10 Terrible Movies That Everyone Seems to Love

Do you feel like you're the only one who didn't enjoy a film that everyone else seems to love? You're not alone. A Redditor recently asked for terrible movies that received widespread praise and accolades but left many viewers feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. Here are the top-voted films.

1. Jurassic World: Dominion (2022)

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A viewer recently watched Jurassic World: Dominion on Amazon Prime and was disappointed with the lack of plot found in the film. In addition, they felt that the new characters were uninteresting and had hollow relationships. 

The viewer also thought that the filmmakers used scenes from the first Jurassic Park film poorly and that the film relied heavily on nostalgia. They also felt that the original Jurassic Park cast did not put much effort into their roles.

2. Most Marvel Movies

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A Person expressed their dislike for most Marvel movies, citing the use of “stupid Joss Whedon-Esque semi-ironic garbage dialogue” as the main reason. 

They felt that this gives all the characters the same flavor and that the movies were created with an algorithm to do well in focus groups rather than being a piece of art or a quality cinematic experience. 

They also mentioned that they prefer gritty and darker movies like The Dark Knight but enjoyed Guardians of the Galaxy because it was meant to be silly. They particularly like Dave Bautista's character.

3. The Fast and the Furious Franchise

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According to one individual, The Fast and Furious franchise is criticized for its questionable script quality. The plot becomes increasingly ridiculous and retconned to increase stakes. The timeline is also confusing due to the inclusion of Tokyo Drift, with older actors playing characters who are supposed to be much younger.

4. Shape of Water (2017)

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One Redditor found Shape of Water lacking originality, citing the familiar trope of a beautiful woman loving a misunderstood ugly beast. They still needed to finish the movie and were uninterested in finding the ending.

5. La La Land (2016)

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One individual shared their experience with a La La Land, expressing that it left them with no reaction. They could only remember the songs or the plot a week after watching it. They feel it was a celebration of style over the film. Furthermore, they would rather dislike a movie for a good reason than feel utterly unaffected by it.

6. Love Actually (2003)

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Someone suggested that while they acknowledge that Love Actually may be overrated and has flaws, they cannot deny Alan Rickman's and Emma Thompson's undeniable talent in their respective roles. Many in the thread agreed with this notion.

7. Avatar (2009)

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A viewer expressed frustration with Avatar, stating they wasted the incredible visuals and resources on a lackluster story made up of overused plot devices and stereotypes. They also mentioned that the movie was not original and not attempting to hide it. Finally, they expressed their disappointment in the film's success and hype.

8. Avengers: Endgame (2109)

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Many suggested that Avengers: Endgame was confusing and that some parts made giant leaps of logic. Additionally, one mentioned that the fights in Infinity Wars were better, Thor's redemption arc in Ragnorak and getting a new hammer was enough, and he did not need another one.

9. Grease (1978)

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A person suggested that the premise of the film Grease is problematic, as it portrays a girl changing herself for a guy and highlights the idea that she is not good enough for him without changing. They also need clarification about the message of the film and the idea that the girl must fit in with a particular group to be with the guy.

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10. Bird Box (2018)

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Bird Box is a film that, according to one viewer, despite its lack of a well-written script, still managed to be quite disturbing. The concept of seeing one's worst fear coming to life is a terrifying idea, particularly for someone who experiences sleepwalking.

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of films that people deemed terrible despite everyone seeming to love them. This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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