Have you ever heard a movie is terrible, but after watching it, didn’t understand the negative reviews? You’ve got company. Recently, someone stated, “What movies have you heard were awful that turned out to be good?”

“Maybe you thought the critics were dropped on their heads when they were babies or ate paint chips when they wrote the review.” Here are the top-voted films.

10. The Island (2005)

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The Island,” one stated. “I thought the premise was fun, and the action was great.” “This is the movie I bring up whenever people say Michael Bay is trash. It’s a fantastic movie,” another admitted. 

9. The Butterfly Effect (2004)

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The Butterfly Effect. Not sure why it received all the hate at the time. The theatrical cut is the way to go, though. Director’s cut makes no sense and screws up the ending. It’s supposed to be a dark twist. Just dumb,” one suggested.

“Thank you! I thought I was insane because every other film fan swears the Director’s Cut is superior,” a second user replied. 

8. Joe Versus The Volcano (1990)

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Joe vs. The Volcano with Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan – I first heard about this one as the worst film of all time. Then read a passionate defense of it.”

“So I gave it a watch and laughed my butt off. It’s a bit ludicrous, but it’s one of those 80s films that would never be made today, could never be made again, and can be safely described as unique.

7. Speed Racer (2008)

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One person excitedly voted, “Speed Racer! One of my favorites! The reception to this movie when it was first in theaters was WILD—it was getting universally panned in the press and reviews, but every creative person who saw it was OBSESSED, and it was my and so many of my friends’ favorite movies that year.”

6. Alien Vs. Predator (2004)

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Someone replied, “Alien and Predator fans widely dislike Alien Vs. Predator, but I loved it when I got around to watching it! Same with Prometheus, people hate it, but it was very enjoyable!” Others agreed and added, “I love Prometheus, I know it has flaws, but it’s still a delightful watch.”

5. Blade Runner (1982)

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“The original Blade Runner had terrible reviews in its first run. I was the only person in the theater, and the film blew me away. I liked the voice. It gave it a noir feel, like a fifties detective movie,” replied one.

Another added, “It’s one of the very few films where getting an edition with both the theatrical and director’s cuts is worthwhile.

4. Equilibrium (2002)

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Equilibrium. Critics hated it, and it was a big flop commercially. However, it has grown-on audiences since” one confessed. “I gave it a chance, and it is now a favorite,” a second person reported. 

3. Waterworld (1995)

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One person admitted, “Waterworld. I watched this movie so many times back in the day!” “Yeah, it was excellent. I was expecting something dire after the reviews. The press wanted it to fail because of the bloated budget and maybe some snobbery around Kevin Costner,” another suggested. 

2. Death To Smoochy (2002)

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One user exclaimed, “Death To Smoochy! – Robin Williams makes that movie. He’s freaking hilarious!!” “I saw this in a movie theater with a friend. We were howling with laughter while other audience members were walking out,” a second person replied. 

1. The Village (2004)

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“I liked M. Night Shyamalan’s The Village. Saw it in the theaters, and that twist ending certainly surprised my friends and me, but apparently, admitting such is admitting you’re a paste-eating cretin,” replied one.

“It seemed like critics and viewers hated the twist in The Village on its release date and spread a lot of outrage against it. I even had the movie spoiled for me long before watching it by a friend who was so mad about the film. But rewatching it years later, it’s a cool story,” another agreed. 

Source: Reddit.

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