used to make split pea soup from raw ingredients in less than an hour, hooked me. Bought a power bank to use while camping,” the third one added.

12. Yeti Mug

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Are you a heavy coffee drinker? Getting a Yeti mug might just be perfect for you.

One Reddit user said, “If you are a coffee drinker… A yeti mug. This changed my life recently. The top doesn’t get the film and it stays warm forever.”

Another one replied, “Before I got my Yeti i had a bunch of freebie and inexpensive commuter mugs at work, in my car, and crowding my cabinets. The Yeti is so much better that I can’t stand to use anything else and will never forget it. I never would have bought one, but now I know it is worth it.”

One user commented, “Ya, I thought it was just gonna be like the rest. I’ve actually been using jars. Someone gave me this one. Changed my life…”

13. Airtags

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“Air tags for frequently misplaced items,” one Reddit user commented.

“Oh 100% lose my keys, wallet, and glasses all the time. Put an AirTag on all of them, and what took weeks to find now takes minutes,” a second person replied.

Do you have some of the things listed above? Or do you have some other things you’d like to recommend? Let us know in the comments.

Source: this Reddit thread.

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