Childhood Hobbies: Uncovering Their Lasting Impact on Adult Lives

All of us have done some foolish things when we were just little kids. Most of those are only for fun and are seemingly safe. However, it’s not always the case; some of the things we do as children can have a greater impact on our childhood—or worse, they’re affecting us in still as adults. Here are 12 things people did innocently as children that affected their childhood. Let us know in the comments if you resonate with some of the things listed here!

1. Messenger Bags and Side-Bangs

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Do you like wearing messenger bags? Having bangs when you’re a kid?

Well, one Reddit user shared, “I used to wear messenger bags in the 6th grade to be trendy, and wore my bangs to cover my left eye. Now I have borderline severe scoliosis from the weight of the bag being on one side, and my left eye is lazy.”

2. Playing Music Too Loud

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One commenter said, “Wear headphones and play the music as loud as my walkman/discman would go. Now I have tinnitus.”

Another one replied, “Oof it’s rough! I have a particular day and time that I know I screwed my hearing up, and I’ve had tinnitus ever since.”

One Redditor added, “It’s literally what happened to me. I always used to get it would last like 30 seconds and go away. It would suck, but I always knew it would stop. And then… one night, I was sleeping, and it woke me up out of my sleep. It never went away. I’ve had it for 8 years now. Some days are bad, and some days I barely notice it. It’s always noticeable when I’m going to sleep. Just gotta learn to live with it, sadly.”

3. Not Brushing Your Teeth

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Were you also lazy about brushing your teeth? Well it doesn’t take long for you to start having dental problems.

“Was too lazy to brush my teeth. My parents didn’t seem to notice if I did it or not. I’d probably only do it for like 30 seconds every other day. And only ever once a day. I’m now facing lots of expensive treatment and having to go to private because getting an NHS is nigh on impossible,” one user shared.

“Same. Spent over £3k sorting my teeth in my 20’s, from years of neglect. 12 fillings, two root canals and 3 years of braces. Decent enough teeth now thankfully, but could have [saved] much pain if I’d [brushed] and [gone to the dentist],” someone replied.

4. Lying on One Side Too Much

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One Reddit user shared, “I used to use my laptop lying down on one side with my arm propping up my head, for hours and hours. I have permanent back alignment issues.”

Another user replied, “I still do this when I’m tired, and it always ends up with a first rib subluxation. I’m used to doing it, though, it’s a tough habit to break.”

Another one added, “I have always leaned on my right side, and now I have tendinitis in my rotator cuff, and I’m only reminded not to lean if it starts hurting shortly after I start leaning that way.”

5. Finding Safe Places

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Some of us have had a terrible childhood, and sadly, most of those memories and defense mechanisms we’ve come to use as children will still greatly affect us in adulthood.

One person stated, “Hide in small spaces to get away from my abusive parents. Now whenever I’m panicking, I try to look for small spaces to hide in and will panic more if I can’t find one.”

The second person replied, “The feeling of despair I get when I realize there’s nowhere for me to hide is terrible. It’s like being stuck in the middle of the ocean. I’m sorry you experienced the same thing.” 

6. Being Antisocial

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While you may have enjoyed your own company as a child by playing video games all day, it may ultimately significantly impact your adulthood.

One Redditor stated, “Being an introvert and staying home playing video games all the time, now that I’m 28 don’t have any friends, the loneliness is getting worse.”

Another one replied, “Oof I feel this. I never really learned how to be social and make lasting friends. At least I found a husband who also avoided everyone and played video games lol.”

One commenter said, “I kinda feel this, but I don’t regret the gaming. It was fun. And I still made lots of friends when I went to college, who I still hang out and play games with. Maybe I’m just lucky, but you might find some luck too if you manage to find people who share your interests.”

7. Wearing Bad Shoes

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“Wore nothing but chucks and flats from age 12 to my late twenties and now my feet are messed up,” someone shared.

“Really? How is that harmful?” another user asked.

“No arch support,” someone replied.

A fourth commenter added, “No. Humans were never made to need arch support. Muscles in the foot should be strengthened by use (barefoot walking). Now we need arch supports because we smash our feet so dang narrow and reshape the foot with modern footwear our feet are literally deformed. Hence the need for supports, cushioning, toe spring, shoes with heel drop, etc.”

8. Not Showing Emotions

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One person shared, “Hid my emotions because I was trying to be ‘manly.’ Now I have psychological issues from trying to be someone other than myself, not to mention high blood pressure, back and neck pain, hair loss, and a number of other ailments.”

Then the second person replied, “I’m sad that the older generations were taught that men shouldn’t ‘have emotions’, I’m glad it’s being realized that everyone has emotions, we’re not robots after all! I hope you find peace.”

9. Eating Your Feelings

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Do you binge eat when things get too complicated and too much to handle? While it can help you a bit when dealing with stress, it actually does more harm than good.

“I have a weird relationship with food from binge eating so much and my dad basically getting us McDonald’s on the daily. I’m not overweight, but I’m definitely unhealthy and steadily gaining more weight than I’m comfortable with. Cooking somewhat healthy meals at home is easy for a week, then I fall back into my old ways.”

“Put a stop to it now seriously i was raised on McDonald’s and Burger King. I’m 32 and literally… I’m the fattest I’ve ever been. Just got a trainer, and his reaction to my soda intake was an eye opener,” someone replied.

10. Staring at the Sun

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Do you remember staring at the sun when you were a kid? Well, you’re not the only one.

“I don’t know why, but I stared at the sun wearing 3d glasses for a minute or two. Now, when I close my left eye, the white walls are very slightly reddish. When I close my right eye, the white walls are very slightly bluish. Definitely damaged some cones in my eyes,” shared one person.

11. Bullying Others

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One person stated, “I was a bully. A horrible bully. And I live with shame every day of my life because of it.”

The second person replied, “You can’t undo your past, but you can work on doing some ‘good’—help the underprivileged, something for the environment, kids, animals… Lots of ways to give back to society and feel better. Make it happen!”

A third commenter added, “Think of it this way: the fact that you feel bad about it now means that you have grown as a person. You know how bad you were before and have the knowledge of how to be good now. A lot of people don’t come to this realization in their whole lives, so you did something special.”

Do you have similar experiences you’d like to share? Let us know in the comments. 

Source: Reddit.

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