The bad news is, well, everywhere. So, in the name of positivity, we are taking a break from the crazy. These nine uplifting news stories are anything but negative.

1. Literacy Rates Skyrocket To All-Time High

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United States circa 1812: an average of 12% of the population was literate. Today, those figures are alarmingly different. 

Welcoming another New Year, countries around the globe accomplish another milestone: the highest literacy rate in world history. Boasting nearly 99% and 87% in most developed and underdeveloped countries, respectively, planet Earth has come a long way. 

“Literacy rates worldwide are at an all-time high. [Because of that] More people worldwide have access to clean water, electricity, internet, and education than ever before.”

2. Siberian Tiger Population Welcomed Back with Open Arms

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Proudly reporting a conservative 14% increase in the number of those large cats, Russia documented a feat most thought impossible. 

“As many as 540 cats have been saved in the last 15 years. The Siberian Tiger population is going up, which has, in turn, caused other Endangered Russian Species numbers to go up, due to the strict conservation laws.”

National Geographic’s documentary, Russia’s Wild Tiger, “explains how it’s all been successful.”

3. India Follows with Regulations Protecting Asiatic Lions

Asiatic Lion
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Following its northern neighbor’s lead, India regulated the hunting, poaching, selling, and butchering of the very endangered Asiatic Lion. 

“There was a time when less than 12 remained in the wild,” one comment read. “Now numbers [are] well over 700 because the Indian government has stringent laws to protect them. 

4. Fans Donate $5 Million To Toy Drive After Athlete’s Collapse

toy drive
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“NFL fans shocked by the sudden collapse of athlete Damar Hamlin have donated over $5 Million in 24-hrs to his much-appreciated Toy Drive,” one avid follower posted. 

Suffering a startling collapse on the field, the Buffalo Bills player politely declined any compensation. Instead, he requested all funds and donations be placed for a ‘toy drive’ within the non-profit group GoFundMe.

It was to the tune of $8.6 million and counting. 

5. Marriage Equality Declared Legal In All 50 United States

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The very first law of its kind, same-sex marriage, became legal nationwide. 

Closing a chapter on one of the most controversial topics for decades past and years to come, one Redditor posted a few last words:

“I can’t believe it’s taken them this long to realize it. Love is love.”

6. Solar Power Speeds Surpass Years-Old Predictions

solar panels
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Solar power has commanded a front seat in politics. However, previously advancing at around 24% annually, the technology failed in mass production. That is, until now. 

“A whopping 31.6% increase in advancements aren’t small steps,” one Redditor posted. “

“The speed of deployment of solar power is far beyond most expectations from a few years ago.”

7. Behold: Sand Batteries

batteries in sand
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Out with the old and in with the new: wind-generated sand batteries.

“The sand becomes a battery after it is heated up to 600C using electricity generated by wind turbines and solar panels.” From there, a heater raises the air temperature inside the sand.

“Inside the battery, this hot air is circulated by a fan around the sand through heat exchange pipes.”

8. mRNA Research Promises More Than COVID-19 Cure

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mRNA research shows promise for a few things: cancer, malaria, and cystic fibrosis,” boasts one excited Redditor. 

Decades of research have contributed to what the community calls the “next major breakthrough.” Although in its infancy, the compound’s capabilities are on the horizon. 

9. 3-D Printed Organs Announce Appearance within a Decade

3d printed organ
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3-D printers have constructed models of human tissue, world maps, professional athletic equipment, and everything in between. Tackling molecular biology and human physiology is next on the list.  

“Why cure somebody’s pancreatic cancer when you can just give them a new one made from their own cells? This is the technology I’m looking toward seeing the most.”

Superior in long-term cost, training, and practically eliminating concepts of human error, 3-D printers are said to arrive before the next generation. Patience is key. 

Source: Reddit.

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