While visiting one of my favorite internet forums, I encountered a fun question, “What film trilogy is the greatest ever?” Here are the top-voted answers.

1. The Godfather

The Godfather. Even with the third movie being lackluster, the first two are the strongest two movies of any saga, and it's not even close. It's like going up 20 runs in the first six innings. It doesn't matter if you allow three runs in the last three,” one sports fan suggested. 

2. Edgar Wright's Cornetto Trilogy

Edgar Wright‘s Cornetto Trilogy. Hot Fuzz and Shaun of the Dead are some of the greatest films in their respective genres. And World's End, while being my least favorite of the bunch, is a feat of filmmaking, and all the little weird stuff they did to get specific shots makes it even better,” replied one. 

3. Shrek

“Without a doubt, Shrek. The absolute best TRILOGY consists of ShrekShrek 2, and Shrek Forever After,” claimed another. “Agreed, ” a third stated. “This isn't even a contest. Shrek is the best trilogy to have on repeat.”

4. The Before Trilogy

“The Before trilogy: Before SunriseBefore Sunset, Before Midnight. The correct answer is Before trilogy – No doubt about it. It is the perfect one. In every other trilogy, there's one less than the other two, but not in the Before trilogy,” one replied. 

5. Austin Powers Trilogy

Another person suggested, “The correct answer is Austin Powers International Man of Mystery.” While some brought attention to the third Goldmember film being subpar, it got a pass and was voted onto this top ten list. 

6. The Original Star Wars Trilogy

“The original Star Wars trilogy is uncontestably the best created, ” one fan stated. Another added, “There's only one return. And it's not of the king. It's of the Jedi.”

7. Indiana Jones Original Trilogy

Indiana Jones is one of my favorites. We don't talk about the fourth one. Crystal Skull doesn't count,” insisted one. Another added, “Yup! And they announced a fifth. Fingers are crossed, but nothing will ever top the original trio.”

8. Christopher Nolan's Batman Trilogy

One person shared, “Batman Begins – The Dark Knight  The Dark Knight Rises. Christopher Nolan‘s trilogy is superior.' A second suggested, “The Dark Knight was so good you could lump it in with Batman Forever and Batman and Robin, and it would still be in the best trilogy discussion.”

9. Back to the Future Trilogy

Back to the Future. The third is a bit weak,” one confessed.” Another disagreed, “The third is where Marty's character growth shows. Also, I am a sucker for trains and Doc's steam punkish style.”

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10. Lord of the Rings Trilogy

Finally, someone stated, “Lord of the Rings. Without a doubt. It's the only answer.” Another agreed, “Undisputedly Lord of the Rings. Even 20 years later, its fan base holds. Best casting, too; all the characters are what I got from the book. For complete consistency, it's LOTR, and it's not even close. Any other trilogy has one film you like less than the others for whatever reason. LOTR doesn't have that.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or is your favorite trilogy missing from this list? Honorable mentions: Die Hard original trio, Sergio Leone's – Dollars Trilogy, and Rush Hour.

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