As we get older, our bodies and minds go through various changes. While some of these may come as a result of the advantages of aging, such as improved wisdom and perspective, many more can be challenging to handle. From the physical impairment that comes with age-related diseases to mental fatigue or stress about financial instability, everybody experiences certain challenges in their life as they age. Below, we’ve compiled ten of the most common difficulties people face when getting older so you can better prepare yourself for them. 

1. Getting Out of Bed

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One user posted, “Just getting out of bed.”

2. Staying up Late

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“Staying up late to get something done.”, shared one user. 

3. Caring About Things

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One Redditor posted, “Caring about s-.”

4. Losing Weight

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One user shared, “Losing weight! If you’re fat, LOSE IT NOW while you’re young and can exercise and get healthy. Don’t let yourself be middle-aged and fat; it f- sucks.”

5. Going up Stairs

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“Going upstairs,” shared one user.

Another user replied, “That and just trying to get down onto the ground!”

6. Changing Your Opinions

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An online user added to the thread, “My stance on certain behaviors.”

7. Watching Others Age

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“Watching elders age. Seriously,” one user commented. 

8. Having an Imagination

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One online user posted, “Having an imagination.”

9. Pulling an All-Nighter for Fun

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One user shared, “Pulling an all-nighter for fun … I can barely pull an all-dayer anymore.”

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Source: Reddit.

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