10 Conspiracies People Believe but Will Never Admit to Family and Friends

While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered a question, “What conspiracy theory do you secretly believe but would never admit to your family or friends?” Here are the top-voted responses. To clarify, these are not documented facts but exciting reads.

1. Smartphones Are Always Listening and Watching

“My Smartphone watches and listens to me more than just ‘How would you rate your experience at The Cheesecake Factory?' When it was off and in my pocket the entire meal,” said one. “I secretly believe it's always on, always listening, and with constant monitoring.”

“As a related side note, I welcome the emergent AI Overseer that will be revealed in 10 years. My conscience is clear. I also love how the word conscience is a contraction of conscience.” Finally, another joked, “My phone listens to me better than my husband!”

2. Social Engineering Is Real

“That from television to the music industry, we are constantly socially engineered by the content we consume,” one person volunteered. “It's called social conditioning. Read Musical Truths by Mark Devlin. That exposes the musical side of it.”

3. Aliens Are Real

“Aliens are real. I'm 100 percent certain some life exists in the universe, given the unfathomable size of it all. And I'm nearly 100 percent sure intelligent life exists. Whether they are within our range and live simultaneously is questionable.”

“But I will say there's a non-zero chance the government knows something,” one responded. Another quoted, “Arthur C. Clarke. Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe, or we are not. Both are equally terrifying.”

4. Keeping College Unaffordable for Military Recruitment in America

“That America keeps college unaffordable to recruit people into the military. Or if not actively keeping it high priced, doing nothing to keep the prices down.”

“For example, if college became affordable, like in a modern-day European country, the army would lose more than half its soldiers,” someone replied. “One of the primary opponents of Biden's loan forgiveness plan WAS the U.S. military for this exact reason, right?”

5. Big Salmonella in Collusion With Big Lettuce

“They report a salmonella or E-coli outbreak in romaine lettuce every time they have an abundance of iceberg lettuce and not enough romaine to get people to buy the other kind,” someone shared. Another joked, “Big Farma.”

6. Very Wealthy People Are Psychopaths

“Those VERY wealthy people, particularly politicians, are psychopaths that do terrible things that would send chills down your spine, for fun,” one answered.

“Having gross amounts of money and power gets boring eventually. And people that relentlessly pursue obscene wealth and power already exhibit psychopathic tendencies. Power corrupts. There are some Harvey Weinstein, and Jeffrey Epstein types out worldwide.”

7. Fishy News

“I think it's fishy beyond belief that after the Occupy Wall Street movement, there was a MASSIVE increase in reports on gender vs. gender and race vs. race issues in all vital newspapers. It's VERY convenient for the 1% that the plebs are fighting themselves instead.”

“I don't think there are no issues with racism or sexism. It's good that we're talking about it. But it appears that the most significant media outlets don't want us to talk about it. Instead, they want us to fight each other.”

8. Mark Zuckerberg Is Playing The Long Game

One person replied, “Mark Zuckerberg knows what he is doing and is playing a very long game. I think Meta and the Metaverse seem like such a detached conceit because he isn't catering to the older generations with this shot any more.”

“The Metaverse is for the six-year-olds with tablets right now. Mark wants them to grow up in his universe. They are the demographic that cares about graphics right now. But they will as they age, and Meta's goal is probably to keep up with that. Create a whole generation wholly consumed in it.”

“It is a better bet than trying to cater to the older cynical people who have grown up with internet/Facebook 1.0 and can't ever get an engrained feel for the next-gen form of connectedness.”

9. Celebrity Kid Names

Someone volunteered, “Celebrities name their kids' crazy things, so they don't release their real names to the public and paparazzi.” Someone added, “God, I hope that one is true.”

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10. The Car Companies Colluded

“Car companies colluded to discontinue their small and affordable cars in America. It happened *very* rapidly, within a two-to-three-year span. Except for Mitsubishi,” someone said. Another shared, “I worked for one of the big three in the '90s and '00s.”

“They were constantly looking for ways to make small passenger cars profitable. It was part of my job. But the company I worked for couldn't profit from small cars. But they made bank on trucks and SUVs. But I can tell you we lost money on most small cars.”

“So we kept assuming small cars were like a gateway for larger, profitable vehicles. But eventually, that made less and less marketing sense. If you don't believe me, this was written about extensively in the automotive press in the early 00s.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of conspiracy theories people secretly believe but will never admit to friends and family.

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