10 of People’s Greatest Insecurities That Aren’t That Uncommon

Self-doubt and embarrassment can creep in at a moment's notice without warning. Insecurities, whether stemming from childhood or developing as a young adult, do not discriminate. Here are some of the most common complaints. Which would you rank number one?

1. Hair Loss

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For women and men alike, early onset shedding can drain self-confidence. “I started losing my hair when I was 18. Now I keep my hair really short so it isn't so noticeable,” one Redditor posted. “Also, lots of hats!” Now that's looking on the bright side. 

“Just remember: bald is sexy, balding is not,” an encouraging response read. “Sounds like you made the right choice! No shade on anyone who wants to rock a comb over, you do you boo.”

2. Nose Goes

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From young children and teens to grown adults and baby boomers, most have wrestled with admiring their side profile. 

“I hate my nose,” was among the top comments regarding physical features.

3. The Number on the Scale

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While being overweight can trigger a person, being underweight is equally stressful. 

“My weight; I'm super skinny and find it impossible to put on any weight.”

4. Being at a Loss for Words

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“Not coming up with anything to say … It's so embarrassing because it can happen in the beginning of a conversation out of nerves. Makes me feel very uncomfortable and that person loses interest.”

Anyone in public speaking is sure to relate. 

5. Surface Level

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“I have eczema (a genetic skin condition that often looks like a flaky sunburn, no matter how much lotion I put on), and I know it makes me physically less attractive. When I get turned down for dates, I can't help but wonder, was it because of my bad skin?”

6. Wordy Worry Wort 

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As it turns out, keeping someone from getting a word in edgewise is a major faux pas.  

“I'm so scared of being annoying or too out there.”

7. Heated Handshake

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Whether the result of too much coffee, the shivers, or a touch of nervous energy, temperature changes happen to everyone. 

“When people point out the shakes in my hands or my overheating… I have an autoimmune disorder that causes temperature regulation issues.”

8. Not So Pearly Whites 

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“I don't have perfectly white teeth,” said one comment. 

“My dang teeth. Years of bulimia messed them up royally, and now, instead of weight issues, I have far more expensive dental problems,” another posted in reply. 

Coffee, red wine, and smoking are said to have contributed to stains and discoloration. 

9. Hairy Human

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“I have a tiny bit of a beer belly, but it also has a dark peach fuzz, which is not acceptable in women,” said one Redditor. 

10. Lips with a Lisp

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Speech impediments are often significant sources of insecurities plaguing teens. However, lisp is among the most common (and treatable) issues. 

We hope you enjoyed these  Reddit picks of positive things happening worldwide!

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