10 Common Things About New Movies That Drive People Insane

Throughout the history of film, there has been much artistic growth. But, on the other hand, there are common happenings that the recent movie goer are not happy about, and they've vocalized it in this top ten list.

1. Terrible, Slowed Down Cover Songs

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The overuse of cover songs. Many classic rock songs are being covered by artists recording a slow version. I just saw the trailer for the new Ant-Man. It also does this,” one person noted.

2. Going Overboard With The Strong Female Character

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“A strong female character with zero weaknesses, zero character growth, zero personality (other than taking no heat from men), and zero charisma,” replied one. “People don't necessarily want strong female characters; they want well-written female characters,” another agreed.

3. Lack of Originality

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“I've been watching older films. And have been disappointed that many movies I've enjoyed from the 80s-now were reboots of movies from the 1940s-70s. So reboot mania has been going on longer than WrestleMania,” someone stated.

4. Movies Are Getting Too Dark Now

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“How dark they are. Like literally dark. It's difficult to see what's going on, especially for those with vision problems,” replied one. “Usually, when I bring this up, people object that the movies are made for theatrical viewing. And it's a little surprising, given that streaming is such a big deal,” a second person suggested.

5. Unnecessary Prequels and Legacy Sequels

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“When they aren't new but an unnecessary sequel to something from years ago, or a sequel to a movie that had a definitive ending and never needed a sequel. I'm looking at you, A Christmas Story Christmas,” admitted one.

6. The Laughs Seem Forced

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“Create a funny situation, let a comedian riff for 20 minutes, take the best take, and move on to the next funny situation. It's why comedy movie plots have SUCKED since the early 2000s,” someone suggested.

7. Movie Trailers are Terrible

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“They're always about four minutes long, give away the entire plot, show all the best scenes and jokes, and ruin the movie before you've even watched it,” one person complained. “In the meantime, Netflix shows some random scenes that have barely anything to do with the plot,” another stated.

8. Quality Drop Due to Fan Service

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“People used to be able to take risks in movie making because if they didn't do well in the theater, there was a chance it would become a cult classic later. Unfortunately, that is no longer an option because everything streams for free. So making a movie that doesn't immediately appeal to a large audience is a bad investment,” another commented.

9. Book to Film Adaptions

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“I don't understand why so many book adaptations have failed. All you need to do is read the book,” someone answered. “Not just movies but TV shows – they take a book that's got great reviews, do a poor job of translating it on screen, and then flip the ending, so it's the opposite of what happened in the book—proceeds to blame the audience when they pan it for being trash.”

10. The Sound Mixing

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“The sound mixing. Turn up the volume to hear the dialogue, and suddenly you have damaged ear drums because of an explosion. It's insane. I am looking at you, Christopher Nolan,” someone cracked. Many agreed with the absurdness of volume changes in film and TV, especially regarding commercials.

Source: Reddit.

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