10 Seinfeld Characters That Weren’t All That Funny

While scrolling a popular Seinfeld internet forum, I came across the question, “Which character did you find genuinely unfunny?” The poster shared a picture of their vote for Susan Ross, and here are the additional tent op-voted unfunny characters on Seinfeld

1. Mrs. Helen Seinfeld

“Jerry's mother. She was in funny scenes, but I don't recall her being the one delivering any real funny lines,” one stated. Another suggested, “Surprised I had to scroll so long to see this. George Costanza's parents were completely outrageous, Morty Seinfeld had great parts like the raincoats and condo association, but Helen just seemed like a placeholder. Not sure why she got so little material.”

2. Corinne

“I don't like the woman that gets hit in the head with the digital calendar thing. I find her annoying and detrimental to an already weak episode,” one suggested. “I won't say her character was unnecessary to the episode's plot, but it was a little over the top or under-funny. Either way, I didn't care much about what her character said. Especially the whole thing about the hotel lobby,” a second user added.

3. Kenny Bania

“Being unfunny was the entire point of his character. Kenny Bania was supposed to be so unfunny that it was funny. I just hated him anyway,” someone admitted. “I'm not seeing how it was useful as he is a comedian, and comedians need to be funny, you know, the whole comedy thing,” another admitted.

“But his Seinfeld character is unfunny. I get what you're saying, and you're not wrong; I still hate him. I get that it is a show about nothing, but the show would have been no better or worse without the addition or subtraction of Kenny Bania,” the OP argued.

4. Babu Bhatt

“And I never understood why would a Pakistani restaurant fail in NYC just because of the theme. It's New York, and every restaurant can work if done well. Maybe his cooking sucked,” someone suggested.

“The start of that episode was about how often that location had turned over and how Jerry Seinfeld is going to help this guy be the one who finally makes it there.”

“After that, it's more of an episode about how no matter what they did, the location was destined to fail. So the episode ends with them wishing they had a place to eat. That was what Babu first opened,” another informed.

5. Crazy Joe Davola

“No mentions of Joe Davola? The plots he instigates are funny, and the actor did a great job, but maybe too incredible – of course, he was not supposed to be funny per se, yet he is too genuinely scary,” answered one.

“Yeah, he didn't fit the Seinfeld formula we all love. If they had filmed that today the show would have gone in a different direction. He's terrifying. Real Peter Stormare energy, even more so than Slippery Pete,” agreed another. 

6. Mohel

“The Mohel in ‘The Bris,' said one. “My apartment has super thick, long carpeting. So whenever I break something or drop something, I think of him saying, “deep, DEEP in the shag!” And, of course, I walk through there barefoot every so often, step on something sharp and almost kill myself.”

“Jason Alexander had a real problem with that character. He thought it was anti-Semitic and made them tone it down for the final cut, and he still didn't like that episode,” another user informed.

7. The Maestro

“I'm going to have to cast my vote for The Maestro. I could not find him funny and unfunny to me,” one suggested. A second admitted, “He was one of my least favorite characters. I know it is a work of fiction, and the show's concept is it's a show about nothing.”

“But Bob Cobb rubbed me the wrong way. From insisting he is referred to as The Maestro or declaring there are no villas in Tuscany. I'm glad he wasn't a regular cast member.”

8. Mrs. Allister

Someone voted, “The woman Elaine was pretending to be the janitor for so she could get the supreme flounder. Horrible. That taxed my brain this morning.” One added, “Her line delivery reeked of her getting on the show because she was someone's friend. I have no basis for that just saying that's how it sounds. It bugged me about her for years: she sounds like an untrained actor struggling to sound authentic.”

9. The Rabbi

“The Rabbi. His cadence is annoying to me, but it's because he has no motivation to blab everyone's secrets. He does it because the plot needs him to. It's really over the top. Maybe there's some inside joke among Jewish people about rabbis being gossip that I'm unaware of,” questioned one.

“That's the only way his character makes any sense.” Another shared, “There was a real, contemporaneous rabbi with a public access show that may have inspired the role and portrayal. But despite giving him unusual clothes, an unusual occupation, and an unusual speech pattern, he's a very one-dimensional character there only to instigate.”

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10. Sally Weaver

One admitted, “I could never understand how they acted like her one-woman show about Jerry would be popular. First, TV Jerry needs to be more famous to have a show about him. Second, the jokes are just so lame it's just sad to have a fake audience pretend to laugh at them. Third, Kathy Griffin.”

“I mostly agree with you, but Kathy Griffin's whole schtick is talking badly about celebrities, so it makes a little more sense in that context. I've watched her standup before, and while the jokes are better than Sally Weaver's, she sometimes talks about celebrities I'm barely familiar with,” a final user commented.

Source: Reddit

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