10 Privileges Rich People Have That They Don’t Realize Is a Privilege

What benefits do rich people have that they don't understand is a privilege? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted privileges of an affluent person.

1. Not Worrying About Bills

“I've been very, very poor and now comfortable. I think rich people will never understand not having to worry about bills until it happens to them. It was awful trying to decide who to pay and dealing with the ones we couldn't pay. The stress was overwhelmingly horrific,” shared one.

2. Being Able To Eat Different Things All The Time

“Being able to eat something different all the time,” replied one. Another shared, “My wife grew up a little better off than me. She can't stand eating leftovers more than a meal in a row. I grew up eating the same food most days for weeks.”

“Whatever was on sale and bulk-sized for multiple days of leftovers. Even now, I would rather eat chicken and broccoli for a week sometimes, but if it's not from some Pinterest meal plan she puts together, she doesn't want it. I also appreciate her cooking, so I let her do it her way.”

3. Unpaid Internships

“Comfortably doing an unpaid internship as a student,” someone suggested. “Or having the connections to either not have to do an unpaid internship at all or being able to get a paid internship somewhere. Nepotism and connections are powerful stuff.”

4. Access To Competent Lawyers

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Someone stated, “Having access to a competent lawyer who has time for them. The number of times I see upper-class or well-off middle-class people tell people to lawyer up and sue over everything because they don't realize how much one costs relative to the average income is insane.”

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5. Understanding Upper-Middle and Upper-Class Norms

One stated, “As someone who grew up poor and went to a wealthy private college on scholarship, I'd say understanding the norms of upper-middle and upper-class life.”

“Poor people raise their kids with different values, ways of talking, ways of thinking, accents, other skills, etc. So it was a steep learning curve for me. For example, I was in the dark during interviews about what to wear. So I wore a brown belt with black shoes.”

“The clothing was way too baggy on me. I didn't know what colors went together. I had zero presentation skills because it was emphasized in high school. I spoke with a heavy working-class accent.”

6. Freedom To Fall

“Chasing your dreams. I call it the freedom to fall,” someone replied. Another added, “I tried explaining it to a good friend who was well off and able to start their own business and invest in the stock market. But it was like trying to explain colors to someone who was blind. He kept telling me I was thinking with a poor brain, forever keeping me poor.”

7. Never Worrying About Life's Maintenance

“Not having to worry about little things that take up poorer people's days,” shared one. “For example, yard work, shoveling snow, cleaning the house, taking care of their kids, cooking, etc.”

“I hate when those rich gurus are like everyone has 24 hours in their day. If they can do it, so can you. No, it's not the same 24 hours when you can afford to hire babysitters, house cleaners, and private jets. We are not the same.”

8. Never Having To Check Their Bank Account Before Grocery Shopping

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One user said, “Not having to check how much you have in your bank account before going into a store. Also, not knowing the dreaded shame of putting back groceries because your card is declined. And it was cheap food too. That was utterly humiliating.”

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9. Keeping Their Teeth

One person said, “Keeping their teeth. Dental work is crazy expensive. I had to take a second job to pay for Invisalign.” “Having bad teeth and not having the money to hide it is a pretty reliable indicator of poverty—also, blemished skin. Many jobs and situations that poor people find themselves in wreak havoc on their skin,” another confirmed.

10. Saving Money

Finally, someone shared, “Saving money. So many rich people think people are poor because they don't save money, but they can stop being poor if they do.”

“They never consider the seemingly obvious fact that you need the excess cash to save. If all you're making is the money required to sustain your life, what money are you supposed to save?”

“The standard argument at that point suggests that poor people could save money if they stopped spending money on anything beyond what is essential – that all they need to do is remove all joy and fun from their lives, and somehow that will make their lives better.”

“Of course, they never consider the seemingly obvious fact that joy and fun are, in fact, essential to life.” we hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of privileges rich people have that they don't even realize are a privilege.

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