12 Ridiculously Terrible Movies Hollywood Had No Business Making

Have you ever watched a movie for which you had great expectations, but it ended up pretty bad? In fact, it ended up so bad it was actually… enjoyable? We’ve all had those moments, thinking, “I hate that I love this.” Our guilty pleasure movies. From fast and cheap production to unfit actors and a poor concept, there are plenty of reasons for such quality. For your weekend enjoyment, here are 12 ridiculously terrible movies Hollywood had no business making.

1. Cat in the Hat

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One person shared, “Cat in the Hat. I can’t tell if it’s so bad it’s ironically funny or if it’s actually funny.”

A second user replied, “Both that and the Grinch are great for being PG movies that really, really want to be R-rated flicks.”

One commenter quoted, “‘Cat, your tail.’ ‘What about it? Oh. I see. I’ve chopped it off.’”

2. Death Wish

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“The Death Wish movies become worse as the series progresses but they also become more entertaining. That has to be the most entertaining series ever. [I once] went through all 5 of the movies in a single day. Just couldn’t stop watching,” one Redditor commented.

3. Freddy Got Fingered

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One user said, “I think what makes that movie great and not many catch on is he is making fun of how he blew all the money a studio gave him to make a movie when he flat out told them he had no clue where to start making a movie. When he is breaking down what he spent his cartoon money on at the end, was him saying, yep look at all this money I pissed away because you thought I could make a movie.”

“Yeah that movie actually got a good laugh from me. That movie is a mess in the best and worst ways possible. The opening scene when he skateboards to the bus stop but his parents meet him there in the car? Lol so much little things like that,” replied commenter another.

4. The Fantastic Four (1994)

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One person stated, “Fantastic Four—everyone leaves the room when I watch it. It helps me go to sleep. It’s just lame as anything, but it holds a special place in my heart.”

5. Replicas

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Replicas is a 2019 sci-fi film, starring Keanu Reeves that tells the story of a neuroscientist who lost his wife and children in a fatal accident. He couldn’t accept what happened, so he created replicas out of them to cope with his grief.

One Redditor said, “Replicas with Keanu Reeves… the idea of the movie is very intriguing, but the execution is just so poorly executed, and the acting is bad as well, but just in a funny way, and the ending is the worst funny as well!”

6. Steel Sharks

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One user shared, “It’s so poorly put together. It’s one of those films where you can see the [joints] of the filmmaking process. Also, its use of stock footage is parody-level bad. It’s difficult for me to give specific examples because the entire film is awful. If you ever watch it you’ll understand.”

7. Kung Pow: Enter the Fist

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“If you want a movie that actually intends to be awful, Kung Pow: Enter The Fist matches that category well,” one person commmented.

“Mind you, by and large the ones that try to be bad tend to end up being no fun whatsoever,” a second person replied.

8. The Return of the Living Dead (Series)

Photo Credit: Fox.

One user commented, “The Return of the Living Dead, Parts 1-3 are all incredibly bad and fun.”

Another user replied, “The first one knows how to make bad movie conventions work. In my book, that just makes it a good movie.” 

9. Chloe’s Mountain

Photo Credit: Star Studios.

It is a 2021 movie that tells the story about a young girl who enters a Christian University and that she must overcome the challenges that are holding her back from God.

“Chole’s Mountain—really bad Christian ‘teen’ movie obviously written by a 70 year old. Bad acting and incomprehensible plot twists,” someone shared. 

10. Fired Up

Photo Credit: Weinstock Productions.

Fired Up is a 2007 comedy film about two high school football players attending a cheerleading camp to get close to 300 cheerleaders.

One person stated, “I think it’d be unfair to call it awful, but Fired Up is my favorite comfort, super dumb fun movie. It has one of the single most simple-minded plots, but it gets carried by the two main guys’ friendship and riffing.”

11. 2012

Photo Credit: Columbia Pictures.

The 2012 movie is inspired by a conspiracy theory that the world will end on December 21, 2012, based on the Mayan Calendar.

One user commented, “2012—It is terrible but I love it. It’s like a warm comfy blanket of destruction and bad dialogue.”

Another person replied, “2012 is an amazing orgy of destruction… It knew exactly what it wanted to be.”

12. Showdown in Little Tokyo

Photo Credit: Warner Bros.

One Redditor shared, while referring to a scene with Brandon Lee and Dolph Lundgren, “That movie has the single worst line of dialogue I’ve ever seen.”

A second person replied, “That’s pretty weird.”

Another commenter added, “That’s without context. Even in context it’s still a weird line.”

Do you agree with the films listed here? Do you have something to share about some of the awful movies you’ve seen? Let us know in the comments.

Source: this Reddit thread.

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