Do you ever look back and wonder why certain things were added to your daily routine? Maybe they felt necessary at the time, or perhaps social pressure made them seem like the right decision. But now, looking back, how many of those choices genuinely positively impacted your life? Chances are very few. That’s why today we’re taking a different approach—focusing on the top 20 things you gave up that you don’t miss at all below!

1. Things I Might Need Later

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One user shared, “That box of stuff I might need later. It was pretty hard to give up, but it turns out I don’t need it … at least for now. I have the fear that one day I will.”

Another user asked, “So, you’re telling me that I don’t need chargers from cellphones I had 25 years ago? What about the cables for connecting an 8-track player to a tape deck? Are you sure it’s fine to throw it out?”

Another user added, “Only one box?”

The OP answered, “I could only part with one. I still have the others.”

2. Energy Drinks

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One user posted, “Energy drinks.”

Another user commented, “I drank a sugar-free Red Bull every day for eight years. No way was that good for me. I do still miss them, though.”

One user exclaimed, “Oh man. Just one a day? And it’s sugar-free? I may have a real problem.”

3. Cigarettes

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“Cigarettes,” one user stated.

Another user replied, “Man, I wish I could do that.”

Another user cheered and said, “You can, dude. If you plan to do so, I believe in you, bro. U got this.”

One user also shared his story and posted, “I smoked for 20 years. I quit by introducing vaping. It took about six months to wean off cigs and onto the vape, but I picked a date and said that was the date I’d be done. Cold turkey is HARD. I firmly believe in not eliminating nicotine and not quitting cigs cold turkey. I was able to set myself up for success.”

4. Caring What Others Think of Me

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One user stated, “Caring about what others think of me.”

Another user asked, “I still have this issue. Any advice you could give me?”

One Reddor replied, “Someone who doesn’t provide you with your necessities shouldn’t have an opinion about your choices … and if you provide for yourself, then you take no unwanted opinions into account … That’s all there is to it, to be honest.”

5. Facebook

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One Redditor posted, “Facebook. Y’all seriously try it. I thought I’d be right back on it a week after I deleted it. Three years later, and I never EVER wake up doom scrolling anymore.”

One user replied, “Tried that, now I doom scroll Reddit.”

6. Alcohol

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“Alcohol. It adds nothing to my life and detracts money, time, and health. I don’t miss it.”

Another jokingly responded, “I’ll drink to that.”

7. Soda

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One Redditor stated, “Soda. No regrets.”

One user replied, “Same, I don’t miss it at all.”

Another added, “I recently desperately needed something to drink because I had downed all my water. My sister had a Dr. Pepper, and she offered me some, which tasted horrible. Idk how I ever drank that crap. But keep up the good good work.”

8. Fast Food

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One user commented, “Fast food. No, I do miss it sometimes. Hopefully, that urge will go away soon. Four months of fast food sober.”

Another user exclaimed and commented, “You’re doing great!”

9. Dealing With Other People’s Mess

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“Dealing with other people’s s-,” posted one user.

One sarcastically answered, “You never had the makings of a varsity sewage worker.”

10. MMOs

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One user posted, “MMOs

Specifically, World of Warcraft. I was obsessed, not to say addicted, throughout much of my late teens and well into my late 20s. Using it mainly as an escapism from my family and, staying up late without any sleep, barely eating, hiding away in my room, and no socializing. I did well in classes, but my parents were very strict and focused so much on anything that wasn’t perfect grades-wise that it defeated my study efforts. It’ll just never be ‘good enough’ for them. The game made me feel good about myself, accomplished, that I succeeded in something. Real life couldn’t compete with Azeroth.

“It wasn’t until I moved across the country and an ocean away from my family, finally living independently and growing as a person, that I managed to quit WoW—surrounded myself with good friends, an amazing spouse, pets to care for, and a job I enjoyed. Life became so much more positive that finally, it was WoW that couldn’t compete. And for almost seven years, I haven’t returned or looked back.” 

11. Mormonism

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One user shared, “Mormonism.”

One user replied, “This one needs more recognition. Not LDS here, but I’m married to an ex-mormon. Deconstructing high-demand religion can be brutal. I hope you’re navigating (or already navigated it) without too much grief.”

12. Gave up on Love

Being in a romantic relationship
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“Gave up on love,” one Redditor posted.

One user asked, “What is love?”

One added, “Baby, don’t hurt me.”

13 Meat and Dairy

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One user shared, “Meat and dairy. My stomach thanks me for it every single day. Vegan for the animals and secondly vegan for my health.”

14. Dating Apps

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“Dating Apps. Met my wife on one. Realized she was the one, and then promptly deleted it, soon after. So many fakes, flakes, ghosts. F- that.

“I told my wife if she ever leaves me, I’m just going with her … Not ever going back to that bulls-.

15. Worrying About the Planet

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One user posted, “Worrying about the habitability of our planet (plastic, CO2, etc).”

Another user replied, “How? It just seems like our planet is heading in one direction and getting worse each year.”

One answered, “Yes. On the individual level, there is nothing you can do to change it. Don’t stress. Just live a good life: eat good food, enjoy pleasant people’s company, and make sure you’re taken care of.”

16. People Who Didn’t Appreciate Me

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One user shared, “Aside from the usual alcohol response, I would say hanging out with people who didn’t appreciate my company in the first place.

“I remember I would go to the bar across the street with the boys, like four of us, to start and grow, but it was always ONE person who would text/message me that they were there, and frankly, sometimes even he wouldn’t. I would look out the window, and, oh, they’re over there, so I would head over.

“Eventually, when they would go there, I would wait to see, and an hour would go by with nothing. At that point, I stopped caring and just went about my night. Sometimes they’d go an hour, and then I’d get a message: ‘Where are you?’. At home, ’cause that’s why. Then I’d just not go.

“But it really set in when COVID began, and I saw all the comments on FB with each other, but nothing for me. That’s when I decided to axe them all and move on.”

17. The Second Helping of Dessert

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One online user stated, “The last 200 calories of dessert.

“I used to dish it up randomly until I decided to cut back to lose weight one day. 500 calories of ice cream was the worst I measured. I started measuring it out to cut back to 150 calories or less on dessert and… never even noticed.”

Another user replied, “Yep giving up dessert was hard but necessary for me (diabetic), but it was totally worth it. Congrats on your achievement 🎉”

18. WWE

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“WWE. Less is more. Raw is 3 hours when it could be 2. There is no need for a two-day WrestleMania—poor production and way too time-consuming recaps. Over-saturated itself and I got fed up,” one user shared. 

19. Socialising

Socializing with people
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One Redditor shared, “Socialising. Spending time alone is much more enjoyable than begging people to make time to mess up all the plans.”

20. My Ex-Wife

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“To be honest, my ex-wife. She’s the mother of my kids, so she’ll always have that, but I didn’t realize how miserable the last few years of that relationship was until I met someone new who actually wants to be with me,” one Redditor posted. 

What do you think of the things listed here? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Reddit.

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