12 Hills People Are Willing To Die on Every Time

While taking my daily scroll, I discovered an interesting topic. Someone asked, “What's a hill you're willing to die on every time?” Here are the top-voted and most interesting responses.

1. Unpaid Internships

“Unpaid internships are not suitable for students. A poor student can't afford the costs accompanying the internship,” one said. “They know this. It's what keeps lower-income students out of internship programs and frees them up for kids with parental support. It's a win-win for classists. The rich get free labor and keep their hiring pool insular,” another clarified.

2. Child Exploitation

“Using your children as content for social media is child exploitation,” another commented. “Agreed. And if they declare the money they receive from their social media, they can also write the children off on their taxes.
What a world we live in,” another added.

Many people argued about where to draw the line. One clarified, “I think the privacy of your account factors in, too. For example, private and approving only close friends and family to follow you is very different from a public account with hundreds or thousands of followers whom you've never met.” Others disagreed and suggested the children couldn't give consent.

3. Getting on Before Letting People Off

“People who are getting on subways or elevators before letting people off. It makes no sense, and I say my piece every time I see it,” someone confessed. Someone added, “I'll combine this with the people who rush the aisle on a plane as soon as you hit the gate.”

4. Keep The Sponge Out of The Sink

One user screamed, “KEEP THE SPONGE OUT OF THE SINK!” Another agreed, “Or leaving it wet and soggy. It should be squeezed as dry as possible, people.” A third confessed, “I have a hidden sponge that I keep from my roommate because of this.”

5. Radio Stations Should Play More Songs

“Radio stations should play more than 250 songs,” someone suggested. Another asked, “You're getting 250? I swear I could scrape most IHateRadio stations for rock and barely find 100 songs by 40 artists.” “My local rock station still plays the same dozen songs on rotation all day that I heard back in high school, 20 years ago.”

6. Health Insurance Should Cover Your Entire Body

“Health insurance should cover the whole body. The fact that vision and dental are separate is a pure cash grab. Especially considering how important dental health is! I mean, a tooth infection can easily kill you,” someone shared. 

Another added, “As a hearing aid wearer, I would like to add to the list of complaints: hearing isn't even an add-on option within insurance. So they're classified as cosmetic.”

7. Disagreeing Is Not a Personal Attack

“Disagreeing is not a personal attack. Also, you can listen to someone and understand what they're saying without agreeing with them. Just because you disagree doesn't mean you're refusing to listen,” another stated.

8. The Oxford Comma

One person exclaimed, “You can pry my Oxford comma from my cold, dead, and angry hands!” “Yes! The Oxford comma is not part of the Associated Press style, which is the style many reporters and journalists write in,” another informed.

9. People Who Want Power Are The Worst

“The kind of people who want power are the worst kind of people to have power. Power should be a responsibility, not a reward,” someone replied. “I've heard the phrase ‘Those who seek power rarely deserve it, and those who deserve it rarely seek it,” a second user added.

10. Apologies Without Changed Behavior Mean Nothing

“Apologies mean nothing without changed behaviors,” someone shared. A second added, “Also, an apology is not just ‘I'm sorry.' There needs to, at minimum, be an acknowledgment of what they did wrong and that they understand why it was wrong, ideally with a plan of how to correct the issue.”

11. School Lunches Should Be Healthy and Free

“Children are legally required to be in school and often have to stay in the building during lunch. We should feed them healthy, nutritious food for free—every single child,” said one. Another replied, “I don't have children, and I heartily agree!” Many others shared the sentiment.

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12. It's Not Babysitting When a Dad Watches Their Child

“It's not babysitting when a dad is watching their own children; It is parenting,” one informed. Another agreed, “This! I'm so sick of being out with my son, and EVERYONE stops me and says, ‘Babysitting, huh?' It's either that or people look at me funny. Am I not allowed to be alone with my kid?!”

We hope you enjoyed this Reddit picks list of hills people are willing to die on. This article was inspired by the internet and did not necessarily reflect the views of Finance Quick Fix.

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