What actor was born for their memorable role? Anthony Hopkins completely captivates and terrifies portraying Dr. Hannibal Lecter and has my vote. After polling the internet, here are ten more top-voted actors.

1. Nick Offerman: Ron Swanson

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Someone shared, “Mike Schur recently told a story about discovering the whiskey Lagavulin and writing it into Parks and Recreations as Ron’s favorite. Then when Offerman read it in the script, he was like, how did you know what my favorite whiskey is?!” 

2. Hugh Laurie: Dr. Gregory House

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“There’s a lot of good examples in this thread, but Hugh was so good at this role I cannot think of anyone else playing the part,” replied another. “The funny part is that Hugh Laurie initially auditioned for the role of Wilson on House,” another informed.

3. James Gandolfini: Tony Soprano

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“James Gandolfini as Tony Soprano in The Sopranos was brilliant. My jaw dropped the first time I heard him speak as himself in an interview. His accent and mannerisms in the show are spot-on and plausible,” stated one.

4. Joe Pesci: Tommy DeVito

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Someone shared, “That scene on Goodfellas where his character goes, Funny how? Like a clown? Only Martin Scorcese and Pesci knew what would happen next and how Tommy would react to being called that. So were all the other actors and the extras in the film tense?”

5. Jeff Bridges: The Dude

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“Jeff Bridges embodies The Dude so well that I think he’s become him over the years, but that’s just, like, my opinion, man,” someone joked. “The clothes he wears in the movie are his own, so he honestly is the Dude,” another agreed.

6. Rainn Wilson: Dwight Schrute

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“I read that The Office casting directors were trying to cast John Krasinski as Dwight, but he got them to consider Rainn Wilson because he wanted to be Jim Halpert, and that messes with me all the time,” someone confessed.

7. Jason Alexander: George Costanza

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“He’s the show’s real star,” one professed. “Yes, and it makes sense as well. He is Larry David as a character and has arguably more happen to him throughout the series. Kinda like the one episode where Jerry is even stevens, George Costanza experiences a lot of change,” another agreed.

8. Johnny Depp: Captain Jack Sparrow

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“Johnny Depp is Captain Jack Sparrow,” one answered. “That is the most accurate comment, in my opinion. I’ll forever see Jack Sparrow when I see Johnny Depp. Heck, I was half expecting him to show up in court in full character,” a second person replied.

9. J.K. Simmons: John Jonah Jameson, Jr.

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“His portrayal transcends the multiverse,” someone replied. “I thought it was a missed opportunity in Spider-Man: No Way Home that they didn’t make a joke that J.J.J. was the same person even across multiverses,” another said. A third added, “Like he’s so perfect that there’s not a single instance where he’s not the exact same guy. He’s inevitable.”

10. Arnold Schwarzenegger: Conan The Barbarian

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A final person asked, “Even better, how about Arnold Schwarzenegger as Conan? It’s almost too perfect, in all honesty—an Austrian barbarian with a barbaric accent who happens to be a world-class bodybuilder.”

Source: Reddit.

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