10 Little Things About New Movies That Enrage Audiences Today

Have you ever watched a movie and seen something that drove you up a wall? Have you witnessed a scene where there was something that grinds your gears to no end? One person polled a frequented internet forum, “Which black and white movies are worth watching?” Here are some of the best answers.

1. Forced Humor

Many agree that today's comedy movie has regressed to the point of sketch comedy on the big screen. Now it seems the director just allows the star comedian to go on and on, and they just cut and edit the best takes.

2. The Music Is So Loud, but the Dialogue Is So Quiet

We have all been home movie viewers and noticed that you couldn't hear the dialogue between these two characters standing beside each other. So you do what any other person would do; you turn up the volume. All of a sudden, the action pops off, and there's a giant explosion that is so loud it rocks your house.

3. Movie Plots Are Becoming So Watered Down

Movies are becoming mass appeal tools due to the effects of streaming services. The film is available anywhere, any time, for anyone to see whenever they choose. Years ago (before the takeover of streaming platforms), if a film didn't do well during the initial theatrical release does not do well, there was still a chance the crowd could turn around in time. Nooooo, not in the streaming game! If the ratings aren't satisfactory, they take it down because it's a bad investment.

4. The Slaughter of the Book-To-Screen Adaption

It is infuriating to see writers and directors take fantastic source material, such as popular books and comic franchises, and destroy the page-to-screen translation. After an abysmal attempt to reinterpret the story, the writers and directors will completely change the ending, making it an altogether different movie as a whole.

5. Reliance on Franchise Due to Lack of Originality

The Fast and Furious franchise will forever be my go-to example for this. They have been making movies about a band of street racers getting into criminal hijinks that somehow end up saving the world.

6. Everything is So Dark Now

Despite having so many different screen settings and automatic picture modes on the smart TVs of today, it is insane how difficult it is viewing some films in the last 15 years. Add to that, today's standardized hoard of bad guys is usually the equivalent of a Non-Player Character dressed in all black; it is tough to view films of recent.

7. Movie Trailers Are The Worst

Several people concurred that trailers from earlier times used to contain an element of suspense and intrigue. They would leave you curious about what the movie had in store. However, nowadays, these trailers extend to three or four minutes, revealing most of the film's storyline and essentially spoiling the movie before you've had a chance to watch it. Alternatively, and perhaps more problematic, trailers might be edited to conceal crucial aspects of the film, leading to entirely deceptive trailers.

8. The Oh, so Unnecessary Sequel or Reboot

Sometimes a movie does a great job as a standalone or the existential conflict has been resolved or averted, but Hollywood just won't let it be. The Jurassic Park/ World franchise is one that comes to mind. Two decades have passed, and we are still watching a movie involving cloned dinosaurs causing chaos among their creators. Yes, even after twenty years!

9. CGI Usurped Practical Effects and Props

Once upon a time, practical visual effects and stage props ruled the screen. For that reason, Jim Henson was a trailblazer in the realm of revolutionizing on-screen effects.

10. Everything Has to Be Explained in a Horror Movie

In contemporary horror movies, striking the right balance between explaining the plot sufficiently and avoiding excessive exposition is crucial. If you reveal too little, the audience becomes bewildered. Still, if you divulge too much, it can come across as condescending. Consequently, a film such as the original Alien might have faced significant criticism from today's cinema audience.

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