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10 Non-Stop Action Movies for The Ultimate Adrenaline Rush

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10 Things People Are Convinced Others Are Pretending to Enjoy

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Anti-Corporate Sentiment Is No Longer a Partisan Opinion, It’s For Everyone

Anti-corporate sentiment has long been an opinion held dominantly by the political left. Phrases like “eat the rich” have been a popular way to express people's negative sentiment towards the ... Read more
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10 Best Christmas Movies for Ringing in Holiday Cheer

It's that time of year again when people are decorating their homes, trimming their trees, and shopping till they drop into relaxing on the couch with a holiday movie. Here ... Read more

Despite Runaway Inflation, Americans Still Willing to Buy Holiday Gifts

Inflation has been a massive downer for all 2022. It's managed to creep into almost every aspect of our lives and sink its claws deep. Food, gas prices, and interest ... Read more

If You Don’t Vote, You Might Be A Bad Member of Society

If you thought you were a good, upstanding citizen in society, you might be wrong. Pew Research published a study that questions respondents on what criteria they feel measure whether ... Read more

Smartphones Are the Shopping Platform of the Future, Study Reveals

Shopping at brick-and-mortar stores could be going out of vogue. A study by Pew Research shows that adults across America are reporting that they have transitioned to online shopping. Whether ... Read more

Biden Still Undecided On 2024 Run, Democrats May Start Looking Elsewhere

President Biden announced before the midterm elections that he would be waiting to solidify his 2024 presidential run until the elections concluded and he could consult with his family. He ... Read more

Holiday Travel Could Drain Your Wallet This Year, Study Finds

Holiday travel is always hectic. Even if you plan your holiday travel plans far in advance, everything is still exorbitantly expensive. With rising inflation impacting nearly every industry in the ... Read more
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Study Reveals Significant Issues And Discrimination With Credit Rating Companies

Credit scores are the ultimate gatekeepers. You can't enter the world of adulthood without at least some credit. You need credit to buy a home, rent an apartment, take out ... Read more