10 Actors Forever Associated With a Role Despite All Their Others

What actor will you always associate with *that one role* no matter how many others they do? After polling the internet, the top-voted actors are stuck in these forever roles.

1. Jon Heder as Napolean Dynamite

“The dude who played Napoleon Dynamite will always ONLY be Napoleon Dynamite,” replied one. “Jon Heder legitimately typecast himself after releasing Napoleon Dynamite. Blades of Glory has similar character energy, and Benchwarmers has similar character energy.”

“Granted, it's just a more aloof and goofy version of his personality, but I haven't seen him act in anything, but I still think he's the bomb,” another confessed. 

2. Nick Offerman as Ron Swanson

Ron Swanson. I know his name is Nick Offerman, but he'll always be Ron Swanson from Parks and Rec to me,” one user confessed. Another added, “Yes! I saw him in an ad for something else, and he had no mustache, and EVERYTHING in the world felt wrong at that moment.”

3. Rowan Atkinson as Mr. Bean

Rowan Atkinson, as Mr. Bean,” shared one. Another suggested, “I suspect this is the difference between someone from the U.K. and someone from the U.S. For whatever reason, Mr. Bean seems enormously popular in the U.S., but it never really got the same reception in the U.K. In contrast, Blackadder is one of the most iconic comedy series in U.K. T.V. history.”

4. Elijah Wood as Frodo

“Elijah Wood will always be Frodo on Lord of the Rings to me,” one shared. A second added, “Seeing him reminds me of Frodo, but his voice will always bring me back to Wirt from Over the Garden Wall!” Finally, a third argued, “Sin City will change your mind quickly. It has made me irrationally afraid of Elijah Wood.”

5. Kit Harington as Jon Snow

Someone joked, “Bro that plays Jon Snow may as well legally change his name to Jon Snow because we're never going to stop calling him Jon Snow.”

Another added, “It doesn't help that he keeps the same hairstyle and beard as he did in the show, but that's raking in the views. I also don't understand how so many watch movies just because the said actor is in it, as that would ruin the immersive by just going to watch an actor.

6. Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks

“Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air,” replied one. A second user agreed, “That's so common with people who play that eccentric sidekick in TV shows. They get stuck in association with the role. I can see that for Alfonso.”

7. Leonard Nimoy as Spock

“Leonard Nimoy as Spock from Star Trek,” one stated. “Indeed. Many Star Trek actors have that effect for me or did so for the first other movie or couple of episodes,” another suggested. Someone mentioned, “While I agree, some of the Spock castings have been right on point. Zachary Quinto did not disappoint.”

8. Rainn Wilson as Dwight Schrute

“Dwight Schrute. Sorry, Rainn Wilson. I've seen his films, and he is an excellent diverse actor. Super is one of my favorite films, but he will always be Dwight Schrute from The Office.”

9. Jason Alexander as George Costanza

One person stated, “Jason Alexander as George Costanza.” Another asked, “Did you ever see him in his Criminal Minds role? He is a true psychopath, and he played it as well as anyone could, but he still came off as funny because you can't shake that. It could be some episode of Seinfeld where he gets a part in a play or something.”

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10. The Rock as The Rock in Everything

“The Rock with his Role as The Rock,” shared one. Another added, “Funny how every movie that The Rock is in, I still call him The Rock, no matter what the name of his character is.” Finally, a third confessed, “His “breakout role” in The Mummy Returns is still my first thought. Dwayne Johnson is outstanding in all ways, but he played a weird CGI scorpion king, and that image will haunt me to the grave.”

What do you think? Did Reddit get this right, or are you not feeling this list?

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