Do you ever feel like the world is out of whack regarding celebrities? Everyone around you is raving about a particular star, but no matter how hard you try, you can’t seem to appreciate them in the same way. Though it may be unfair to say so, we cannot stand certain celebrities, even if everyone else does. There could be several reasons for this, including their work ethics, attitudes, nepotism, scandals, or inability to tolerate their presence. 

Whatever the reasons, we have listed seven celebrities that almost everyone likes but some of us hate. 

1. David “Walliams” Williams 

David Walliams
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David Williams is also known as David Walliams, his stage name. He’s an English comedian, actor, writer, and television personality. He is best known for his work on the BBC sketch comedy programs Little Britain and Comes Fly With Me with Matt Lucas.

A Reddit user shared, “David Walliams. 2023 is not gonna be a good year for that man. I can feel it.”

Another responded, “His real last name is Williams; Walliams is his like stage name or whatever.”

Another Reddit user also commented, “Oh, well, that’s stupid.”

“I don’t even know who he is, but how is making your name more unique stupid?” a third user added. 

Meanwhile, a Redditor also defended the comedian, “Idk, seems like a weird reason to criticize someone, lol. There are a lot of weirder names out there.”

However, the OG commenter also responded, “I didn’t criticize him as a person because of the name. I pointed out it’s a weird choice.”

2. DJ Khaled

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Khaled Mohammed Khaled, better known as DJ Khaled, is a DJ, record executive, producer, and rapper from the United States. 

A Redditor shared, “DJ Khalid, the biggest loser out there. Watch his Hot Ones episode for a glimpse past the illusion.”

Another user added, “The incredibly little [amount] he cares about his wife should speak volumes…”  

“I used to follow him on SC, and he would just harass her, and she always looked so sad and tired,” replied one commenter. 

3. Rachael Ray

Rachael Ray
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Rachael Domenica Ray is a chef, media personality, businesswoman, author, and the host of the daily talk and lifestyle show Rachael Ray and the Food Network series 30 Minute Meals.

One Reddit user posted, “I hate the word ‘Delish’ because of Rachel Ray.” 

“But it’s YUM-O!” someone replied.

Another added, “Every time I hear grown adults say ‘Yum-o,’ it makes my stomach turn.”

“I will never forgive her for making that a word adults use,” shared one user.

4. Shania Twain

Shania Twain
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A Redditor openly shared, “Shania Twain. I used to date a relative of hers and met her multiple times. She’s so beyond stuck up and full of herself and treats people as below her and not worth her time. Quite literally raised her chin to look down her nose at people. It was really disheartening finding that out after growing up on her girl power.”  

Another user also responded. “My mom worked with a couple who had previously spent many years driving tour buses for musicians. They said Shania Twain was one of the most obnoxious clients they had ever dealt with. (Also, apparently, Elton John is super nice and hands out money right and left to people working with him.)”

Guess this singer is not really saying, “Man, I feel like a woman,” then. 

5. MrBeast

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Jimmy Donaldson, commonly known as MrBeast, is a YouTuber from the US. He is recognized for starting a YouTube video genre centered on pricey stunts. 

A Redditor shared, “MrBeast. He lives in the same city as me and is always very rude. He gets food where I work, and he just comes across as very arrogant and rarely ever tips. He gets frustrated whenever anyone recognizes him. His videos are 100% publicity since he gets the money back. He has done good things, but his ego is way too inflated. His staff is very rude as well.”  

Another user commented, “What’s even wilder is that anyone who worked with him in the past who has said he is difficult or unpleasant to work with gets bombarded with hate. Nobody will believe that he has the capacity to be horrible. It’s a scary thing, honestly.” 

6. Jennifer Lopez

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One Redditor shared, “I’ll watch some of her movies. I’ll listen to some of her songs, but she’s a mediocre actress and a mediocre singer. She’s aged well and has style, but she’s a narcissistic s*** human being.”

Another added, “My friend had to do a photoshoot with her that she was paid millions for—took 8 months to track her down—her team would say, “Ok, I’m in LA, send the photographer…” He’d do a 5-hour flight regardless of other jobs and then show up, and she wouldn’t have time anymore. Beyond that, he said she just wasn’t very nice to staff.” 

Another user confirmed, “Oh yes, I have heard firsthand that JLo is not nice to the staff. I was having a massage at a very well-known spa and asked the masseuse what, if any, celebrities came through their doors. She answered Sharon Stone and Bruce Springsteen, to name a few; both were very nice and tipped well. Then there was JLo. According to the masseuse, she was awful to the staff. The story took place when JLo and Ben Affleck were first together and booked individual massages. The two of them enter the spa, and JLo glares at the staff and gets angry when she is led to the area to change into a robe. Ben Affleck is nothing but gracious…

One user also said, “Was just about to say this. I respect her hustle and will give her her due—she is a beast who worked her butt off to get to where she is. However, the reality is that she capitalized off her physicality, her ‘exoticism,’ and a deceased singer who the world was still mourning and ran with it. It’s time for people to stop coddling her and address the elephant in the room: Selena made Jennifer Lopez. Had the former still been alive today, we’d NEVER heard of J.Lo…

“I understand that the nature of the business and industry is shady, and in order to survive, you have to possess some bad qualities; I get that. Otherwise, you would never make it, and people would take advantage of you. However, I can’t respect an individual who holds so much contempt and very little regard for the everyday common worker and goes out of their way to be deliberately cruel.

“This is a woman who is notorious for under-tipping waitstaff, refusing to look people in the eye whom she views as ‘inferior’ or ‘beneath’ her, humiliating and embarrassing flight attendants to the point of tears, having her manager address coworkers because she can’t be bothered to speak, and firing backup dancers for something as innocuous as having the wrong zodiac sign…I will give Lopez her due, but as a person and human being, she is absolutely s****y.”

7. Kevin Hart

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The OG commenter said, “Kevin Hart. Don’t find him funny, and he’s everywhere, which makes it worse.”

“And he cheated on his pregnant wife,” another user added. 

A third Redditor shared, “Kevin Hart admits to abusing his first wife in one of his books. He’s a serial cheater and makes fun of his current wife in his stand-up for not trusting him to be faithful. He’s emotionally abusive and gaslights her into thinking she’s crazy for not trusting him. He’s an actual piece of s***.” 

“I thought I was the only one to notice that everyone seems to love him,” another user responded.

Source: Reddit.

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