10 Clear Signs a Movie Sucks According to The Internet

Nothing is worse than spending at a theater on a terrible film that looked so good. Have you ever had that experience? One time I walked out of a terrible movie. I couldn't finish it or even remember the name to share with you so you could avoid it at all costs. Someone recently asked, “What is a clear sign a movie sucks?” Here are the top responses.

1. The Whispering

“When the director thinks everyone whispering every line creates tension, I'm sitting there turning the volume up and down every 30 seconds to hear the dialogue and avoid blowing my eardrum during the music or special effects. It drives me mad. I feel like I have to squint my ears if you know what I mean,” replied one.

2. When It's on The Hallmark Channel

Someone mentioned, “When it's on the Hallmark Channel.” However, an apparent Hallmark fan argued, “Hallmark movies aren't bad; they're formulaic. They're made with a specific audience in mind and do an excellent job appealing to that audience.”

3. Trailor Loaded With Quick Cuts

“A trailer loaded with quick cuts that prevent any idea what you're looking at and citations of who made it instead of what they made,” someone answered. Another argued, “Or conversely, the trailer feels like it's giving you the entire movie….like after the trailer, you wonder if you even need to go see the film.”

4. Start Making Fun of The Character's Logic Ten Minutes In

“You start making fun of the characters' logic not even ten minutes into the film,” replied one. Another confessed, “As an autistic person, I think very logically. So whenever I watch a movie, I start pointing out everything that doesn't make sense by the in-the-universe logic/physics/rules/etc. of the movie I'm watching. It annoys me and anyone else watching a movie with me.”

5. Adding Controversial Issues Not Relevant to The Plot

Someone shared, “If they add a random controversial issue that has nothing to do with the plot. It's so cringe when movies and shows force a political message (left or right) in an otherwise decent to a good story. Like God, most of us want to watch a good movie.”

6. Too Many Celebrities

“Too many celebrities,” said one. “Especially when it's like ten of them in one movie. There is a 90% chance it's going to suck.” “There were these movies in the 2010s about holidays like Valentine's Day and New Year's Eve, and each film had 30 celebrities. They were all terrible movies, so yeah, I agree. I love Love Actually, but the clones that came after it was so bad,” another commented.

7. If It Comes Out in January

“If it comes out in January. The industry calls it ‘Dumpuary' for a reason. They expect movies released on Christmas to lead the box office still, so studios dump their bad movies there so they can blame the bad box office performance on the release date. I always feel bad when I see a friend post excitement about a film with a January 10th release date because I know they will be disappointed.”

8. When It's So Dark You Can't See Anything

“When it's so dark you can't see anything. So the next Batman movie will be nothing but audio and a black screen,” someone suggested. Another said, “I liked The Batman, but it makes sense he didn't look under the carpet – he couldn't SEE it!” 

A third reported, “I love Solo so much, but I thought I was going blind watching it for the first time!” “Godzilla (2014). Half the time I watched it, I couldn't tell if the TV was on or the sound wasn't playing,” a final person commented. 

9. Sequel Without The Original Cast

“A sequel without the original cast. Or a sequel when the original main cast only appears for a few minutes,” someone suggested. Another said, “A sequel with a side character from the original movie,” before a third joked, “Evan Almighty has entered the chat.”

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10. No Character Development

Someone shared, “We're twenty minutes in, and you don't care what happens to any of the characters.” “I love bad horror movies because I just start cheering for the monster,” another confessed. “I fell asleep in the theater trying to watch the second Star Wars prequel (Attack of the Clones). Twice.”

“I thought that maybe I was just really tired the first time because I love Star Wars. Nope. I tried to watch it at home. It's seriously better than a sleeping pill for me. I'm thinking of buying it on DVD for those stressful nights I can't get my eyes to close,” a third user admitted. 

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of clear signs a movie sucks.

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