While some actors and directors have earned a reputation for being easy to work with and respectful of their colleagues, others have earned a reputation for being difficult and unprofessional.

Ready to discover who are the worst actors and directors to work with, according to Reddit? Brace yourself for some juicy gossip as we delve into the world of Hollywood’s most notoriously outrageous actors and directors.

1. Bill Murray

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Someone expressed their disappointment in learning about Bill Murray’s behavior on set, stating that while he was a big part of their movie childhood and always fun to watch, they were disappointed to hear stories of him targeting and humiliating co-stars. 

They also mentioned that while they were glad he and Harold Ramis” resolved their feud over Groundhog Day” before Ramis passed away, they were disappointed to hear of his “attempted humiliation of Lucy Liu on the set of Charlie’s Angels.”

2. Chevy Chase

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A person who read the oral history of Saturday Night Live, Live From New York stated that Chevy Chase was consistently challenging to work with on the set. According to the book, “nearly every cast had negative experiences with him when he became a guest host.”

3. James Cameron

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One viewer expressed his opinion that James Cameron was a nightmare to work with, “according to the stories from the set of The Abyss.” His perfectionism reportedly led to an incident where he “almost drowned Ed Harris during filming.” Harris was said to have been deeply affected by the experience and has refused to discuss the film in interviews.

4. Tom Hardy

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One viewer shared a story about Tom Hardy, describing an incident where he was ” hours late to set of Mad Max: Fury Road purely as a power move to make his co-stars wait for him. Then he got in Charlize Theron’s face and threatened her when she called him out on it.”

5. Val Kilmer

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Another informed readers that Val Kilmer and Marlon Brando were tough to work with on the set of The Island of Dr. Moreau. “They reportedly fired the director, and the director allegedly went crazy, stealing a dog costume from the set and living in the trees on the island.”

6. Stanley Kubrick

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It is widely acknowledged that Shelley Duvall found working with Stanley Kubrick difficult while filming the horror classic The Shining. Someone stated, “Stanley Kubrick was difficult as a director. He made Shelly Duvall do that scene in The Shining where she walks up the stairs with a bat 127 times!”

Another suggested, “She has said she understands why he was so cruel with his intentions set on perfection. Still, she cried real tears often while filming the movie.”

7. Edward Norton

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One Redditor confessed to wondering what Edward Norton thought when he read the script for Birdman and if he identified with the character of a difficult actor to work with, given his reputation in the industry. They also mentioned their sadness about “Christian Bale’s experiences on set.”

8. Mo’Nique

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Another shared that after Mo’Nique won her Oscar for her role in Precious, she had “a problematic husband who managed her career and caused unnecessary drama,” according to reports.

9. Michael Pitt

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Several people suggested that Michael Pitt is “not well-liked by those who have worked with him.” Despite his on-screen talent, his reported “problematic behavior and drug addiction” may have led to a decline in his career, with most appearances in lower-quality films.

10. Francis Ford Coppola

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Finally, someone shared that “Francis Ford Coppola wanted the cast to yell abusive things at Winona Rider to get a specific reaction out of her. Still, Keanu Reeves and Anthony Hopkins refused to assault her verbally while working on Bram Stoker’s Dracula.

Source: Reddit.

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