10 Things People Actually Learned From Video Games

Since the early 1970s, video games have been popular. This was the time when people wanted to do anything other than go outside or read comic books for entertainment. However, as time has passed, people have eventually understood how these video games are essential to their mental well-being.

We've compiled a list of the ten things people have learned through video games:

1. If you're encountering enemies, it means you're going the right way

Having enemies is never an easy thing, but maybe it's not always a bad thing either. After all, if you're facing adversity, it means you're making progress and getting closer to achieving success in whatever you set out to do. 

One Reddit user said, “If you're encountering enemies, it means you're going the right way.” Another user responded, “depends..”

2. Perseverance. Patience

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A Reddit user posted, “Persistence. Perseverance. Patience. Or if you don't like quick and alliterate answers: Willingness to work to find a solution. In games, everything is beatable eventually. You might have to grind your characters up, find a hidden ability or item, or just “get good” over time… but everything is winnable if you put in the effort.” 

He added, “In game worlds – If you don't give up… you will make progress, and (eventually) win.

That's not always true in real life, but for a long time — having grown up on video games — I believed in the back of my mind that it was. And it's paid off more times than it's disappointed me. Coming at problems with the idea that “Everything is solvable” has led me to solve (most) problems I've encountered. Especially when we're talking about work-related stuff (rather than the messier area of relationships or the like… where, yeah, it's definitely not always solvable.) Games taught me I could succeed. Not that I always will, but that if I put in the work, it's possible.”

One user also responded, “Yeah, this is what I wanted to share here, and was happy to find that someone else put the words down. (So, thanks for that!) But anyhow, yeah, this is huge.”

3. Working as a team is very important if you want to win

Teamwork has undeniably been the most valuable asset in achieving a collective goal, whether in online games or the real world. For example, a Reddit user posted, “I play a lot of splatoon and to be honest, I'm not great but working as a team is very important if you want to win.”

4. Check everything twice

Not only can a gamer relate to this one, but most of us have a fair share of regrettable stories of not being able to save the documents after hours of work or winning a level. Another user shared, “If you're not sure something is alright or done, better check it twice (saving manually when autosave is on).”

This may be a simple task for a gamer, but hard to remember after a game. You may need to check everything twice and save it manually. 

5. It's a lot easier to ruin than it is to create.

Undeniably, in the gaming world, it's easy to smash everything to win or even get gems for upgrading weapons but still hard to obtain and collect all the pieces from forging a stronger one. Like in real life, it's easy to damage something like trust, but it's challenging to repair anything after it's broken.

6. Creates long-distance friendships

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Friendships are difficult to find in the real world, but online games develop ties through conversations and streaming. It also offers ways to learn from each other, enhance our understanding of various beliefs and points of view, expand our perspectives, and add value to our lives that couldn't be obtained without a virtual connection. 

A Reddit user shared, “Some of my best friends live hundreds to thousands of miles away, and I'll never meet them.”

7. Everything will be okay

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Life has a habit of altering in unexpected ways, and if you keep your head up and go on with optimism, chances are everything will be okay in the end. There are several examples of people turning tragedy into triumph, rising from ashes more vital than ever before; thus, no matter what challenges you encounter, feel free to maintain believing in yourself, even in an online game.

One user commented, “That even when you go through tough times and come out of them, you're still the same person, and things will be okay. Corny ik”

8. Be more observant

A Reddit user shared, “Being more observant and quicker to react in certain situations.” Despite being in an alternate world, one can adapt the skills of being observant and reactive. One user also shared:

“Reflexes and quick decision-making abilities. My wife has commented multiple times about my ability to leap straight into the action.

Over the summer, my daughter was at a pool party, and I saw her and her friend accidentally drag each other to the bottom of the pool. My wife froze and didn't really process what was happening…by the time it clicked that they were drowning, I was already in the pool pulling both girls out of the water. I credit my ability to make lightning-fast decisions to video games.

I often think it's a skill game that teaches us that gets overlooked. If you're playing a game, you oftentimes have to identify danger quickly and determine the proper tool and course of action in seconds…I think this is a skill that transfers to the real world.”

9. Be grateful

We all have so much to be grateful for, yet sometimes it's easy to forget our many blessings. Whether big or small, we were taking time to appreciate and reflect on the good things that can positively impact our day-to-day lives. Not only can it boost our mood, but it can foster an attitude of appreciation that brings even more blessings into our lives as we focus our energy on gratitude.

According to one of the Redditors, “They taught me that I should be grateful to even play with ppl. (Reason: I play fn, and I mostly get kicked because they are already playing with ppl, I'm a girl and just out of nowhere).”

10. Always take others into consideration

It has taught gamers to consider a situation's different factors before approaching it head-on. Thinking before acting has been an invaluable lesson that other gamers have learned over the years. Life is full of pitfalls, and proactively avoiding them can save not only some disappointments but also time and energy. Considering the different factors of a situation provides them with a greater understanding of the bigger picture they would usually miss if simply charged ahead.

Just like one user said,” It has taught me to take into consideration the different factors of a situation before approaching it head-on.”

Do you have other learnings aside from the list? Check out Reddit for more learnings acquired from video games. 


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