1. Dragon Fruit

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Indigenous to the Americas, dragon fruit is not a household favorite.  “Dragonfruit, cool name but doesn't really have a taste to me.” “It tastes like nondescript sugar,” one commenter posted. 

2. Red Delicious Apples

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Over time, a lot has changed regarding the fruit.  “I have dim memories of really good red delicious apples back in the late '70s. The tree had probably been around since the '50s, untampered with. They were delicious back in the day! But mass production, selective breeding for looks rather than flavor, poor storage and transportation, etc, has ruined them.”

3. Star Fruit

star fruit
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Officially known as carambola, starfruit is native to Southeast Asia.  “Starfruit. Looks cool, tastes like crunchy, slightly sour water.”

4. Papaya

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The fruit is hit or miss. However, India produced over 40% of the world's supply in 2020.  “Papaya tastes like it has just a hint of bile in it. So gross.”

5. Kiwi

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Also referred to as the ‘Chinese gooseberry,' the bright green snack isn't known for its convenient packaging.  “Kiwi. Walking around in a d- fur coat like they something special,” one silly comment read. 

6. Oranges

oranges, orange, fruit
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Known for the crusty film it leaves behind, the round fruit isn't a crowd-pleaser.  “Oranges- how do you eat an orange without getting your hand covered in juice besides dissecting it?” “They're just annoyingly large. The smaller ones like clementines and mandarins are handleable and tastier.” We agree. 

7. Raspberries

raspberries, fruit
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While difficult to come across unscathed and not smushed, raspberries are a dime a dozen in the Americas.  “Raspberries. A decent one is nice- but so often are they already moldy or just tasteless,” said one comment. 

8. Pomegranates

pomegranates, fruit
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The bright red fruit is genetically closer to a shrub when classified. “Pomegranate – a bunch of seeds with a minuscule layer of fruit over them to keep you from immediately throwing the thing away. The effort to food ratio is terrible.”

9. Bananas 

bananas, fruit
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After being genetically altered over the last century, bananas are no longer ‘natural.'  “Ya, this might be my winner. I'll eat one now and then, but I don't like the texture,” one comment read.  “They are an excellent Nutella delivery system. In addition, they are a good basis for chocolate/peanut butter/fruit smoothies.”   We hope you enjoyed these 9 Reddit picks!

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