10 Things People Are Convinced Others Are Pretending to Enjoy

Have you ever pretended to enjoy something that you honestly didn't like? Is there anything you believe others are faking their interest in because you know it totally sucks? You've got company. After polling the internet, these are the top-voted responses to the question, “What are you convinced people are pretending to enjoy?”

10. Making Life Instagram Ready

“Trying to make everything Instagram ready,” one shared. “I've fallen into that trap before, deleted everything but Reddit. I'm much happier now living in the moment, watching my kids play instead of taking photos of them, eating my food instead of standing above it trying to take a picture in a crowded restaurant. Once you stop feeding your ego, much worry stops with it.”

9. Your Boss's Jokes

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“Your boss's jokes,” one declared. A boss responded, “It took me a while after coming into a brand new office as a boss to realize I didn't get funnier. The staff was just all fake, laughing at my jokes.” Another admitted, “I built up a Pavlovian canned laughter response to my old boss that would kill a little bit of my soul every time.”

8. Having a Job

One person suggested, “Having a job.” “As someone who hates working, I'd say it depends. I've done volunteer work I have loved and stayed longer than my shift, but I do not like my real job,” another argued. Finally, a third agreed, “There isn't a job on earth that I could do for 40+ hours every week for 50 years and still be happy doing it or love it in any way.”

7. Drama at Work

“Having constant drama at work, in friend groups, and elsewhere really can't be all that exciting… can it? So if I have one friend causing me too much drama, I usually avoid it like it's the plague,” shared one. A second added, “I find many of these people telegraph their ability to create drama by, unprompted, declaring they hate drama.”

6. Loud Bars and Restaurants

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Someone suggested “Bars and restaurants with loud music and terrible acoustics. What's the point in being social in a place where they're trying to make it hard for you to socialize?”

5. Playing Tag with Toddlers

“Playing tag with a four-year-old. You have to let the toddler win all the time, not make them cry. You have to run slow and look like you're enjoying it,” shared one. Another added, “Playing hide and seek also. You never know who's hiding or who's seeking.”

4. Laughing Podcast Hosts

“Podcasts where the hosts laugh at everything they/other hosts/guests say,” one replied. “Nothing is that funny for that long, dude.” A second user added, “Wow, you're right. Sometimes a podcast needs an editor to say, “I'm glad you guys are having a good time, but this whole episode was like an in-joke that the audience is not involved in.”

3. Videos and Photo Galleries of Other People's Kids

One stated, “Long, boring videos of their friends' kids.” Another added, “Long, boring forced video chats with friends' kids. I DON'T WANT TO SKYPE WITH YOUR FIVE-YEAR-OLD. I know you're tired of them talking your ear off, but subjecting your friend to it is plain inconsiderate.”

2. Maintaining Internet Personalities

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“Maintaining their jobs as YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram personalities. I briefly had mild success with a channel on YouTube 10 years ago, and it was nowhere near the level things are now. And I see the production value and the regularity of some of the content. And I think how much pressure these folks feel to feed the machine or perish,” someone confessed. 

1. LinkedIn

The number one-voted response is LinkedIn. “Accurate. It's like an office party you don't want to attend but need to so you can network,” one suggested. Finally, another shared, “Linkedin is the biggest self-fart sniffing contest. It is salespeople trying to sell garbage to other salespeople.”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of things people believe others are pretending to enjoy.

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