These Are the 6 Most Excruciatingly Boring Sports to Watch

The age-old debate of which sport is the most boring has gone on for far too long. Of course, every sports fan has their own opinion, but which one is so painfully dull that you can barely stay awake watching it? 

It may come as no surprise that there is one particular sport that tends to leave people underwhelmed; it’s universally accepted as the most boring. So take a guess—what might be regarded as the world’s dullest hobby? 

Get ready to read on and discover because we’re about to explore why this activity has earned its notorious title and share the four most boring runners-up!

1. Race Walking 

A Redditor shared, “Race walking, it’s so weird to me as they walk so weirdly at the edge of running. Can’t understand why it’s an Olympic sport!” Another user replied, “I feel like the most difficult part of this sport is resisting the urge just to run.” 

Another user also shared, “What amazes me is the idea of someone holding around a 4:24/km pace (7:04/mile) walking for 50 kilometers without breaking that stride. That’s the reason the 50k walk was one of my favorite weird events to check in on (RIP 50k distance).”

“They also don’t even have a good, consistent explanation of what their rules are. It used to be “both feet do not leave the ground at the same time,” but when slow motion cameras became widespread, everyone realized that EVERY SINGLE competitor was breaking that rule. I wonder: what do you think they did after that?

If you guessed “made the rules more clear,” well, you’d be FKing WRONG. Nope, instead, they decided that they would no longer allow cameras to be used as official tools for monitoring the rules. Now [the rule is] “appears as if both feet don’t leave the ground at the same time.”

As far as I’m concerned, they’re a bunch of fking losers who can’t be trusted to come up with rules to a game.”, another replied.

2. Muggle Quidditch

Harry Potter Lingo, a Redditor user, shared his thoughts, “Bunch of dudes running around with brooms between their legs trying to throw balls into holes? I’ll pass, lol.”

“Sounds like my last Saturday night.”, a user responded. One user added, “We need to bring back real sports like chariot racing and jousting. Hell, gladiator fights are probably way safer than MMA and more entertaining.”

3. Marathons

race marathon
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A user shared her experience on the sport, “I turned on the women’s marathon when I was nursing a nasty hangover, thinking I would be asleep within minutes. It turns out it was exceptionally hot that day, and they had to start the [race] early just to deal with the temps. Runners were zigzagging all over the course to stay in the shade as much as possible. After a while, the later runners were just dropping out because why bother pushing your body that hard when you aren’t going to win? Then it became a race of if the lead runners could stay cool enough to keep pace. Eventually, they got down to just a few runners, which was thrilling. Not your average marathon, but definitely more exciting than I thought it was going to be, not to mention one of the women was a nursing mother, so she had to take on extra calories. Crazy how a sport can push your limits like that.”

“As someone who was on track in all of the high school and still loves watching it… something happens right around the 800 where I just cannot stay entertained anymore. I’m amazed by marathon and cross country viewers and their patience,” a user responded.

4. Swimming

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A diver himself posted, “As a former diver, swimming. I don’t understand why just doing laps back and forth for hours is fun.” “Yep, sounds like something a diver would say. Thanks for giving us that break between the 50 free and 100 flies at high school meets, though,” replied one user. 

5. Golf

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A Redditor posted, “Golf. No idea why people like it.” Another user replied, “I’ve felt the same, but recently took it up to try it out since a few friends were getting really into it. It’s definitely more strategic than I expected and far more difficult than just slamming a ball at a driving range. I have more respect for the sport now that I know how much skill is actually involved. The only thing I absolutely hate about it is how long it takes to play 18 holes. Stuff is exhausting and takes the entire day.”

One user shared, “This. I couldn’t watch it until I started playing it more regularly. Pros make any sport look easy, but pro golfers can really make the sport boring as hell. I like watching it now that I play it because of how perfectly these guys can hit the ball every single time. Surprisingly, watching pros putt on the greens brings them slightly back down to earth.”

6. American Football

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A user posted, “This is probably gonna be unpopular, but American Football. Way too many ads, and the game just feels really slow and boring. Edit: just gonna give a bit more context. I’m not American, so part of the reason I don’t like it is because I don’t have the big peer pressure thing you guys seem to have going over this sport.”

However, there’s nothing to worry about, as other Redditors share the same sentiments.

A user shared, “I specifically scrolled this post to find this. I feel absolutely crazy to have this opinion and not get more agreement on it. I’m American, for context. Everyone I know and love is into Football. It’s a few grown adults telling other adults specifically what to do for a few seconds, pause for ads and American patriotism, [rinse], and repeat. Hardly any creativity is allowed on the athletes’ side.”

“Thank you! I grew up in a big football part of America, and I just never got it. And I got a lot of s**t for not ‘getting it.’ Growing up, it was church and then to the bar & grill for Sunday football. And I legit brought books to the bar (as a kid. now I have a phone! And beer). I’m not even anti-sports. I love hockey, even though I didn’t grow up watching it or being encouraged to do so.

“My husband told me that Sunday football was something that really brought him, his dad, and his stepbrothers together once a week without fail. So, I get that. I don’t mind being there for games, but there is so little actual sports action that I just can’t stay interested in the game. “But all the downtime means there’s lots of time to bond during the game,” another user responded.

Source: Reddit

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