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10 Best Ideas for Making Money on the Side

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These Are the 10 Most Hated Teams In the NFL

While the Dallas Cowboys have a longstanding tradition of being one of the most hated teams in the NFL, some newcomers are on the list. The Cincinnati Bengals have entered ... Read more

10 Most Excruciatingly Boring Movies Ever Made

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10 Manly Activities These Men Have Zero Interest In

While scrolling one of my favorite internet forums, I encountered an exciting question addressed to me, “What popular manly activity do you have no interest in and why?” Here are the top-voted ... Read more
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Better With Time: 11 Things That Have Improved Over the Decades

When people see things from the 80s or 90s, there’s only one word to utter—that’s nostalgia. It often reminds millennials and Gen Xers of the good old times when everything ... Read more
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10 Ridiculously Common Things Women Do That Completely Baffle Men

While enjoying my daily scroll, I encountered a question in one of my favorite internet forums with answers that made me laugh. The question was directed toward men, “What is ... Read more
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You’re Just Saying That: 6 Empty Phrases We Use Too Often

Languages are constantly in flux, even if it’s only in small ways. Over time, old words and phrases take on new meanings, or lose their meanings entirely. If you doubt ... Read more
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Odds and Ends: 12 of the Strangest Items People Own

Are you into collecting bizarre items? Well, you’re in luck, as these people share the most unusual things they own and how they got them! 1. A Flat Fork Somebody ... Read more

10 Privileges Rich People Have That They Don’t Realize Is a Privilege

What benefits do rich people have that they don’t understand is a privilege? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted privileges of an affluent person. 1. Not Worrying About ... Read more
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10 Great Actors Who Look Older Than Their Actual Age

Who are some prominent actors who look older than their actual ages? After polling the internet, here are the top-voted responses. 1. Wilford Brimley Someone volunteered, “Wilford Brimley looked 70 ... Read more