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9 Overrated Fruits We Could Live Without

  1. Dragon Fruit Indigenous to the Americas, dragon fruit is not a household favorite.  “Dragonfruit, cool name but doesn't really have a taste to me.” “It tastes like nondescript ... Read more
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9 Confusing Concepts Only 30% of People Understand

Spelling, correct present tense usage, understanding multiple languages, and advanced algorithms are only a few impressive life skills to master. Regarding confusing concepts, nine were voted top of the list. ... Read more

11 Not So Ancient Technologies That Gen Zs Won’t Understand

The technological gap continues to expand at a faster-than-ever pace. What were once modern staples are now outdated and ancient inventions. Here are eleven obsolete technologies that generation Zs won't ... Read more
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10 Things That Completely Destroyed The Love in a Relationship

Ah yes, the dreaded first date. Extraordinarily awkward and wildly embarrassing, it rarely ends well. Thankfully, the internet guarantees our collection of stories continues to live on. The votes have ... Read more
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10 of People’s Greatest Insecurities That Aren’t That Uncommon

Self-doubt and embarrassment can creep in at a moment's notice without warning. Insecurities, whether stemming from childhood or developing as a young adult, do not discriminate. Here are some of ... Read more
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9 Positive Changes We Should All Be Talking About

The bad news is, well, everywhere. So, in the name of positivity, we are taking a break from the crazy. These nine uplifting news stories are anything but negative. 1. ... Read more