5 Things People Use as their Entire Personality

We all know that person—the one whose entire identity seems to revolve around a single, seemingly arbitrary thing. Whether it's the music they listen to or the way they dress, they embody the ideas and traits that go with it so much that it overshadows other parts of their personality. Do you ever wonder what would happen if these people took off those clothes and listened to something different? From judging others based on their appearance to defining yourself solely on how smart or popular you are, it turns out that relying on just one aspect of yourself as an indicator of your overall identity can be quite harmful.

1. Crossfit

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One user posted, “Crossfit,”

Another Redditor replied, “An atheist, a vegan, and a cross fitter walk into a bar. I know because they all told me.”

“I don't think I've ever heard an atheist bring up being an atheist without someone bringing up religion first,” a third commenter added. 

One user also shared, “Ha, I was going to say this. I was an atheist for well over a decade, and almost nobody knew because I never brought it up. People don't realize the level of Christian bigotry that's unleashed when they find out you're an atheist.”

2. “I'm Just Honest” 

One Redditor shared his story, “I'm not an asshole, I'm just honest, and people can't handle it. EDIT: I just want to say that though these people are a pain to deal with in life, I usually feel pretty bad for them. They are likely not just bad at reading social cues, but unlike the rest of us with this problem. They don't even know that's the issue. They've been burned by a life feeling they are always getting ‘mixed messages' or being misled when people just tell them something they don't want to hear in a polite, thoughtful way. They think all this polite shit is a smoke screen for deception, and the world would be better if people just walked around making definitive statements of fact with no emotional nuance—that's what ‘honesty' is to them. The thing is, missing social cues doesn't make one immune to insensitive behavior (though they are enthusiastic practitioners themselves). So when they get what they think they want, they are not thankful. They feel angry and hurt the same way anyone else would. So, in the end, they just think the world is made up of either liars or assholes. It's a sad way to live, really.”

Another user replied, “Funny, these people are never honest about nice things. ‘Hey, you! That's a nice shirt. You can't handle that? Tough shit, I'm just being honest.'”

3. The “Alpha Male”

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One commenter shared, “My stepdad. One of these days, I'm gonna tell him exactly what I think of him, and he's gonna get mad like the alpha male bitch he is cause he ‘can't handle it.' ‘You aren't relevant in any situation unless you're an asshole, and I think deep down you know it, which is why you make it your entire identity. Because you're codependent as fuck and can't stand the thought of being lonely. A weird roundabout way to get people to ‘like' you, and one that will only work as long as you're useful to them and do the things you constantly complain about having to do. Maybe if you tried therapy and took the time to actually built positive relationships with the people around you, you won't feel so fucking insecure and like you have to leverage everything over their heads to get them to respect you.'”

Another added, “‘Like the alpha male bitch that he is,' So I presume he took some idiotic advice from Andrew Tate?” 

4. Religion and Politics

One user posted, “Religion and politics are the most common I notice these days as they get older. Other than that, sexuality, music, tv shows, guns, military, country.”

Another Redditor replied, “I've literally never met an atheist that makes it a notable part of their personality—maybe because I'm in a country where it's pretty much standard.”

Another commenter agreed, “Religion and politics are arguably the most significant life-changing areas to exist.”

5. Time in the Military 

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One Redditor posted, “Their time in the military.”

Another added, “Also, their spouses in the military…👀”

One commenter mocked, “You will address me by my husband's rank.” “

“Understood. ‘Second class and petty,'” a fourth replied.

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