14 Hilariously Awful Movies That Will Leave You in Stitches

Have you ever watched a movie and laughed so hard like you’ve never done before? Some movies can be really funny, even with their cheesy lines and dialogue, the quirky actors acting in them, and just the movie’s overall mood. If you want to have a good laugh this weekend, here are 14 hilariously awful movies that are absolute gems!

1. Love on a Leash

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Love on a Leash is a 2011 romantic comedy film about a woman who craves love and a dog who turns into a man—definitely a furry twist on romance.

One person said, “Genuinely never laughed at a movie harder than with this more.”

2. The VelociPastor

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With a budget of USD 36,000, The VelociPastor was released in 2017 as an action-comedy film. It follows the main character, who, after losing his parents, discovers that he can turn into a dinosaur. Instead of hiding his newly discovered power, he uses it to fight crimes.

“VelociPastor is an absolutely terrible gem,” said one Redditor.

“The VelociPastor is intentionally bad and it’s hilarious,” another commenter added.

3. Moonfall

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Moonfall is a 2022 sci-fi disaster film starring Halle Berry, Patrick Wilson, and John Bradley.

One Redditor stated, “I absolutely loved Moonfall. It’s the movie of the year. Emmerich has an amazing ability to make his movies just silly enough that you stay with the ridiculous plots.”

4. The Fanatic

Photo Credit: Daniel Grodnik Productions.

The Fanatic is another hilarious and awful movie that you should watch. The film stars John Travolta and Devon Sawa and tells a story about how obsession and stalking can be dangerous.

One user commented, “The Fanatic, of course. A modern classic directed by Fred Durst.”

Another replied, “Came here to say this, lol.”

5. Tammy and the T-rex

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Tammy and the T-Rex is a 1994 sci-fi comedy film that has one of the most bizarre stories. It tells the story of a young girl who discovers that her dead boyfriend’s brain was transplanted into a T-rex and is now seeking revenge.

6. Loqueesha

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Loqueesha is a 2019 comedy film written, directed by, and starring Jeremy Saville. The movie follows the story of Joe, a struggling Caucasian man who pretends to be a black woman named Loqueesha to get a job as a radio talk show host. He becomes an instant hit with listeners due to the character’s bold and sassy personality.

7. Road House

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Road House is a 1989 action-thriller film starring Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch, and Ben Gazzara.

One person shared, “Road House is a classic. Every scene is memorable, every line is quotable, and every throat rip is legendary. Let’s all go watch Roadhouse now!” 

8. Holiday High School Reunion

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“For the holiday season, Christmas Crush (2012) with Jonathan Bennet. Best hilariously bad movie I have ever seen,” one Redditor said.

9. Night Train to Terror

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One Reddit user said, “My favorite bad movie is “Night Train to Terror” (1985)… So basically a guy bought the rights of three unfinished movies and tried to salvage the existing footage (filmed years apart) by combining the different scenes, trying to create a single, coherent movie. Obviously, he failed miserably, and hilarity ensued.”

10. Godzilla vs. Megalon

Photo Credit: Toho Co., Ltd.

Godzilla vs. Megalon is a 1973 Japanese kaiju film directed by Jun Fukuda. It is part of the popular Godzilla franchise produced by Toho Studios. In this installment, Godzilla is pitted against the giant beetle-like creature called Megalon.

“Godzilla vs Megalon has to be the dumbest, yet best monster movie ever made,” said one person. 

11. Samurai Cop

Photo Credit: Hollywood Royal Pictures.

Samurai Cop is an action film released in 1991, directed by Amir Shervan. The movie gained a cult following due to its unique blend of action, comedy, and unintentional hilarity. It has been described as a B-movie that embraces its own flaws and has become a cult classic for its entertainingly bad dialogue, over-the-top action sequences, and peculiar performances.

12. The Master of Disguise

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

The Master of Disguise is a comedy film released in 2002, directed by Perry Andelin Blake and starring Dana Carvey. The movie follows the story of Pistachio Disguisey, played by Carvey, a young man from a family with a long history of being masters of disguise.

13. Cats

Photo Credit: The Really Useful Group.

One commenter said, “Attempt to be good? Cats.”

Another person replied, “Cats is not as much a movie as it is the fever-dream of a cat-hoarding broadway fanatic who is caught under too many blankets as he is dying, that you can only remember it in the same way that you remember a sad dream in the moments after waking up, so clear at first, yet rapidly fading, leaving a feeling of despair for reasons you can’t explain.”

14. Stone Cold

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One user commented, “Stone Cold and Voyage of the Rock Aliens are both excellent bad movies I discovered from the podcast.”

Another Redditor replied, “Yes! so many wonderfully terrible movies. This podcast has brought me so much joy.”

Do you also get a good laugh from these 14 hilariously awful movies? Let us know in the comments.

Source: this Reddit thread.

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