Have you ever been let down when you discovered your favorite celebrity turned out to be terrible? You’ve got company. Someone recently asked, “What a celebrity no one expected to be a total jerk?

Think of a celebrity you thought was the kindest person on the planet and then found out they weren’t a nice person at all.” Here are the top-voted responses.

1. Bill Cosby

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“Bill Cosby. I grew up with him,” someone shared. Another joked, “This one hit me right in the pudding cup.” A third stated, “Yeah, this one was bad. He was always so wholesome, and it was great. What a major letdown that he was a sick evil man pretending to be a role model.”

2. Ellen Degeneres

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“Ellen DeGeneres. With her detached manners and cold fish eyes. I never liked her anyway. Her humor always made other people feel bad or humiliated,” one said. Another agreed, “I always was confused why she seemed to laugh at her guest rather than with them, then I learned, and it all made sense.”

3. George Lopez

George Lopez
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“George Lopez. First, he cheated on his wife, who saved his life by giving him a kidney. Then fought her during the divorce to keep her from getting what she was entitled to,” replied one.

“I found this out when ads for his new show started rolling out. My jaw was on the floor. I understand people grow and change, but that’s some deep-down rotten behavior,” another agreed.

4. O. J. Simpson

OJ Simpson
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“O. J. Simpson. He seemed like such a likable and friendly person, and little kid me loved him in The Naked Gun,” someone confessed. “James Cameron didn’t cast him as the first Terminator as he wasn’t believable as a killer,” another shared. Wow. I didn’t even know that, but Google confirmed. 

5. Danny Masterson

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“Honestly, I never expected Danny Masterson to be the total piece of trash he turned out to be,” replied one. “Yeah, this one punched me in the g-,” another confessed. “This was one I called. I hated Masterson and the character of Hyde. He just made my skin crawl for some reason,” a final person commented.

6. James Corden

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“James Corden. He only plays the lovable fat guy,” someone announced. “He is insulting and conceited to service staff.” Another added, “Basically, everyone here in the U.K. hates him and did long before this waiter thing.”

7. Jesse Eisenberg

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“Jesse Eisenberg is a nonsensical t- lord. You’d think a quiet-looking guy would be nice, but he’s a narcissistic piece of trash on set,” someone confessed. “I remember the awkward interview where he was simultaneously flirting and degrading his female interviewer. I’m not surprised,” confirmed another.

8. Dustin Diamond

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“While watching Saved By the Bell in the 90s, I would’ve never expected to see all those crazy Dustin Diamond stories,” one stated. “All I know about Screech is that he went broke, did an adult film, and lost his house,” another said.

“He lived in Wisconsin and constantly begged fans for money due to his poor finances and wanting to buy a house. So obnoxious. Couldn’t just get a regular job and pay his way in life,” a third user replied.

9. Gary Burghoff

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Someone volunteered, “The guy who played Radar on MASH.” “Yes! It is one of the earliest examples I can remember learning about, but I assumed no one else would care here,” another agreed. 

Finally, a third user shared, “My friend’s mom worked on the show. She concurs. But, on the flip side, she said her mother visited the set once, and Alan Alda could not have been sweeter to her. She sat and chatted with her between takes, making her feel welcome there.”

10. Chevy Chase

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“Chevy Chase,” replied one. “Everyone that worked with him said he was a jerk and high on cocaine during many of the films, which made it hard to work with him.”

“I was so disappointed when I learned how awful he was, but more recently, it came out that his mother abused him. It seemed he was reflecting on his past behavior and trying to make amends,” a final person commented.

Source: Reddit.

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